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  1. oh dear. I was expecting to write a letter admitting my fault. Should he do the same something like i would keep my ticket probably etc?
  2. Hello all, An update: i received a letter from south western railway. They decided that on this occasion to deal with this matrer by reminding you of the following. It is an offence to board a train without a full and valid ticket appropriate for your journey. X I am relieved of course! But they ask the season ticket holder to contact the fraud investigation and duplicate office. My husband actually renew his season ticket as the old one was expired at the end of dec 2017. He just bought a new one rather than renewing the ticket as he didn't want getting a discoun
  3. I should not. But i do think of that moment all the time and wondering why i did it etc. Doesn’t make any difference now anyway
  4. There’s nothing to add or hide. Snap silly decision in the morning trying to save 15 mins..i didnt tell him why i took someone else ticket as he didn’t ask me but just said it is his ticket and i used it in the morning and intended to use it again
  5. Hmmm i wish i read it but just wanted to leave the area asap. An excuse but i have had a nora virus and just wanted to get home asap. I wont state this in the letter. Just hope the inspector only wrote down facts.
  6. Will they compare the note from the inspector with my story? I didn’t tell him anything but only facts, ie it is my husband ticket and i used it in the morning and intended to use in the evening by entering the platform using the ticket. I knew i did wrong and didn’t see the point of telling him excuses. I didn’t see what the inspector wrote
  7. thank you. As much as i hope for the best, I would not be surprised to see a correspondent from swt summons me to the court. I know what i did was wrong. Just wait and ser what they say. Will keep you posted
  8. He said it is not his job telling me what will happen...but gave me a card with his id with revenue protection written on it. He took all my details and took my husband season ticket. It has only one week left but he is wondering if he can renew...
  9. I told him my husband knew i have his ticket but didn’t mean he gave it to me. I have a text to prove if they are interested.. .i am not a native English speaker so I interpreted his question was asking me if he knew if i have his ticket and the answer was yes. He didn’t ask me many questions and didn’t give me any chance to say anything either
  10. When i arrived waterloo, i was planning to take 5;45 train then there’s a train home leaving in one minute. I just dashed to the platform but missed the train. Then I decided to leave the platform to see where the next train is and got stuck at the gate. Walked up the inspector and asked them to open the gate. My husband couldn’t believe how stupid i was and ended up telling them what happened all. But I cannot lie or you can put it i am stupid. I honestly didn’t think I would end up putting myself in this mess for being brutally honest. The inspector took all t
  11. Do you know what, i was not on the train in the evening. I went through and wanted to come out : no idea why and the gate didnt open and i asked the gate keeper to let me out. Technically i didnt use the ticket to get on the train. Should I mention this?
  12. Thanks for putting me straight. It was my normal day commute to london dashing to kids club and run to the station. I knew i was going to miss 8:12 train if i buy tickets, i just opened up my husband wallet and got on 8:12 train. And then in the evening, i was intending to use his ticket again to go home to be honest. It worked in the morning. Wish i just missed the train and got tickets. No words can describe how i feel especially as a mum raising a 4year old trying to teach her what’s good and bad behaviour. I dont deserve tell her to be a good girl for
  13. Thank you dx. Try not to think too much but as you can see, i am widely awake 4am in the morning! I hope they would take a consideration that i was a season ticket holder up until the end of august. I decided not to renew but managed to work from home twice a week. Trains in august were just awful and now i got caught for using it as i rushed to get the morning train. Never mind
  14. I wont list all the details but i used my husband season ticket today and got caught. I stated he was aware of me having his ticket but i only told him this as i was on the train in the morning and got caught on the return journey home. Wish i was not so honest telling the truth but there i am, i shoulg have never took his ticket. I dont think it would look good having made a false journey once already plus it is a season ticket, plus the owner was aware of this. As you advised, i will await for the letter from swt but sigh,, , dont really wanting to end a yea
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