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Found 18 results

  1. I have an ex Friends Life with profits investment bond now under the ownership of Aviva. This was transferred to me by my mother. Over the past three years I have made a number of successful partial withdrawals on the policy without issue. This all changed when in early September of this year, I submitted another partial encashment for £3000. After not receiving the money within 10 days I contacted Aviva and was told that due to a technical issue sufficient units could not be cancelled to action a payout. Therefore, the process was delayed. To exacerbate, the issue, I had a buil
  2. Hi to all community, I am here newbie but before I register with you I read through many other related threads and now I know that Harlands and 'friends' is a [problem] company and they don't have any legal rights. I would like to get help with this just to make sure that I do the right thing. my situation: I decided to join Xercise4Less gym on 31st of May 2016. I signed for £9.99 11 month's contract membership. After 4 month's I read very bad reviews about this gym and all other threads related. I decided to cancel my membership through their website twice
  3. Hello. My Father in law has taken early retirement and is part of a large social circle of friends. His friends travel often and would like to pay him to be their driver to take them to and from the various airports they fly from. Please can I ask if there will be any insurance issues with this arrangement?
  4. Hi, I have been given permission to use a fellow residents space while they are away and my permit must have slipped off the dash and landed on the floor. So UKPC have given me a ticket. Do I just need my neighbour to inform UKPC that I was given permission to park in their space?
  5. I'm helping a friend with a few debts a year ago sent a CCA request to Robbers way who couldn't comply. Just received a letter from Hoist - "we refer to the query .............As we are unable to resolve in a satisfactory manner, we have taken the decision to write off the account and cease all collection activities....." Although my friend is pretty sure she didn't have PPI, we are now sending an SAR to Captial One and I'm betting her that not only will there be PPI but also charges. Just for interest I'll keep you posted BTW, she's been cash cowed for years!
  6. Today the Judiciary released their long awaited Consultation on McKenzie Friends. Most importantly, the consultation proposes a ban on fee-charging McKenzie friends in order to protect ‘vulnerable litigants’ from unregulated, uninsured and unqualified individuals. The article from the Law Gazette website outlines the Consultation in detail (and the online comments make interesting reading !!!). http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice/judiciary-proposes-ban-on-fee-charging-mckenzie-friends/5053851.article
  7. hi wonder if any one can shed some light on a situation. 12 years ago a friend lent another friend some money to set up a business. the friend lending hoped to be involved in the business at a later date. the friend who lent the money later decided she wanted nothing to do in said business as had found other work/ commitments. There was a receipt detailing money being loaned for business. no terms no repayments etc. as yet no payments back have been made as verbal agreement was, by the lender working with the business would recoup money loaned, this did not happen and the business was not s
  8. Just 3 months ago I started a new thread on here to highlight the problems that debtors face when taking advice from the internet to issue court claims against bailiff companies or local authorities. In that thread (a copy of which is below) I highlighted the outcome of yet another court failure where the debtor once again lost his case in court and was ordered to pay the local authorities (London Borough of Southwark) legal costs of £4,399. In the above case it was revealed that the debtor was charged £2060 in fees by this highly unqualified McKenze Friend who has an appalling history o
  9. Hi all again, sorry if I've put this in the wrong place but not sure where it would go. My sister's partner has been working at [removed] for about 5 years now, and he's brought to my attention that he believes he's not being payed for the hours he is working. Now he starts work at 8am and only finishes when "the job is done" which is normally half 5 to 6pm. He gets weekly payslips and he's latest pay slip (21/11/14) says: TAXABLE PAY: 260.85 NON-TAXABLE: PAY 0.00 TOTAL PAY: 260.85 INCOME TAX: 13.60 NATIONAL INSURANCE: 12.94 NET PAY: 234.31 TAX CODE: 1000L
  10. Would be great to get your advice.... Last Friday I travelled from London to Leeds with east coast. I used my friends 16-25 rail card, and an inspector realised the rail card was not mine and prosecuted me on the train. I am yet to hear back from them, however after speaking to friends and reading online about the severity of the situation, I would really like to prepare a good defence . Why I used his rail card? I used my friends railcard because my wallet was stolen the week before with my rail card in it. I had a busy few weeks working la
  11. driving my friends car with him in the back seat i was flashed and he has received a speeding ticket. i don't know if I'm insured or not ?? a) im insured but only as a named driver on my dads policy b) my friends has fully comp insurance and was in the car when i got flashed (we are both 26years old) will the DVLA check insurance if i say it was me ?? am i covered by either policy ? whats my best plan of action?
  12. MY friend in Australia has lent me money which totaled £4500 so as I could buy a car and some christmas items, but in the midst of it the ESA review officer has asked to see bank statements, I never declared it and it was very recent, within the past 6 weeks and was in 3 installments. I will be setting up a standing order after Christmas to pay him back. Will this effect my review and will I get in trouble? I never stopped to think at all about any of this as I just saw it as what it is, a loan. Now I am having panic attacks galore, other than that I am not too worried about the revie
  13. How you socialise online - and who with - could help or hinder your application for a loan or mortgage. Lenders' use of social media to check loan applicants' credit-worthiness is increasing among overseas finance firms - and is now to come to Britain. When someone applies for a loan certain lenders will look at their Facebook activity - including even to see whether any of their "friends" are in debt difficulties. The assumption is that creditworthy people tend to socialise together, and vice-versa. One firm using this approach is Lenddo, which calls itself a "trust-based lender" and so
  14. My 9 month old Springer accidently pressed the electric window button down whilst we were going round a bend and fell out of the vehicle, hence breaking a back leg, vets bill nearly £3000, animal friends refuse claim now saying the dog was not properly secured, has he's normally happy sitting on front seat and likes to stick his nose out of the window all seemed well, this happened in a split second, I googled Animal Friends and was gob smacked to see the negative remarks....any advice would be very welcome
  15. Hello all, I have just registered as the advice I was reading has been invaluable, thank one and all, having many problems with wescot at present, they keep threatening court proceedings, holding them off at present, I made an access request to the credit card provider and all they have given me is the application form, advice seems to suggest that a reconstituted agreement will be enough to enforce the debt, is this true, the debts precede the change in the law, so I am covered by the 1974 act, any practical advice for next steps with wescot, it al
  16. So, let me set the background. A friend of mine has some serious issues, owns a house with his wife ( who has left him for some 4 years). mortgage well in arrears ( now intrest only payments taken from his benefits) He's getting letters asking him to have a valuation done by the mortgage company ( they have been in talks for over a year) If i wanted to purchase the property, and my friend agreed, how would i go about that? This is a circa 220k house, with an oustanding mortgage of 145k including arrears. If i simply called the lender, and offered to take a new m
  17. If you have friends who know the CAG and who may have been helped by Martin, please let them know about this sad news. This is the tweet which has been sent out Change the message - but the short url comes to this forum of condolences
  18. I have just had to change my deodorant as I have realised that out of the 16 friends I have on CAG, only 4 of them are still active users. It must be me. I am now on the hunt for new ones. Just send me a request, or sign below.
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