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  1. I mentioned to the others about a contact number for the actual landlord and they said they were told "naw, she doesnt want contacted just speak to me" by this man. Tbh the way he goes on I dont know if I want to press the subject, but i do I know its within our rights to have the actual landlords contact details. What do you mean, my actual T status? Sorry but what does AST stand for? Its states in our contract that the rent we and the others pay covers the entire property - bedrooms/bathroom/living room/kitchen and the front and back garden - we as a group are liable for any damage caused. The couple that had our room before us were asked to leave because as I have mentioned before, shes the one who got drunk and smashed the lightbulbs and she attacked her boyfriend, but the others mentioned that she was at the end of her contract anywhere and had planned on moving. Its not that I was upset just frustrated. And I was explaining things as best I could, some of the "rental jargan" yous use is different to Ireland so sorry if questions wernt answered correctly.
  2. Well me and my partner share a contract, but the other lads have one each. But iv compared them and they are all the same. Basically saying that we rent and share the entire house/garden/front garden. Yes we have locks on our doors... All my rents have had locks on the bedroom doors - that not common over here? I wouldnt know if its licensed or not. see how would I go about that without alerting them to the house and then we might all get chucked out if its not. I really dont get this were people are saying he can enter communal areas of the house. We rent this house, it shouldnt matter wether its as a group or individually, we consider this our home and I think a landlord should respect that. When i challenged him about dandering in when he feels like it he said to me aw if yous had of known each other before moving in I wouldnt let myself in but yous didnt so why are you so ****ed. Anywhere iv rented before the landlord let us live in the property without any unnessacary interruption, we only seen hi if something was broke and when rent was due.
  3. I had a chat with him last night about this situation were he just danders in when he feels like it, I touched on the subject of his car selling at the front door and I think it might have scared him slightly! and he said he'l knock!! Am still not happy with it happening at our front door and the fact that legally he cant act for his sister because its not stated in the contract but if he sticks to the rules like all tenants have to then I think we'l be ok. Thanks for the advice folks. Iv a better idea of our rights now!
  4. Sorry but I really dont see whats so confusing and funny. but now i'm abit bewildered at your point - "you would notice someone going in and out of the house and having a car selling business at your house" Of course Iv noticed! why do you think I am on here. Hes not going to tell me when signing the contract oh by the way I come and go as I please and dont give a **** what you say and also see them cars that you think belong to your housemates there actually mine and I sell them cash in hand on the sly. Im not actually sure where you got the statement that I called my "landlord" out late at night to replace a bulb, Im not that stupid and patheic. If you read my posts correctly my housemate said to him when it happened and like I said, he offered because the girl before us got drunk and smashed them all. Apparently he got the money of her to replace them, as she broke them
  5. The rent I mentioned is between all of us. I wasnt trying to insult men as a whole, I was simply referring to my housemates. Before I txt him about the bulbs I checked the contract and it says that items broken or damaged by previous tenants (basically when its not our fault) will be replaced, and like I said he told my housemate that he was going to replace them, and he said the same to me about the mop. This is going abit of track here, this man who is technically not my landlord comes in and out as he pleases and he runs an illegal business from our garden. I dont want to leave because it is a great house, but I need to know where we stand on these issues
  6. Right sorry if your confused about anything, Ill go a point at a time. Yes, three other fellas were living in the property before we arrived, I think theyv been here around 6months. They all have the same contracts as us - which all state that basically we rent this house as a group, we abide by the rules together and in return the landlord will abide by his - I think houseshare is a farily common situation in London, so no need to go into that to much. I to have rented before and if something as cheap as a light bulb or mop has run its course yes I will replace it, this may sound silly to you but when viewing a house in the day time - bright sunny day, you dont tend to have all the lights going, so it went unnoticed. And as the house has large windows in all the rooms in the long bright evenings you dont tend to have all lights on. The main bedroom lights where working so thats why I didnt notice until the 2/3rd day. When I did go to put the hall lights on I looked and seen that there wasnt even a bulb, same for the landing and spare room. I ask my house mate did they have any spare and he said no that the pervious tenant had smashed them all when she was drunk. They said to the landlord and he said he'd replace them with the dearer energy saving type. In regards to the mop, our "landlord" has a shed in our garden and I ask was they any chance he'd have a mop in it, said no, but he'd get us one. So I was simply reminding him of his offer