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  1. I am having an issue with a very slow moving solicitor who is the executor of my mother's estate. In an attempt to be proactive I have just been looking on the government probate search site (https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/#wills) and on there it shows a Probate Number and a Date of Probate for her will. Does this mean that - the probate process is now concluded and the funds from her estate can now be distributed? - does it indicate that the process has been started and that the case has been assigned a number but that is it not yet completed? Thanks in
  2. Hi all My mother died in September and I've been putting off applying for a probate grant but I've made an attempt at completing application for probate form, (PA1) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-probate-form-pa1 and Inheritance Tax IHT205(2011) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/inheritance-tax-return-of-estate-information-iht205-2011. I've read HMRC guidance notes but I think I'm missing something when completing the online version IHT205 because it flags up that my mother's estate could be liable for Inheritance Tax. I've carefully assessed
  3. Hi folks, my mother died in September and I'm executor of her will. I've arranged for for an estate agent to view her vacant property in order to prepare a probate report. I'm also getting two property valuations so that the house can be put on the market after probate is granted. I'm going to apply for probate myself and I don't anticipate that inheritance tax will be due because once sold there's a large equity release payment outstanding. my question is does anyone know the difference between a standard probate report and an enhanced one? There is a fee of £250 for
  4. I haven't a clue where to put this because my head is all over the place. My father has had a stroke, and has also got pneumonia. He is now on Palliative care, so it's just a matter of time now. My Dad was a hoarder, so there is a mountain of Paperwork for me to go through, but as far as I know, he has not made a will. He has a Daughter to a previous marriage, but she has had nothing to do with him for many years, and will probably never find out about his death. Then there is my older Brother whom himself has disconnected from our family, and he has not been seen for 15 years
  5. Hi just after some advice in 2017 my mother died and my sister was the executor it has just come to light that she withheld information from the beneficiaries that within 7 years before my mother died she had paid off my sisters ex husband in a divorce so she could keep the property. I understand that this should have been declared in the accounts what rights do the beneficiaries have now to reclaim this payment . this only came to light through the death of another family member who knew what had happened , do we have any rights to challenge this after a
  6. a lifetime nationwide mortgage was purchased within a year of someone dying probate was delayed for several months whilst legal issues were dealt with that has now been issued. we have been told by the nominated executor solicitor that all issues... ..i'e the sale of the house to meet paying the lifetime mortgage must be dealt with within 1 years. when does that clock run from? the death or the probate date? we have a feeling the solicitor are pressuring us to accept a lower offer because the clock is ticking from death, when in all truth its nt that date, just to wra
  7. Hi All, My father has recently passed away on 28th July 2017 following a short illness ( 2 Months ), He has 2 sons and 1 daughter and step daughter. We were informed by the step daughter about the death and she gave the hospital details. We contacted the hospital to arrange for the personal belongings and collect the death certificate only to be told in fact the step daughter had already collected the belongings including house keys death certificate. We told the hospital she was in fact not the next of kin and they said she presented herself as the next of kin the daughte
  8. Hi everyone, its been a long time since I posted on CAG. My uncle recently passed away and I have been appointed executor of his will. He lived in the house that he and his wife owned but she is in a care home. In his will he has left all his assets to his wife. I do not expect his wife to return to the house so will I have to get probate. Most of his care was paid for by the local council and now they require details of his death and if probate has been granted. His wife has all her care paid for by the local council so will I now have to sell the house to pay for it
  9. A bit of a story but I am very worried about something. On 21st April 2017 my aunt passed away. She had a son and a daughter (my cousins). She treated her daughter very cruelly all her childhood, whilst favouring the son and at 16 dtr left home, cut most ties, several attempts over years to put things right, no joy. Dtr now happy, loved, housed, and fed, all by her own hand and pure hardwork lol. However, the son is dishonest, used to thieve off his employers, and steal out of his mother's purse. He then set up a business with his sons and has been bankrupt three
  10. My parent died 5 years ago and a sibling acted as Executor. I have never seen the Will (despite requests) and the Probate Office has no record which indicates it did not go to Probate even though there was property and effects involved which have since been distributed. I thought I was also named as an Executor (along with a third sibling) but, of course, since I haven't seen the Will I have no way of knowing for sure. I have contacted the solicitors who, as far as I know, dealt with the Will and they say they were not asked to do the Probate and do not know if
  11. Hi Guys just looking for some guidance and advice please. My mother-in-law passed away middle of 2016. My wife and her brother are named as excutors on the will (which was collected from her solicitors). My wife has taken the lead role in dealing with her estate. The majority of the estate has been left to her with monies being left to grand children, only a few personal items left to her brother. He was given up for adoption and only reappeared on the scene 12 years ago. He had stated early on that he didn't want anything leaving to him as he was already set up
  12. Hi I'm hoping I am posting this question in the right forum? My cousin who turned 50 in March passed away from a short cancer related illness. She was an only child and her mother, my aunt, is in her 80's. They had a joint savings account which they both contributed money into for more than 10 years and when she passed away the account had approximately £19,000. The estate has gone to probate and when the building society were informed, they sent a cheque direct to my aunt for the full amount. We assumed that as the account was in joint names the money would automatically be hers
