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  1. Hello all, Many thanks for the help, this issue has been keeping us up at night something I am sure many others have had to deal with, I have replied to moorcroft, it still confuses me that 2 years ago I made a CCA request of Lloyds, got the usual reply application form and reconstituted agreement, it then did the rounds of the debt collection industry, then nothing till this latest contact from the above, is there anything I could do end this once and for all? Is there somewhere on the site that someone could direct me to so I can try to help myself rather than keep taking up the time o
  2. Hello all, I got a reply last night to say that the threads had been put together for a better chance of advice, I apologise for the way I have posted, I do not know my way around web sites, if someone can point me in the right direction so I can look myself please do so, these people will nor stop writing to me and it is making us ill. As I have said any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes Benjamin
  3. Hello all, I posted today about a credit card that is in dispute, I made a CCA application of Lloyds 2 years ago, dealt with many debt collection agencies and they all closed their files when I asked about the executed credit agreement, Moorcroft will not listen to this, I have CCA Moorcroft os well, as I said earlier all that I have been provided with is an application form, and a reconstituted credit agreement, I have pointed out that this is not good enough, this had not detered Moorcroft, the correspondence between us is mountainous, it is madness. Is there anything I can do to get them
  4. Hello again, this debt collection agency keep telling me about liability, they seem to be saying that I have to prove that I am not liable, my gut reaction is to tell them that they must prove the liablity, would I be on the right track if I told them that, the reason that I ask is that they seem to be inferring that they will take it to court.
  5. Hello all, I made a CCA request a couple of years ago, I got the usual reply, reconstituted agreement and application form, I wrote back and told them that this was not good enough. All went quite for 2 years, then I was contacted by a debt collection agency, I asked for deed of assignment, they claimed that the account was still with the original provider, I then made a CCA request of the debt collection agency, they responded by passing on my request to the card provider, this request has not produced the credit agreement either, although I have asked the debt collection agency what fur
  6. Hello all, I have received a letter from Lloyds, this was in response to CCA request of Moorcroft, I had originally made the same request of Lloyds. In this letter I am told that I have not provided enough information for them to trace the account. I am also told that section 78 only applies for the lifetime of an agreement. I want to write back but I am unsure as to any possible way forward in doing so. Any help as always would as always be greatly appreciated. It is my belief that they do not have the agreement and my preferred option is to write back and suggest that the matter no
  7. Hi DX, and Daniella, no offence was taken by me, I hoped that I had not upset you, I find this site is more use to me than any doctors pill, I have supplied the fee to Moorcroft and made a CCA request, I also have a letter from Lloyds which states that they have transferred the account to Moorcroft. Is it best to wait to see what their next move is? With regard to any SAR request, can I wait until Moorcroft reply to my CCA request.
  8. I have just recieved a letter from Moorcroft, they tell me that they act on behalf of Lloyds, this I find confusing as Lloyds have told me that they have transferred the account to Moorcroft, strangely they have also asked me if I deny liability. Lloyds could not provide a copy of the credit aggreement when I made a cca request,therefore I have asked Moorcroft to supply the document. I did not understand the banter between Daniella and Ford,that is why I did not reply, but if there is a method to send a cheque from my wifes account I will gladly do it, if that is not possible then can I
  9. Hello all, Once again I am grateful for the help that I have received, I do not have pay pal, is there an account that my partner or I could donate to, it will not be a huge amount but we would like to donate something for the peace of mind and invaluable information this site provides. Many Many thanks B B
  10. Hello all, I seem to be having my usual problems doing things correctly. I just tried to reply to the thread asking what I should consider doing, I wrote to MKDP on the 22nd of last month, they have replied telling me that as I have not taken up their offer of help, ect, they are passing the matter on for consideration by another part of their company for litigation. They have not replied to the issues I have raised with them, like the cca request and credit agreement, they have not replied about assignment, I want to go back to them and say that they have not addressed the issues I have ra
  11. The answer is no I was not still using it and the take out date shown on the file is 7/8 1997 the last time I will have used in would be some 3 years ago.
  12. The default date was the 27th of July 2011. the last point at which I paid was some 15months ago again I would be grateful for any help. Regards Benjamin
  13. Yes I did get the cra file, it shows that they now dealing with the account in question. Is there anything else I should note from the cra file? I have to tell you they have me worried just now as they say they will enter into no new correspondence. Regards Benjamin
  14. I did send them a cca request with the £1 fee I have now received a reply from them telling me that I received a final response from them at the end of february, that response stated that Barclaycard had fulfilled their obligations to me under section 78 of the consumer credit act, they are refusing to enter into any further correspondence with me and they also state that they will continue now with their collection activities, they also say despite my reiteration that the account no longer remains in dispute. Their final respost is to tell me that I can complain to the
  15. Hello all, Thanks for the help so far, I was wondering, the last thing that I posted seems not to have been included in my thread. My question is this, having applied for my credit record, what do I do with it when I get it, my original problem still exists, what do I do about MKDP, they have told me this is their final response, is a cca request still of use if I have already done so with barclaycard, I am happy to listen to any advice, your help has been vital to me before now Regards BB
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