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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've gotten myself into some mess in my late teens early 20's and am trying to sort it out now. I was on a DMP with Payplan but became a single mother last year and have been struggling and just starting to get back on track. I was hoping to be able to get enough cash together in the next 6 months (budgeting and borrowing) to offer F&FS to get my debts cleared off have just checked my credit report and saw a CCJ was registered against me last month which I am unaware of. I couldn't even tell you which debt it relates to as the amount doesn't match up to anything I owe and the DCA it's with I have never heard of. It appears they sent the papers to my previous address which I moved out of 6 months ago. I know its my own fault for not updating my creditors with my new details but I moved in a hurry as my ex was stalking me at the time. I wanted to do F&FS as my defaults all fall off in the next 18 months so my credit may have been good enough to get a mortgage but obviously the CCJ scuppers things for the next 6 years. Is there anyway to get it removed as I wasn't notified about it? If not I may as well sign up for an IVA as my credit will be ruined for the same amount of time then anyway x
  2. My wife and I are approaching 70 and receive Pension Credit. A few years ago we had a terrible experience when I was summoned to an Interview Under Caution. We couldn't imagine what lay behind the allegation of fraud that was mentioned, but nevertheless I was rather fearful of a formal recorded interview and all that this implied. My wife however, who was not a strong woman, was very badly affected by stress and significant anxiety. This began when they would not pre-advise their concerns so that I could assemble whatever supportive material would be appropriate to have with me, and then grew much worse over almost ten further weeks of furnishing information followed by long silences before ultimately stating in a brief phone call and in a very offhand manner that they had actually dropped the matter a week or so earlier and would be writing to confirm. I understand entirely the need for due-process, and certainly for not giving deliberate fraudsters any wiggle room in advance of looking them in the eye. I could however have provided at the interview all of the particulars supplied in response to drip-feed requests across the subsequent many weeks, eliminating the anxiety-escalating long silences and saving everyone's time and my wife's perpetual distress and more. "Due-process" is not simply a step-plan to be followed for DWP's information-gathering needs, it also dismissively corrodes undeserving people's lives when followed with no discrimination. My wife was not the same woman after that experience nor has been since, despite there actually being nothing to answer and the matter dropped. A glib dismissal certainly did not reset the clock. I am not able to forgive. I tried, I really did. In view of this I hope someone can help me now with some information or guidelines on a new matter ... This morning I received a DWP letter notifying me that a Customer Compliance Officer will visit us at home next week. No particular purpose given just general phrases about possible changes of circumstance and ensuring correct entitlement, and about having bank documents etc available. I told my wife who now has a genuine dread of every brown envelope arriving, and she went ashen, sat down with her face in her hands and started sobbing, all those insecurities and fears instantly on the surface again. If anyone from any of these Departments is actually reading this and didn't understand what I was saying a few lines above, think what that past effect must have been to cause this so readily some years later. And you should be bothered by it. I have told my wife that it is just a box-ticking visit to make sure we aren't missing out, that it isn't an IUC, that there is no accusation/suspicion involved, however she simply sees that "IT" is about to happen all again beginning next week. What I would like help with now please is some real-world understanding solely for myself ... I have a hard time thinking that this is just a friendly benevolent chit-chat. I suspect there has to be some underlying purpose, some information-gathering for whatever reason and prompted by some itch they now need to be seen to scratch. I've absolutely no problem providing information, but it would be nice not to be deceived in the process. Clearly DWP does nothing for other than a self-serving purpose. Can anyone comment from experience about a Customer Compliance Officer's visit that they were subjected to? Benign? Or were you hit with an IUC letter shortly afterward whether justified or not? That won't help me to know the topic, and no doubt if they are quietly gathering information to possibly support some suspicion then I won't find any clues next week either, however just being aware of a different motive will help my focus on the day. I think you could say we are a pretty nice senior couple, have daily habits for walks and visits and shopping, we have nice neighbours, are clearly retired not career benefit-fraudsters and as far as I know nobody living near knows our affairs and that we receive benefits anyway. But I am sorry, DWP is NOT just coming for a cup of tea and checking we aren't missing some entitlement. I would like to be aware if it is known that these visits are an initial ploy, can you advise me at all so I can focus suitably when they visit? With thanks.
  3. Forgive me if this comes across as long winded or angsty but I could do with some advice. I still feel sick to the stomach thinking about it. I had an accident in my car on Friday just gone. My fault, I ran into the back of someone, which I admitted was my fault straight away. After speaking to the insurance company, they're going down the total loss route as my car is 12 years old and with the damage it's probably beyond economical repair. They're saying they will inform the DVLA once they have had the engineers report to say it's being written off. I've asked them what happens with the V5C, do I need to send it to the DVLA or do they? They've said the salvage yard it has been to will send me a letter with a prepaid envelope to send the paper work to and they will sort it out. I don't know why, but I have a niggly feeling that I can't get rid of that something will go wrong. I suppose I am just looking for some advice really. Do I find out from the insurance company where my car is being held so I can give the storage facility the V5C myself, get them to fill it in and I post it to the DVLA so I know it's been posted? Do I contact the DVLA and make them aware of what's happening, so there's no comebacks on me, i.e. car tax reminders etc. Sorry, I just feel so gutted and worked up, so would appreciate some advice please. Thanks in advance.
  4. A friend of mine passed away in September, the day after (23.09.14.) the DWP I.B. ESA and PIP offices were made aware of his death. A payment for PIP was made into his bank account on 26.09.14. and ESA on 30.09.14. Now the DWP are asking for the money to be returned. Is this money recoverable as they were informed of his death prior to them releasing the payments? Any advice would be grateful. Thanks, Joe
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