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  1. Hi, apologies for not detailing the entire letter. This is what UKPC have put : We wrote to you previously explaining that your vehicle was recorded on private property, as follows: Parked in a residents area without clearly displaying a valid residents parking permit. (Location) (Date) (Time) Your vehicle was in breach of the terms and conditions of parking which were clearly and prominently displayed and agreed by the driver when your vehicle was parked on private land. Despite issuing a Parking Charge and writing to you previously we (UK Parking Control) have not received payment. If, after a period of 14 days, (beginning with the day after this notice is given) the amount requested in this notice has not been paid in full the charge will be passed to debt recovery. If necessary, County Court proceedings will be commenced against you for the amount outstanding, interest and court costs. If the Court orders Judgment against you and payment of that Judgment is not made this may affect your ability to borrow money or obtain credit in the future. A warrant may also be issued by the Court's appointed bailiff to recover the payment. At this point you would also become liable for the additional fees of the bailiff.
  2. I received the NTK, but I was waiting for the final reminder. The letter mentions being parked in a residents parking area without clearly displaying a valid residents parking permit. I can either pay within 14 days of the date of the letter or County Court proceedings will commence. I can also contest the charge on their website.
  3. Hi, I have received a final reminder from UKPC. I will appeal, but what do I say in the appeal? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have been given permission to use a fellow residents space while they are away and my permit must have slipped off the dash and landed on the floor. So UKPC have given me a ticket. Do I just need my neighbour to inform UKPC that I was given permission to park in their space?
  5. I got it wrong. The email was a copy of UKPC's submission to uphold the charge. But my appeal was successful, as I argued UKPC had no right to issue the charge and they could not prove otherwise. So UKPC have cancelled the charge. I'd like to thank all those who helped me to win this case.
  6. Popla rejected the appeal saying the charge is justified. So I'm thinking they are in the parking companies pocket. I'm sure what my options are now.
  7. So all I have to do, is state the parking space has been allocated to me but there is no mention of having to display the permit? Do I have to submit the agreement as evidence, as I'd rather not. I was going to use GPEOL as well, but you are saying there is no need ?? So my arguments are that the space has been allocated to me and this is harassment and UKPC are trespassing? And I will take action. Apologies if I keep repeating myself.
  8. Also, I have a copy of the contract between the landlord and UKPC and it does state that a permit must be displayed. Will UKPC submit this to POPLA?
  9. So what evidence will UKPC provide as part of their claim to POPLA?
  10. Hi Guys I have received my POPLA code as UKPC felt the charge was issued correctly as there are lots of signs indicating that a permit had to be displayed. So I need to say that I was parked on my allocated space. What about GPEOL? And any other reasons for my appeal? I'm not sure how to word all this. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Should I remind them that I was parked in my allocated spot or that is harassment. What about asking them for a pre-estimate of loss?
  12. I have received the NTK. They are inviting me to pay, or give the drivers name and address. Otherwise the registered keeper is liable. They mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which states - Introductory 1(1)This Schedule applies where— (a)the driver of a vehicle is required by virtue of a relevant obligation to pay parking charges in respect of the parking of the vehicle on relevant land; and (b)those charges have not been paid in full. (2)It is immaterial for the purposes of this Schedule whether or not the vehicle was permitted to be parked (or to remain parked) on the land. They will argue number (2), as the reason to chase payment.
  13. Ok, I'm prepared to wait as this is not on. Hopefully they come to their senses and realise it's pointless pursuing.
  14. So even though there is a notice on the permit that says it must be displayed at all times, they still can't touch me?
  15. So what will happen after they have sent the NTK? Do I have to reply?
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