to replace this stuff, to which he then decided that I was being unreasonable, even though he offered in the first place. Maybe I should have stated all these details in the the OP, but didnt think it was necessary to go into so much detail about bulbs or mops. Please add more as I am interested to hear your thoughts When you say youd be long gone under these circumstances, when comparing this house to others we viewed its a palace, like i said before, its a great house, huge rooms, great size garden, and very handy to work. So no, I dont want to leave that easily. But when paying Londons ridiculous rents I would expect that we are provided with the basics to live in the house. It was advertised as a furnished house. So if an item in the house needs replaced it clearly says in the contract that it will be done, even more so when the landlord says he will do it. I dont think any of my posts havent made sense, maybe you just arent reading them correctly. Landlord lets himself in whenever the notion takes He runs an illegal car selling business in our front yard and he expects his rent on the dot each month and us to abide by the rules but yet he does as he pleases and when asked about a repair he said he'd carry out he gets angry PLUS hes not even the landlord - he is the landlords brother and nowhere on the contract does it say he can legally act on behalf of his sister, he is just signed as a witness. These are my areas of concern - I was simply adding the points about the items that needed replaced to give an example of how he treats us.
  7. Riteo, I thought you meant what I was saying on here, n thats why I am on here posting this situation because I need to know where we stand. Iv tryed talking to him but he doesnt seem to take me seriously. I dont think anyone has ever said this to him before. I live with 4men, to be honest I dont think theyd notice if there was a pink elephant in the house never mind the landlord coming and going. See even if they are not working they are hardly ever in the house so they dont notice it as much as I do. Iv talked to them about it and they dont think its right but I cant imagine them ever doing anything about it. Thats very interesting about the s21. I must keep that in mind if it all kicks of again. I have to go into town today, I might call into the local housing office just to see what they say about it all. Cheers
  8. One other point, you say he might technically have premission to enter communal parts of the house - does this include stopping at the house, running in and using the toilet and leaving again? Our bathroom is right beside the front door so he got in and left without been seen but I watched him from my bedroom window and heard him use the toilet
  9. Thanks for the feedback but I am not really sure what you mean by throwing accusations around. Iv clearly stated that iv read the contract (every part) at least 5/6 times so I know what rules we and the landlord/this man have to abide by. It clearly says he cannot enter the property (as in the front door, not our bedroom door) without mine or anyone else in the houses premission, legally he is meant to give 24hrs written notice, he can retain keys for emergancys only. And it says that we must maintain front and back garden to a resonable standard, so I am taking that as "the entire property". No where on the contract does it say he'll be running a business from our front yard, and he did not inform us that the cars in the drive were actually his when we went to see the house. I think the main point here is, he isnt the landlord - he is the landlords brother. So I want to know if he is even allowed to enter the house at all. Does he even have the authority to tell us to leave? As for the repairs, he carried them out but them accused me of being demanding - the blind in our room for example spent most of the time lying on the floor because the hooks holding it up were broke - he considers this an unresonable request. Our housemates told us that he knew of all these repairs needing done 1week before we moved in because they pointed them out to him. No he never gave us a s21 - what is this? Iv only rented in Ireland before this so might have a different name
  10. So is he able to ask us to leave? as he has broken so many terms of this contract and isnt even the actual landlord could we demand our deposit back if we were to leave? This is so annoying, you find a great house, in a great area and have a ******* for a "landlord"
  11. The cars appear to belong to this man we thought was our landlord, and as this man is our only point of contact I have been txting him about repairs etc. The only contact available for the actual landlord is a hoilday home in Spain, no phone number provided. We are now here 4 goin on 5weeks. Like I say when we arrived all his part of the contract was signed so I never really looked at it I just read the terms, and it was only after a bit of investigation that this has all come to light. When I txt about repairs he'd usually reply within a few hours/day and say he'd short it. I would try and arrange a time for him to come but he wouldnt reply to that. Would like I say just turn up and let himself in. The repairs were the blind in our room, lack of light blubs in landing/hallways/spare room (previous tenant had smashed them all) bedside lamp broke, kitchen chairs ready to fall apart and the lack of a mop for the kitchen. So like I say nothing major or expensive but things that we shouldnt have to fix, like between my partner and I and the others we are paying over £2000 a month for this house and youd expect simple things like that to be sorted without a problem. But apparently he considers them requests as demanding and unresonable.
