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  1. Hi. I will try to be brief and to the point. I took an assured shorthold tennancy on in a house of multiple occupancy as a cost saving exercise. The landlord told me there was 3 girls living in the house and upon viewing the house it seemed clean and livable. Upon moving in I found out only 1 girl lived there. The next day a new tenant also moved in. Let's just say he was from a diffeent walk of life. His standard of living was well below mine, and he had no social etiquette or co-living skills. Leaving his dirty plates and pans for up to 6 days or more and leaving his dirty w
  2. Can anyone give advise please for young first time tenant, a family friend, who rents residential flat above shop. 1. AST not signed but Commercial Lease. 2. Deposit not protected. 3. No Gas Safety Certificate. 18 year old girl was forced to leave family home. She is a carer in nursing home & not on benefits as landlord refuses housing benefit tenants. Discovered today she has built up debt with utilities & council tax with debt collectors now chasing. She has paid rent though I looked at her tenancy agreement today which I think is illegal. The landlord let's out ground floor
  3. Hi everyone. I'm a new member on here. I came across the site when researching tenancy deposit schemes and I've read through several threads but can't seem to find and guidance in relation to my particular problem. Briefly, in September of last year I agreed to rent a property with a private landlord. I had a few concerns about the property but the landlord assured me they would be dealt with once I moved in. But I needed somewhere to live quickly and my mother paid the deposit. The rent was to be paid by housing benefit. There was mould throughout the property, there
  4. Hi all, Will be claiming HB with a tenancy agreement dating back to 2011, it's a full 8 page Assured Shorthold Tenancy document, signed by myself, the landlord and witness. All above board and legit. A few questions though; 1) Would the JC likely question this, given how old the document is? I have claimed JSA before during my tenancy but didn't realise I was entitled to HB until now. 2) I would prefer they do not contact my Landlord (unless for a special investigation or some such) as he has previously expressed unwillingness to co-operate (that said he owns a flat
  5. I'm currently resting a property from a private landlord on an AST. A couple of weeks ago the landlord notified me that she would be selling the property but hoped to sell it to another landlord. There were a few viewings and an offer made. She has just informed me that the buyer is not looking to let the property so will be sending the section 21 notice giving me two months to leave (her message actually said three months, but the contract says two). My question is can I leave early? I have a viewing of another property today, and all going well I will make an applicati
  6. How long is a assured shorthold tenancy valid for one the original 12 months have run out ? Reason i am asking is another person i am helping has been given a s21 notice to quit followed by a n5c claim form for property. The original ast was for a year. Then it was signed up for another year but no paper work exchanged hands. Now in the paperwork provided with the summons the deposit has been protected till the tenancy ends it second year. Two questions 1. Is the s21 notice valid ? 2. The deposit although again protected seems to not have been protected with in 30 days of the satrt of
  7. Hi all, I rent a flat from a housing association in London. I am in the process of buying a new-build house which will be ready in January 2016, but our tenancy is a 12 month AST which runs until July 2016. We therefore need to leave before the end of our tenancy. The tenancy agreement grants the landlord a break clause but not the tenant. I spoke to the property manager recently and they are unwilling to let us surrender the tenancy early. We're going in person to meet them on Tuesday and I would like us to come to an amicable agreement. I understand that legally speaking, we are li
  8. Hi All, I’ve created this post in the search for some answers on a few finer points of my AST Agreement that has recently ended. The LL/LA has come back to me requesting £378 of charges for cleaning and gardening. In my opinion I have left the flat in a clean and tidy condition so much so that the pictures taken on the day of me moving out have been used online to show new tenants! However, the two points I am curious to have answered are: 1. My moving in inventory states that “although untidy at the beginning of the tenancy the garden is to be completely tidied shortly after
  9. Happy 2015 everyone! Hopefully someone can answer this question for me on this forum. The long and crazy background to this question in on another rental forum (can I post a link)? EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't as a new member. Has any tenant or landlord ever been in a situation where they have rented a flat with a written AST, which was then replaced by a verbal AST? The reason I am asking is that the judge found in the LL favour against four tenants stating that a new verbal AST was entered into in 2012 (four tenants signed a written AST in 2011), making all tenants several a
  10. Hi, I'm one of two tenants (spouse and I) on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement whose fixed term ends at the end of the month. The agency recently proposed a new fixed term agreement, but we now want to continue on a Statutory Periodic Tenancy. We are aware of the risks, and are willing to take them. We made it absolutely clear that we are not signing another document (so no agreed periodic tenancy). However, the agents still want to charge us £70 per head (£140 in total) for every six month period of the SPT. They justify this with our tenancy agreement which reads among the ob
  11. Help ! Writing on behalf of a friend - with residential rental problem. Friend viewed a flat during the day with a known high street estate agent. Flat seemed nice (internally) and friend agreed to rent it. Agreement was drawn up - AST - for 1 year. As friend from overseas, Agent asked for 6 months payment up front and also 6 weeks deposit. However, upon moving in friend discovered many problems that were not obvious or visible when first viewed: 1) There were ac ventilation machines for the whole block on a roof close to the flat - which vibrate all night and mak
  12. Hi there, My husband and I have been left in a bit of a pickle with debts and low wages. After doing much research we have decided the best option for us is to go bankrupt. Also we are going to need to claim housing benefit as his wages have just been cut. We rent our house, and I've looked through the tenancy agreement for any clauses about bankruptcy or housing benefit, but neither are mentioned anywhere. Can I therefore assume that we can go ahead on both counts and legally nothing can be done to evict us on these grounds? We're good quiet tenants and apart from 6 months
  13. Hi, apologies in advance if a there has been a post similar to this however i have had a good look and can't see any. My issue is this: I'm currently in a fixed term AST however the letting agents have said i can assign my half of the contract over to a new tenant, there is absolutely no problem with this however my flatmate has now said she wants to vacate the property also. After checking if we terminate the contract we are liable to pay 10% of each months rent for the remainder of the contract. However If i leave and get the contract assigned to a new tenant and then a month late
  14. hi, i need some urgent advice. I was due to let my flat this friday, signed the agreement, ready to move in with my partner. we have now split and i've been told by the estate agents i cannot back out. This will leave my homeless for the short term. Does anyone know what i can do about this? I know ill be inconveniencing the new tenants but there is really nothing i can do.
