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  1. Hi to you all who have taken out loans with this company me also being one I feel we are all same unite here cos we are all similar cases loans done by the company mine has been too trauma to put on here its cost me dearly in my nerves etc I just want to say thank you for saying on here to each and everyone of you I know we all have experienced same things to do with this company, please hang on cos I believe there is now light at the end of the tunnel. BLESS YOU all and try relax , sometimes it just takes one more to move the mountain . I had to rem
  2. RAC to apologise to 1 million customers for breaking insurance renewal rules The RAC will be apologising to more than 1 million customers for falling short on rules on insurance renewals. The motoring organisation has become the latest – and one of the largest – businesses to be rapped by the Financial Conduct Authority watchdog. Rules introduced by the FCA a year ago require firms to clearly show the insurance premium a customer paid last year alongside their proposed renewal premium. They also require firms to show a “prominent, clear and straightforward message” to encou
  3. Hi. Just needed some advice. I currently work in the care industry. At our place we do sleep ins as our clients need 24 hour care. A letter was written complaining that in light of recent rulings regarding sleep in pay, the employer was underpaying us under the national minimum wage. This was discussed in our staff meeting with all the staff names typed on it. The area manager wanted to know who sent it. They were very dismissive of the letter. The area manager commented on the poor way it was written. They wrote directly to the individual concerned saying th
  4. Hi, Some advice to pass on to my daughter, please. She and her partner separated in April 2016 and although they have a daughter together it has been like trying to get blood from a stone to get him to pay maintenance so the bank of mum and dad stepped in and now the CSA are involved. Saying all of this she has now had her renewal pack and HMRC state that because he got a job after they broke up in July 2016 that his income must be taken into account and that she owes them 600 plus pounds. Even when I explained that they were not together at any time between April 2016 and
  5. In September this year I was driving my SORNED 29 year old car to an MOT in Penge as there is a classic Citroen specialist who looks after said cars. I broke down at the traffic lights in Crystal Palace causing untold mayhem during the beginnings of the Friday rush hour. The police passed by, but didn't stop to help. Two young men helped me push the car to safety and allowed the traffic to flow. I waited for the breakdown recovery people to arrive for two hours and when they did, the journey continued to Penge - a mere two or three miles down the road. It was ther
  6. Orbit visited my home whilst I worked the night shift 01/04/16 at 20:54 regarding an alleged Southern water Debt. They were told by my recently moved in wife I work shifts from 18:30 until 06:30. They tried to call at 08:00 on the 02/04, then sent a great big fat bully boy round at 10:00. Without an appointment he demanded I was woken up then got all aggressive. No joke the guy was about 170 kilo's. He wanted national insurance numbers and the amount of PIP my disabled wife receives. My partner set a £10 a week agreement in my name. She also asked for a manager to call her
  7. Under the 2104 Children and Families Act 2014 Councils have certain Statutory directives regarding children who are not in education, for whatever reason. My daughter has been out of education for three years with separation anxiety brought about by her mother's domestic violence. Under the Act the Council are supposed to have provided 'alternative education' for her. The Act says they must work with schools/colleges to identify children in need and consult with them/their parents and other professional to provide alternatives suitable to their needs.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3421261/Man-carrying-two-guns-arrested-police-DisneyLand-Paris.html Not another one!!!
  9. Now i might be wrong and probably am but didnt a new law just come in, something about once you borrow money, you will never have to pay back more than x 2 the amount, i take that to mean £100 borrowed, no more than £200 to be paid back, ever, and £1000 would mean no more than £2000 back, ever, But look on the provident website, they are offering loans like borrow £2000 and pay back £4400 or borrow £2500 and pay back £5500, is this not against the law.
  10. Hi everyone, I need some advice. Virgin Media sent me a letter last year saying I would be getting upgraded to the 50MB broadband service. I'm currently on 20MB and I find uploading files tedious. I recently corresponded with Virgin Media on Twitter to find out why I had not been upgraded. They told me to login to my account online and click a button to begin the process. I followed the web form and it did indeed say it was free. However I logged into the main dashboard where I saw the same upgrade option yet it cost an extra £2.85 a month. From wha
  11. I'll try and make this as simple as possible. In May 2013 I started work in a school as a lunchtime assistant at 5 hours a week £6.25phr. This went up in November 2013 to 6 hours and 15 minutes a week, same pay. Then in March 2014 I was offered a role in the pre-school for 3 hours a week at £7.19phr. My lunchtime assistant role also went up to £7.19phr in September 2014. I have informed tax credits every time with my change of circumstances and when I did in May 2013 (at the start) they said they would inform Income support, which I know now they didn't. I received a letter f
  12. Hi all Just so you are aware Roxburghe and PCN parking services went into administration yesterday. All staff were sacked without pay and sent home. Thought u may like this news Enjoy X
  13. Hello everyone, My partner and I found ourcurrent home online with a private landlord. When we arrived, I noticed therewere three cars in the front yard area of the house, I just assumed thesebelonged to the others in the house. Now the house is a great size, our room ismassive, great garden and kitchen and is handy to work so signed a 6month contract. On the 2nd/3rd day i noticed a few things needed repaired in our room,nothing to expensive but not our job to fix, so I txt the landlord to arrangethis. I found out then that the cars actually belong to the landlord. He sellsthem from our front
  14. I made a huge mistake earlier this year, and briefly considered moving to TalkTalk from Sky. My complants letter should make things clear: ==== Customer Relations Department TalkTalk Group P.O. Box 360 Southampton SO30 2NP 8th January 2013 Cancellation Number: XXXXXXXX Dear Sir / Madam I am writing in regard to the above cancellation to confirm it in writing as I have no confidence whatsoever in the ability of your telephone ‘helpdesk’ staff to follow simple verbal instructions. In a moment of madness we considered switching over to TalkTalk on Friday 4th
  15. hi, i need some urgent advice. I was due to let my flat this friday, signed the agreement, ready to move in with my partner. we have now split and i've been told by the estate agents i cannot back out. This will leave my homeless for the short term. Does anyone know what i can do about this? I know ill be inconveniencing the new tenants but there is really nothing i can do.