  13. The government has proposed a new tiered system of probate fees in England and Wales, based on the value of the deceased's estate, rather than the current flat fee of £215. Under the new system, estates with a value of less than £50,000 will be exempt from probate fees altogether. This is a tenfold hike in the current probate threshold. It would mean that an estimated 30,000 estates a year would escape a probate charge. Estates worth more than £50,000 will face probate fees which rise as the value of the estate increases: For estates worth more than £50,000 but less than £300,
  14. Hello guys, I hope the brains here can help me please. I am executor for my aunt, with another family member and a partner from the firm of lawyers who drew up the will and were nominated as executors with us. The papers have been submitted to the probate office by the lawyers and they have now submitted an interim invoice for over £5000 to us as executors. I had, perhaps naively, assumed that the bill would be due after probate was granted and the assets were distributed. Would we normally be expected to pay a bill ourselves at this stage? Do we have the authority to say that the la
  15. Sorry if this isn't the place but I couldn't find an appropriate sub-forum. I have a very frustrating problem at the moment and I wonder if anyone can help. My father recently died and my brother and I are joint executors of his Will, together with being the main beneficiaries. In 2006-2008 my father went to Cuba on holiday on a few occasions and on one of his trips married a Cuban. She never moved to the UK and he never moved to Cuba – it was more a marriage of convenience for my father to be able to visit without problems with immigration out there. My father ha
  16. Morning Caggers, A friend of mine sadly lost his sister last year, you may have read my post about transporting her body through the country previously, and it transpires that she has had a history of mental illness, which culminated in her death due to an addiction of Paracetemol. During her last few months it transpires that she has made some very odd decisions, possibly due to her mental condition, one of the strange decisions was to instruct a company of solicitors to be the only executor, strange as her mum is alive as is her brother and they have a family friend who is a senior ba
  17. Help needed my husband of 1 year passed away at the age of 83years old, i I was made sole executor of the will and sole beneficiary on his new and last will dated 8 months before he passed away. I had been together with my husband for 4years and looked after him day and night, simply his wife, carer, friend and we had a good life together. My late husband had no blood children of his own nor did we have children together before we married he was widowed and his late wife had a son from a previous marriage whom lives abroad He had completely no contact with my lat
  18. Hi guys. Can you help me with a problem we're having? OH is sorting out a family member's estate and Cap One aren't helping much. So far they've sent the same letter about five times and not and not answered any of his questions. Who can we escalate this to please? HB
  19. ]In a case involving the family, a close relative of mine has almost certainly been unexpectedly included in a elderly relative's Will to the tune of many thousands of pounds. A substantial sum. However, the elderly relative passed away earlier this year, and the sole executor, the only offspring has subsequently delayed the process of probate, to the extent he has not yet made an application. This intelligence is borne out by the online probate registry which as yet is not showing any reference to any application, and therefore no information on the Will. The Executor would have been ex
  20. Hi Guys My siblings and I are in a legal battle with my late mother's husband. He is being unreasonable regarding her estate but when we last saw him several years ago he was getting old and was quite poorly. We are wondering if he has actually died and his children are making unreasonable demands via their solicitor. How can I find out if he has died? Is there a central register where deaths have to be recorded?
  21. I have been estranged from my family for many years. I have just been informed that my father has died and that my brother is the executor. My mother is still alive so I take it all my fathers assets are transferred to her My question is my brother being given access to the will when the mother is still alive The death is being registered in the probate office so all assets can be passed to my mother As wills are public documents, can I have access to this will from the probate office even though my mother is still alive. That is what is confusing me Many thanks
  22. My father has passed away and in his will requested a cost effective paupers funeral with no minister, eulogy or any ceremony. He was on Pension Credit does not own any fixed property as such, just normal household furnishings. However we found about £12000 savings. We are ourselves on Pension credit and have very little savings. I am also disabled otherwise we would consider a DIY funeral where we transport the body in a shroud to the crematorium. Funeral directors want over £1000 to perform this simple task. If we are unable to do a cost effective paupers funeral then all his
  23. Hi My brother has dismissed the solicitors dealing with our late mothers estate (she died intestate as the will seemed to have disappeared?) and has had the letters of administration passed over to him & cleared her bank A/Cs. He has sent me a really abusive email & has threatened to spend my inheritance. I have sent him an email requesting that he pay my share of the estate into my bank A/C directly. I cannot see him complying with my request. Is there a legal time frame for settlement? If he does not comply with my request is he breaking the law & if so what is my cours
  24. Hi all, A sticky/tricky situation I have which requires your clever minds for advice. My father recently passed away (1/5/14), and I believe he has made a will, according to my younger sister. My sister has told me that herself and my fathers' wife are named in the will although I do not have any proof of this and also have no reason to believe otherwise. The thing is, prior to his death, my father had expressed his wishes that he would like to leave money to his five children (including myself). This money is what is left after he received compensation for contracting mesothelioma (asbe
  25. Hello Short background My mother passed away 6 years ago and the estate still has the house. Initially the mortgage wasn't paid for 18 months after her death - neither myself or the co-exeutor were working and in 2008 HIPS were still enforce and there allegedly wasn't any money left in the estate to pay for a HIPS so the house couldn't be sold (there should have been enough money for 12 months of housing costs but co-executor spent it all in six weeks down at Tescos). Roll on to now. I have been in and out of work, used a PPI win to avoid repossession in Oct 2009 (literally arrive
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