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  1. But what if the Doctor signed him off with stress?
  2. Next time they pay her a visit, get her to tell them that she is going to contact the police. i did this and never saw or heard from them again!!
  3. Sorry didn't know where to post this, but i am just after some advice if someone can help me please! My Husband started a new job recently, as a manager (not going to state to much details) and was told he had to make between 1500-1800 a day profit....well since he started 10 days ago he hasn't managed to do this.... He has heard rumours that the place has had several managers who have all been sacked due to the same reason. his boss is constantly on his back the whole time he is there, by either ringing him or phoning him. he doesn't seem to go more than an hour before he contacts him again moaning... He's finding it all very stressful, and isn't sleeping or eating much. he told my husband if things didn't change by Friday, he was getting the sack something he has since denied saying. Last night we found his job advertised on a well know job site, so we know he's going eventually and that can't come soon enough. But my question is, if he were to leave before he gets pushed how would he stand benefit wise? he's got a Doctors appointment on Monday so would it be best to get signed off with stress and go down that route? As a new starter gets sent for a weeks training before they start their new role, and interviews probably haven't started yet for his replacement it will be afew weeks before he gets the push. not sure he can hold out that long... Advice please????
  4. Why should you tell them, they only want to know so they can claim their bonus out of you... they have done nothing what so ever to earn it. We had several email's from them, when my husband started work...I just told them straight they weren't getting the info they wanted no matter how much they pestered for it, i then blocked their emai address. .
  5. Unless your in Hospital, i'd attend EVERY ingeus appointment.....As its really not worth the hassle
  6. First of all i think she needs to get rid of the BF lol And i find it hard to believe, she's made to go to Ingeus.....and sorry to tell you she will get sanctioned if she doesn't turn up to appointments... How come the BF doesn't claim for her and the 3 kids?
  7. His own job takes up all his day as it is, he doesn't really have time to do the extra stuff they pile on him. (and him and no one else i might add) Oh i agree with what your saying, but at the age of 54 its not easy to get a job. The place is run by idiot's so id say probably not.
  8. Thanks for replying guys, i guess he'll just have to stick it out till something else comes along The reason why he wants to leave is, because he basically gets given loads of other jobs to do each day. which aren't in his job description.....then gets moaned at that he hasn't done enough of his own jobs
  9. Hi, i am i am hoping someone can help me. My husband has a full time job, which he absolutely hates...he's been there since june 2014 Without going into why he hates it, i was wondering how long before he should be able to claim benefits? Btw i am not working and i dont claim any benefits...
  10. Was never asked to provide evidence, of any jobs i had a applied for in the whole 2 yrs i was at Ingeus
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