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  1. hi, i need some urgent advice. I was due to let my flat this friday, signed the agreement, ready to move in with my partner. we have now split and i've been told by the estate agents i cannot back out. This will leave my homeless for the short term. Does anyone know what i can do about this? I know ill be inconveniencing the new tenants but there is really nothing i can do.
  2. Ill definately learn to keep my distance from collegues in future, thanks for your help
  3. Hey, thanks very much. It was actually her mother who hasnt liked me since i started who took it further. I wont say where she is from but she is extremely old fashioned and very catholic. Her 32 year old daughter, turned out not to care either way, shame really.
  4. So. I waited for 3 weeks with no reply. Awful time. Picked myself up, foubd a better job, went directly to hr and told them i would resign if they gave me a basic reference . They agreed, and i left. Speaking to a colleague on the way out i was told the woman was blabing on about how it was my fault that she wasnt allowed to slap anybodies ass anymore. I know alot of work colleagues went for an interview with HR and told them exactly what i had said. I can imagine i would hve got a warning but..after the woman and her mother had gossiped avout it and told everybody in the building...i didnt fe
  5. You really cant compare your behavioural difficulties to someone elses like That. Read your post again and think about it. I have aspergers and i would never compare my behaviour to others with the same condition like that. So im guessing things that people find odd about you is ok as its in your aspergers rule book?
  6. yes. but paying for solicitor = not paying rent it makes me feel sick thinking that someone would not feel safe at work because of me.
  7. Ok great, so i guess my only option then is to admit sexual harassment, appologise and try to convince them i wont do it again.
  8. i know she wasnt happy with the news. i wasnt expecting her to be. Yes i agree, the sexualized culture in my workplace is not good. there is very little i can do to change it. Yes i know it was a stupid thing to do, and no i dont want to lose my career just so others can learn from it
  9. Yes, the womans manager often joins in the banter. My manager often joins in on banter to but not to the extent. We are a catering department in a very big building so you can imagine we differ from other departments.
  10. I havent had my interview yet but have been told by HR that its very serious. Yes i agree, the impact on the victim is important. But, if the victim didnt intend on making a complaint as she did not see herself as a victim ot harassed then how can an observer feel harassed? would it be the same as if i stumbled on and watched someone being mugged. Could i sue the mugger for harassment?
  11. actually this kind of response scares me a bit. When you talk about ' never had to sack more than one person' ..to me that person probably has a wife or kids, a mortgage, bills that need paying, a career he's worked hard for, a life he is trying to live. To you, its just an object in the way of you doing your job
  12. well thats what im scared of. My whole entire career being used as an example to kick the department into the shape they want it to be
  13. can i just ask emmzzi - if dismissed for sexual harassment, needing to infrom any future employer of this would make it near impossible to continue with my career or infact obtain any type of job at all. Whos going to hire someone who was dismissed for sexual harassment in their previous job. Also i think i wouldnt be entitled to Job seekers allowance or any type of benefit due to the nature of my dismissal. This would force a productive member of society into someone who wouldnt be able to support himself or his family financially. I've never ben out of work from a young age. The prospect of
  14. myself and my team have almost doubled our departments turnover in the year and a half ive been there. We work very hard, we dont take breaks (another HR nightmare) and yes we have fun. If we didnt, we'd go mad. How would you go about setting new boundaries to replace the onces that have been there for years. Surely you wouldnt be able to dismiss everyone who didnt tow the line
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