  12. See I think that she knows her brother is doing this, as he said to me "I spoke to my sister about your door slamming and demanding repairs and its not on" so I take that as yes she knows. Yes iv been advised to contact the police, but I am worried theres some clause that will get him off the hook and he'l sue us or make our lives a misery! Same applys to the situation with the cars. If he had made it clear from the start what the situation was we could have come to some short of arrangment but he just laughed and said "iv been doing this 20yrs and thats the way its gona stay" it clearly says in the contract that we rent the entire property, which includes front and back garden. Could we ask for a rent reduction? No neither the actual landlord or this phony landlord live in the house
  13. Wev been here in the house 4weeks now and it only came to my attention about 8/9days ago that this man isnt the actual landlord. When he produced the contract his part was already signed and I thought nothing of it, but I happened to look at the signatures closey around a wk or two ago to see was he allowed to sell the cars from our yard and I noticed the main one is a womans name. I ask our house mates about this and they said its our "landlords" sister, that its technically her house but he acts in her behalf. But he is only signed as a witness on the contract, nowhere in the contract does it state that he can legally enter/do repairs/collect rent etc on her behalf. So yes I am presuming she knows what hes at.
  14. Looking at the contact now, It just says "Tenancy Agreement - England and Wales, for furnised House or Flat on an assured Shorthold Tenancy". Like it clearly states in several parts about "no unreasonable interruption" "needs our consent to use keys" & "must give 24hrs written notice when needing to endtre the house". Now I am no expect but I think what this man is doing is wrong and illegal. Another thing. I ask for a copy of the gas safety cerfiticate . his response "WHY?" because A) i want to know I am safe & B) its the law. He took a right strop at that and like always landed round unannounced without knocking with the gas man. Turns out the pervious certificate was months out of date I said to him that he was breaking his side of the contract and he just laughed at me. Im only 26 but I'm not an idiot.
  15. Hello everyone, My partner and I found ourcurrent home online with a private landlord. When we arrived, I noticed therewere three cars in the front yard area of the house, I just assumed thesebelonged to the others in the house. Now the house is a great size, our room ismassive, great garden and kitchen and is handy to work so signed a 6month contract. On the 2nd/3rd day i noticed a few things needed repaired in our room,nothing to expensive but not our job to fix, so I txt the landlord to arrangethis. I found out then that the cars actually belong to the landlord. He sellsthem from our front yard, this means that the others in the house who have cars have to park on the street/road side. So we have people arriving at all times of the day to lookat them. Next thing is that the landlord just lets himself in whenever he wantsfor no apparant reason. Iv read our contract back to front and know this is completely illegal, thathe is breaking all the rules of his side of the contract. Our current situation all kicked of last week when all morning he was comingand going from the house and garden (side gate). Not once did he knock or sayhe was coming in. I got really annoyed (like anyone would) as I was in thehouse by myself and felt intimidated. And when he was leaving I slammed thedoor behind him. now I know in hindsight I shouldn’t have, but he’s now tryingto say that I done it to hit him. and Is now saying that I AM beingunreasonable and demanding. That he does not have to and will not give noticewhen coming to the house, that its his house and hel do as he likes. Said he’ll think about knocking, but if no oneanswers after a min, he’s coming in. After this fairly tense discussion aroundhalf an hr later he txt to say we have 2months to get out. To top this all off, he’s not even our landlord, he’s the landlord’sbrother! What should we do?? As much as I dislike this man, we are in a great house,great location with lovely people, neither of us want to leave but this can’tcontinue Are we intitled to our despoit back?
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