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Found 21 results

  1. MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis is suing Facebook for defamation following “repeated fake adverts from [problem]mers it refuses to stop publishing” In a statement on MoneySavingExpert, Lewis wrote: “I get about five messages a day from people saying, ‘I’ve just seen your Bitcoin ad and wanted to check it.’ If that is the number who get through to me, how many more must be just taken in?” Well i have seen these adverts have you. I very nearly lifted a floorboard to take out some of my secret stash after thinking well he is a chap you can trust. I came so close but nailed th
  2. Most youngsters leave education knowing little about the grown-up worlds of work and money. Here are the key tips Martin Lewis would give to his younger self If only I'd known 20 years ago… to throw every spare penny at Google shares, to lambast Gordon Brown's irresponsible trill that boom and bust had ended, and not to invest time watching Lost, as the title would turn out to be eponymous for the plot. There are many things those with either just the beginning flecks of grey or full-blown silver wish we could tell our younger selves. Yet Doctor Who is fiction, so the best we can do is t
  3. He might be one of the most influential men in Britain but multi-millionaire Martin Lewis admits he still loves a bargain Martin Lewis may be the most influential man in Britain. There can’t be many people who haven’t, wittingly or unwittingly, followed his advice. He currently holds a media royal flush: an eponymous prime-time ITV1 show, weekly high-profile radio slots, a column in this newspaper and – the ace in his unbeatable hand – a money-saving website attracting nearly nine million users a month. But right now the unofficial Financial Adviser to the Nation isn’t being influential,
  4. Hi all - been a long time since I've posted on here - yet another friend that's asked for advice from me, so I thought that I'd better check with you guys. I have a friend that's been unemployed for some time and, finally, managed to get a supervisors job at a Martin's newsagents. Whilst discussing the job with him it became apparent that the company seems to breaking a whole raft of employment laws. He gets paid £6.40 per hour (he's over 21, so that is, theoretically, 20p more than the minimum wage). Several times per week he has to work from open (6:00am) to close (7:00pm) for whic
  5. Comment: Martin Lewis, founder of moneysavingexpert, opposes Archbishop Justin Welby and outlines the exact changes that he'd like to see made. I pray the Archbishop’s laudable but blundering entrance into the payday loan debate doesn’t hurt more than it helps. The trip-up of the Church’s own investments is a side show – my concern is far more about his original soundbite: "We’re not in the business of trying to legislate you (Wonga) out of existence, we’re trying to compete you out." Wonga and other 6,000pc APR loans are the crack-cocaine of the money-lending world – recent
  6. So sad to read the news about martin. I've been offline for quite sometime, and Martin was one of the last people I had contact with on here before going offline, he was helping me sort out a donation as my paypal wasn't working - I have just seen his message in my inbox, and it brought a lump to my throat Anyway, I have just made the donation, and I thought of Martin as I did it - bless you Martin, you will be missed by so many people, may you continue to do as much good on the other side as you did here! R.I.P x
  7. We are accepting donations to a memorial fund for Martin Kay. If you would like to donate, please click on Martin's image at the top of the forum - or the link below: I would like to donate to Martin Kay's memorial fund Donations will be used towards the costs of Martin's funeral
  8. 14th February - 1.45 pm Church address for Martins funeral.- Service 1.45pm. Burial 2.30pm. Church Hall with Family and Friends 3.00pm onwards St Mary's Lowe House North Road St.Helens Merseyside WA10 2BE
  9. How can We prevent being spammed from journalist Martin Lewis if We follow the Twitter feed for CAG ? If I want Professional Financial Advice, I visit a Professionally Trained Financial Advisor. But, for anyone who does know about Icesave and the other Icelandic Banks which failed, the following Channel 4 news with journalist Martin Lewis will be quite illuminating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx-ySEKUURI
  10. Then please send them to his mother Mrs Celia Kay(Martin's mother) For Martin Kay (deceased) c/o St Mary's Lowe House North Road St.Helens Merseyside WA10 2BE She is very elderly and has been very badly affected by this event.
  11. HAWC

    RIP Martin

    Although I did not know Martin at all, His wit and humor will be with us for ever. I certainly remember when he helped me help a family member tackle ShatWest
  12. If you have friends who know the CAG and who may have been helped by Martin, please let them know about this sad news. This is the tweet which has been sent out Change the message - but the short url comes to this forum of condolences
  13. May God rest his soul. Hammy
  14. How sad and such a young age, thank you Martin for all you did to help other people:-(
  15. . You were an inspiration to many many people on this site, and helped selflessly to guide people to solve their problems and fight the 'big boys'. I am certain you and your good work will be missed by so many colleagues. You have left us all at a young age, but you have only gone into the next room where I fell sure you will find a bigger computer site to guide others from. REST IN PEACE.
  16. Martin has two brothers. His older brother David, and his younger brother Andy. Andy has just opened a Twitter account Here - https://twitter.com/AndyNdrw
  17. Money-saving Martin Lewis is a man on a mission. Two years ago he launched a parliamentary campaign to make financial education compulsory. Today, he is still campaigning for a change to the curriculum that would force schools into teaching the calculation of an APR alongside algebra. “I’m locked in a vicious circle,” he explains. “The Government says it doesn’t need to put it on to the curriculum for schools to teach it, and the head teachers say they won’t teach it unless it is there. I want them to know that I am not going away until it is.” Since Lewis first started work
  18. Shoppers should arm themselves with knowledge of their consumer rights. I was scared enough just standing behind the grande dame in the queue, as her indignation boomed, “Give me my money back – this is a disgrace.” As for the shop assistant who bore the brunt face-on, her sin was having the temerity to refuse to exchange “uncool” jeans wrongly bought for the lady’s daughter. The problem with this store rage? The shop assistant was right. Consumer rights ignorance is mainstream on both sides of the till – shop staff regularly quote utter bilge at us, too. Few customers can tell fact fro
  19. MoneySavingExpert.com (MSE) will join the MoneySupermarket Group Link: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/site/2012/06/martin-lewis-on-moneysavingexpertcom-joining-the-moneysupermarket-group
  20. He will recieve £60m with 27m later. Plans to donate £10m to charities inc £1m to CAB. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/money-saving-website-sells-87m-085629591.html
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