  16. Hi .. I am a concerned father looking for some guidance regarding rental leases in Uk. my daughter recently moved from sydney to london and took out a rental lease for a flat in an area that seems ok(ish) . The lease is for a privately owned flat in a block that is partly privately owned and part council. when they moved into the flat they knew that some rennovations were being carried out to the building, they were told that the impact to them would be minimal and the rent would be slightly reduced during that period. what they didn't know (and the landlord did ) was that all of the counci
  17. Quick question to all the gorgeous people here I have had a previous issue with Amazon and their Sellers and I have now had another. The first issue was a seller refused to refund or replace an item they sold me that went faulty within 5 months. Amazon would do nothing about it and the seller is still selling goods through Amazons website. Over Christmas I ordered an item that arrived faulty. I contacted the seller through the Amazon site and they said post it back and they would refund me. I replied to ask how they would refund the postage and had no reply. I contacted Amazon throu
  18. According to a Roxburghe Dedt Collectors employee today, Gladstones Solicitors ltd, based in Cheshire now represent them...........We all now wait with baited breath? Do you good people not find it a matter of concern that this is the 3rd lot of solicitors that they have had this year, with the last ones, GPB being closed down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for dishonest practice!!!!!!!!!! Bearing in mind that the OFT have ' Refused to Renew' their Consumer Credit Licience I personally find this most interesting. Happy Parking People
  19. I am with the workprogram ingeus but coming of within the next 3 weeks,now when you first go on the workprogram they ask for your consent,so they can get money for you should they get you a job etc,anyway did not sign it and did not give them my cv either as i told them i don't consent for them to job search internally for me. so about 10 months ago i got a new advisor and i use that word loosely, a few weeks with me he offered me a training role with a c.a.b, the object was to be trained up then be kept on.so i jumped at it,things were going well and then he asked me for my cv to show
  20. Apologies for cap letters, just C&P from FB group Atos Miracles: BREAKING NEWS ON BENEFIT CAP....courtesy of Paula Peters who was present for PIP stuff today! as you all know the cap is: £350 single person £500 couples and single parents. Exemptions are ESA Support Group,DLA/PIP those benefits included in the cap are the following; JSA SDA HOUSING BENEFIT COUNCIL TAX BENEFIT ESA WRAG GROUP INCOME SUPPORT INC DISABILITY PREMIUM INCAPACITY BEN BEREAVEMENT ALLOWANCE CARERS ALLOWANCE WIDOWS ALLOWANCE THIS CAP WILL INCLUDE ALL THE ABOVE
  21. Hi, i'm new to this site but ive followed on twitter for a while, sorry if this is a bit long but i want to get all the details out. I had a visit from 2 Marstons enforcement oficers yesterday (18/2/13). I was at work when they turned up & the vehicle passenger knocked on my front door, after a minute the passenger knocked again, during this period they noticed i had a camera mounted on the front of my house & took a lot of interest as to what area it covered, they obviously did'nt realise that i have another hidden one covering the front door.
  22. Hi there, I have recently relocated to the UK and I just signed a contract to join a company that was not my first option (I had several interviews) I am due to start the role within one Week, even the working hours were more than I expected and the salary is not that good. The thing is that last week I just got confirmation from the role that I was waiting where the conditions and salary are way better. The question is what the implications would be of not starting the role that I signed (ie, breaking the contract and besides the moral implications), and whether there is a
  23. I have been fighting since 2009 with the CSA regarding arrears they say I owe. After involving my MP and speaking to a manager it was reduced from £4000 to about £1200. I am still disputing this figure as I have constantly provided proof I only owe about £400 (from when I was paying legal fees to actually get to see my daughter I stupidly stopped paying maintenance) Anyway, my wife phoned Child Maintenance Options today for advice. After explaining the situation to the guy on the phone he says that from the sounds of it the CSA have not acted properly throughout the whole affair.
  24. More than 80 payday loan websites are breaking the law or are pushing the limits of existing rules to woo customers. Financial Mail has uncovered sites targeting the vulnerable, offering damaging advice and potentially bending the rules. A dossier containing the results of the investigation has this weekend been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. In it we name lenders that regularly advertise on TV. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2237977/We-hand-payday-firm-dossier-OFT-80-firms-breaking-law.html#ixzz2DLnNdBUc
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