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  1. Sorry dx, I don’t understand.....does it mean it’s only a K restriction ?
  2. Thanks for merging threads . The charge reads as follows: RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate by the proprietor of the registered estate or by the proprietor of any registered charge is to be registered without a written consent signed by the proprietor for the time being of the Charge dated 26 May 2006 in favour of Lloyds Bank PLC referred to in the Charges Register.
  3. Found and done thanks I’ve started another post in mortgage/ secured loans hopefully, lol
  4. Brief history 2006 secured loan with Lloyds , taken to court November 2009 suspended possession order against me, husband struck out which I interpret as only I am liable. Have checked on land registry and it shows the charge . Anyone know if the charge should have been changed when hubby struck out. Also , how can I find out what sort of charge Lloyds have? Really hoping it’s only against me as sole debtor on jointly owned property. hope that all makes sense
  5. Hi all can anyone point me in the right direction? I’m looking on land registry site to try and confirm any charges on my property but I’m not sure where I need to look. TIA
  6. go to reply to thread, advanced not quick reply....scroll down the page past the box you type in there is a button "manage attachments" you upload any attachments and then select the files you want to attach to your post. hope this helps
  7. Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help, I am just completing an online response to Claim Form received in which I intend to defend the alleged claim against me. I am completing an Acknowledgment of Service and have reached a question I am not sure how to answer. Contest Jurisdiction You can choose to contest jurisdiction of the claim made against you. I intend to contest jurisdiction Yes or No guys please Also whilst writing you will notice that I am using my Cousin xxxxxxx account as I have yet to register, xxxxxxxxx is currently poorly and undergoing treatment she sends her best regards to you all x
  8. Hi fk Letter says yes, they will remove from cra, but it wasn't showing on file anyway.
  9. I'm helping a friend with a few debts a year ago sent a CCA request to Robbers way who couldn't comply. Just received a letter from Hoist - "we refer to the query .............As we are unable to resolve in a satisfactory manner, we have taken the decision to write off the account and cease all collection activities....." Although my friend is pretty sure she didn't have PPI, we are now sending an SAR to Captial One and I'm betting her that not only will there be PPI but also charges. Just for interest I'll keep you posted BTW, she's been cash cowed for years!
  10. Well I'm really surprised lloyds haven't sold it on so far, my friend started making token payments of £5 pm for about 5 years. This time last year I suggested she requested cca, wetcloths couldn't provide so she stopped paying. They write to her once a month to say account remains on hold. Lloyds haven't contacted her at all until recently, firstly to say they had refunded to the account an overcharge of interest from 2 months in 2010 (£80) She (me) wrote back asking for more information. They replied with the details and offered a £75 goodwill payment. We wrote back as the amount of the overcharged interest was wrong...should have been £86. They have now replied saying they will refund to the account the correct amount, + a further £12 to the account for a late payment charge and a goodwill payment of £150 by cheque direct to her. And backdating the default date as above.
  11. Still owned by lloyds, though wetcloths were collecting
  12. lol, this ones not my card....it's a friend who's asking. I don't mind helping out a few friends as it's all practice and learning for me. (mind you, I do think they should donate to CAG!) .....and the others are mine and Mr Nunny's so thankfully not all my debt!
  13. Thought that was the case DX just a bit confused as it's now gone from credit file. its a credit card.
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