  15. Am I right in understanding that they would need to serve a notice to quit, and once expired they can seek an eviction order? Or is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi, I have a second 6th month AST (with 5 months left), LL informs me he wants to sell the property and i have some concerns: 1. LL states that he can give me one month notice to leave at any time during this fixed term and i have to leave, is this right? If this is true, would it mean the same for me? 2.LL want estate agents and viewings, do i have to allow this? Its hugely inconvenience for me but i dont want to be difficult, but am i legally bound to? can all this not be done after i leave? 3. Iniatially, i asked the LL if we could just have our original AST that expire
  17. Hi, I hope someone can help clarify what we should do. I've roamed the internet, but am just confused! We (me and OH) are coming to the end of an AST (we live in London). Back in June, we confirmed that we wished to renew, and agreed to a rent increase (£100 extra pcm- ouch), and the Letting Agent said they would be in touch closer to the date our AST expires (23rd July), to arrange to sign another year's contract. All this was by email, and we've not heard anything since. I understand that if another contract is not signed, then the tenancy becomes a periodic tenancy? Or are we
  18. Hi, I need advice on exact breakage date of the contract. I have AST agreement. I have send to the agency termination request on 21 June, and provided a copy of it on 22 June, with request to terminate agreement by 22 July 2013. Afterwards, I have received response from agency with the following: Now, the questions are: 1. Is it lawful for the agency/landlord to force me to pay until 20 August? Break clause says "one month notice". Even given written notice is required (to which email doesn't count), I supplied the notice on 22 June, so tenancy should be given up o
  19. Hi, I apologise in advance as i'm sure this question has been asked before, I really need to make sure my thinking is correct before challenging my landlady (again). I've been in my flat for around 22 months now and began with a fixed term AST for 1 year with monthly payments. The only Termination time was at the 6 months "Break point" and included a 2 month notice period. At the end of the year the landlady and i agreed to allow the contract to roll on a monthly basis (for the past 10 months). On the 12th June I gave written notice saying I'll be out of the flat within one
  20. Currently have an AST due for renewal. Have paid £70 for the letting agent's "contract fees" for 12 months renewal. However, since this me and my partner, whose father was guarantor, have split up. She has moved back with her parents and is looking for her own place, and we have mutually agreed that I can continue living in the property. The contract has not yet been signed and needs to be done soon. The main problem is I have no family who could act as a guarantor, and the letting agents insists on one. My ex partner's Dad has said he would be a guarantor on a 6 monthly basis. It's a nic
  21. Hello all, I haven't been on CAG for a while (previously related to credit and debt issues), however, I now wish to clarify the situation regarding unprotected deposits. Briefly, we have an AST (commenced Apr '08) that is now continuing as a periodic and the deposit was never protected at it's commencement. We are still tenants, and will be continuing as such for the immediate future, however, we wish to submit a claim for return of the deposit and, if appropriate, for 3x deposit plus any allowable costs and interest charges as well. However, in reading up on here I am somewhat
  22. I am a landlord that has signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with my tenants for a term of 12 months. However, there is a provision in my agreement that states: "It is further agreed that in the absence of a replacement Agreement this Agreement shall be deemed to be extended until such time as at least two calendar months advance written notice is given by either party of their intention to determine this Agreement but without prejudice nevertheless to any claim by either party against the other in respect of any antecedent breach of this Agreement or the conditions herein contained
  23. Hi, I'm looking for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy contract to give to my tenants. I've found a wealth of various approaches and companies offering this online for prices anywhere from £10 to £70. But which one to chose?! I wondered if anyone has any recommendations or comments about where best to get a contract from? Thank you!
  24. Hello, I'm really hoping someone will be able to give me some advice, I don't know what to do. I moved into my flat last week (4th Jan). It's in a converted Victorian terrace. When I looked round I thought the flat had a musty smell but the lettings agency told me it was because the flat had been empty for a few months. Despite my best efforts to air the flat, I can't get the smell to go. The carpet lifts up in a couple of corners and I can see that the carpet underlay is pretty black and smells of mould. I can't see any other signs of mould around the flat apart from in the bathroom,
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