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Found 3 results

  1. I have recently moved out of a property after 7 months (initial fixed term of 6 months). I discovered late in the tenancy that the landlord ( he is the cousin of the owners and manages the property for them) had not protected the deposit. I have repeatedly asked where it is - he has avoided the issue, blamed it on the letting agent and even given me a bogus reference number for the TDS (think this was for one of his other properties). I have now established that it is not protected in any of the 3 schemes He has tried to make spurious deductions for cleaning, despite us leaving the property in a good and clean state. he provided no inventory, no check-in or check-out report. He wouldn't even meet me to inspect the property on moving out and insisted I drop off the keys. I have told him that if he does not repay it in full I will pursue a claim for non-protection of the deposit but he doesn't seem to care. I have a few questions: 1. Do I have a good case to claim the 3 x deposit penalty? 2. Iss there a chance I could lose, or just get the deposit back and have to pay costs out of this? 3. If he returns my deposit in full, does that prevent me bringing a compensation claim for the 3 x deposit? 4. Can reclaiming the deposit itself and the compensation be done as part of the same claim or do I have to lodge these separately? Your advice would be appreciated, along with any tips on submitting the N208 claim form and what to include with it.
  2. Hi, I just want to check one thing which seems fairly unambiguous from what i've read but my landlord does not agree. I rent a room in a shared house under an Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement. My landlord does not live in the property (although his address on the agreement is the same as mine) and all of the rooms have at one point been occupied by paying tenants. My agent can verify this if required. I have exclusive use of my own room and share the bathroom and kitchen. Should my deposit be protected in one of the three scheme? If my deposit should be protected, must it be registered under my name and at my address? Thanks Jamie
  3. Hi This is my first post so please be gentle. I need to find out who my landlord was in order to claim unprotected deposit and compensation in the County Courts. This is not as simple as it sounds so let me explain. I and two other housemates recently finished a years Assured Shorthold Tenancy on a property however the person I am dealing with is piling up spurious claims that happen to amount to our deposit. We signed the AST in the presence of the man claiming to be our landlord. This is the person we dealt with before and during our tenancy so as far as we were aware he was the landlord. I have his name, address for service and phone number and have already sent him a Letter Before Action which he signed for but never responded to so I know these details are legitimate. The problem is it was not his name on the AST we signed and I foolishly let him take our signed agreement in exchange for his promise to get me a copy which he never did. He claimed the name belonged to his solicitor and that he indeed was the landlord. This was over a year ago and I cannot remember the name on the AST. Before the LBA he danced around any questions I asked relating to which scheme our deposit was protected by and just wanted to talk about his carpets. After receiving it he is very aggressive and rude, swearing at me and saying his solicitor will send me deposit protection details by the end of the week along with the bill for the carpets and then hanging up on me. He has had the LBA for 2 weeks already with no response so while this may sound like progress if he were going to send this information he would have already. I checked the Land Registry to see if I could confirm his ownership and again the supposed landlord is not the owner of the property. So to summarise I find myself with this problem. I have all details needed to take the man I thought was our landlord to court but this may not be the right person. He has never formally responded so I don't have a physical record of him claiming to be our landlord. Unfortunately I don't remember the name on my AST but I know it's not this man. I have bank statements showing the bank account my deposit and rent payments went into but don't know who this belongs to. I have the owners name but he may not be the person who was renting me the property and therefor wouldn't be responsible. 10 smileys for anyone who can suggest a workable solution for getting my deposit back that doesn't involve paying a solicitor loads of money I don't have. And I'll buy you a beer if you live anywhere near central London.
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