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  1. Some interesting statements here. In order to comply with the law I was getting the car MOT'd. I was attempting to get the car to a mechanic who understood the complexity but they were all busy. At least those that could deal with the car. It has a complicated system for repair because it is an old Citroen. Someone mentioned I should have taken it to any garage. Any garage would not accept it. Most garages are short of space and will not take in cars they cannot repair just to get it off the road. I was trying to get the car from breakdown to repair facility and information
  2. They gave two working days before they clamped. As I have already stated, getting the car in anywhere was not happening, despite endless phoning around. A note was left visible in the car with my phone number if there had been a problem. It is interesting that despite the ensuing difficulties of the situation that followed my intent to get the car road legal there is a belief that I was mickey taking. The stress dealing with this problem was horrific.
  3. So if anyone breaks down on their way to an MOT (in order to comply with the road laws), including taking it off SORN and taxing it, in such conditions they should just accept the fine? This sounds incredibly defeatist.
  4. Thankyou for your response. I take it that despite it being untaxed (as without an MOT it cannot be taxed -it was due to be taxed after MOT) it is something that is believed to be a fair judgement by the DVLA? That is considered acceptable by you? Is it a case of Rules is Rules?
  5. In September this year I was driving my SORNED 29 year old car to an MOT in Penge as there is a classic Citroen specialist who looks after said cars. I broke down at the traffic lights in Crystal Palace causing untold mayhem during the beginnings of the Friday rush hour. The police passed by, but didn't stop to help. Two young men helped me push the car to safety and allowed the traffic to flow. I waited for the breakdown recovery people to arrive for two hours and when they did, the journey continued to Penge - a mere two or three miles down the road. It was ther
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