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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Please can somebody help me. I am new to this forum and feeling rather desperate and anxious. I have received a 2nd (and final) debt recovery letter from Eos Solutions who are collecting a debt for EDF Energy for a supply address that I have never ever lived at. The supply dates for the supply address are from May 2014- May 2016. My address that I've lived in for over 10 years is very similar to the debt/ supply address except I live in a street, the debt supply address was in a block of flats. I called Edf Energy last week to explain the situation and also that the supply adress for which they are owed the debt from no longer exists. The block of flats went into demolition last summer, so it baffles me who they supplied energy to after the summer as there was no flat in existance. They seem very reluctant to help me; 1. I don't have a customer reference number to quote them (I've never been a customer of them), 2. The only way they can help me is if I give them my name and other details which I was not willing to do so. They have the necaessary information to find out who lived at their supply address and pass on the correct details to Eos Solutions but it seems that they don't care as long as they get their money back. So in short, I'm being chased for money for a supply address that I've never lived in nor ever been supplied energy by Edf. How do I tell Eos Solutions that the addressee and address do not match the supply address and that they need to stop hassling me for money? I do not owe anyone any money, never even owned a credit card in my life . Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I'm really scared that they will now come knocking on my door demanding money or removing things from my house. Should I call them or is it better to write to them? Thank you
  2. Hi there, Help! Scary letter arrived in the post HMRC Debt Management telling me that there was a judgement passed against me to pay tax immediately as well as court costs. I have only lived in the UK for 11 months and have yet to submit my first Self-assessment. Background: - Moved to the UK from South Africa in Feb 2014 started my own limited company - In 2007 I flew from South Africa to Isle of Man where I did temp work for one month before returning to South Africa. - Used my Isle of Man NINO to register my company however the VAT office would not accept that NINO. So my accountant queried it and was informed by National Insurance office of my UK NINO. Different from my IoM NINO. - Registered successfully for VAT and then applied for UTR with my newly found NINO. To date I have not received response about my application. - Shortly after apply for UTR the National Insurance sent me a letter asking for Self-employed Class 2 contribution. BUT I am not self-employed. I am a director of a Limited Company. Big difference. Key to note here too, after opening the letter I noticed that my middle name was wrong too! Letter sent saying I am not self-employed and have only worked in the UK less than a year and also that is not my name. No response yet. - Second letter this time from HMRC saying they have Self-Assessment statement for £15000 against my NINO number. They also included a reference number I am assuming they think is my UTR number. I think not because again my middle name on the letter is wrong. Phone call and a letter sent to them saying this is not me but this is my NINO number. The lady at HMRC had no idea what is wrong. I have a letter saying it is being reviewed by their technical team. - Which brings me to the scary letter from Debt Management saying there was a court case against me and judgement made to pay tax and court fees from 2010. I was not in the country. I was blowing vuvuzela in a stadium in Johannesburg never thinking I would move to Blighty! I have never live in this country before 2014. - Phoned the Debt Management and they swear blind that I owe this money but ask me if I work in construction as self-employed. I am an IT consultant. They asked if I lived at and address in Somerset. Where is that I say! They asked if my partner was a Mr Goodman. Never heard of him. I have sent letters to National Insurance Office, HMRC SA and Debt Management. I have still not got my own UTR as they fail to respond so I will be missing my first Self-assessment deadline on the 31st of January. The UK's HMRC is pathetic. South Africa's revenue authority is amazing and makes HMRC look like a badly run Zoo. Vent over. Any advice folks? Restore my hope in the good nation of Great Britain. Regards
  3. evening hope somebody can give me some advice to put my mind at rest, came home from work and there was a open letter in a envelope that says High court enforcement by hand urgent removal of goods pushed through my door inside letter high court form no55 notice of seizure the name on it is my soon to be ex husband he hasnt lived here for 5 months please can somebody advice me what to do? thank you in advance
  4. Hi, just wondered if someone might be able to help with something please. Contacted by former housemate who says that Eon are chasing after a very large bill relating to the period of 2005 to 2010 for the facility for using a pre-pay meter in a house we once lived in. We actually lived there from 2004 to 2005. And I don't think my housemate informed them that we moved, so as far as I am aware they kept us (or just him) on their books until someone 'took over' supply to the house. They have called and apparently seemed very eager to sort out the problem by clearing us from the account by asking us for proof of our tenancy agreements around that time. My ex-housemate does believe that they are interested in helping us and he says that we should cooperate to the most utmost by providing our tenancy agreements to clear our name. However, I mentioned whether it was worth asking them for proof of contract, as without it they could not chase us. I proposed this as they might use the tenancy agreements to support an argument for placing liability on us on the basis that the contract was a rolling contract (I assume it was - don't have a copy, not does the ex-housemate). But my ex-housemate said we shouldn't mess about by doing that, as they could employ investigators and still saddle us with the bill. He also thinks that historic acceptance to pay the meter charges in 2004 to 2005 demonstrates that a contract existed. Just wondered what the views were of others here, as I would like to take the course that ensures I don't have to pay a penny for when I wasn't living there. But don't want to make things easier for them to pin liability on us, if that is their real intention.
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