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  1. Hi renegadeimp thank you for replying, if i didnt have my faith with being 13 years of under Blemain/Together i would have lost the plot by now. With God comes grace to a point, then he has to bring about change, I dont do games and get people back i leave that to God i just need release and thats why court, I thank you for your compassion over this situation, i understand what you are saying about hurting them back, but thats not me i try treat others how i would want to be treated, as i need peace of mind in how i behave in this. I said to my son on friday night so
  2. Hi Forum I am overwhelmed with the evidence i keep being able to get against Blemain finance T/A Together, it is not my nature to do battles only where lead as you know i am a Christian, but since the last 2 days I can feel the Giant rising in me. I know when this happens i will be eqipped with all my needs met. I never mind giving money or paying money if it is definite that i have to pay, but in 2009 my solicitor wrote to Blemain showing them that the loan was way too high for my income and it should be lowered alot and he also stated i should put them court
  3. I have left a message on Welshperson3 posts just now. Blessings to you forum I will message again soon.
  4. Hi i was just so upset this morning and struggling with all this torment over my loan with them ongoing and saw an email showing you in same boat as me and your message, it made me feel im not alone i know there are more of us, but seeing what you write made me realise i need be strong. Thank you The Judge said at last hearing if no settlement sorted, he would multi track my claim and move to a bigger court out of area, well he kept his promise thats just what he has done. I have to travel in under 2 wks now and hopefully my son too to a meeting. I know this mess could
  5. Thank you for quick answer honeybee13 I have had to do a statement as of what has come to light, I can clearly see now all what was done to me and how. It is not wanting to do court but being forced too to get release. This Loan/Loans I was told a while back by a Solicitor will need Court if Blemain/Together dont listen to a Solicitor who writes to Blemain on behalf of me. So here we are Court, also God holy Spirit showed me 2008, 2009, onwards and so on that this will be dealt with and stand strong while fight comes in and u turn if thats right word takes place, I mean cha
  6. Hi Forum Just quick update, we are 48 hours away from a Judge acting on this again. I am very very much still hoping an end to this torment will come in from Blemain/Together as its not funny at all now. I have had to contact land registry now over a matter to do with these loans. Something has come to light and grace time is now nearly run out. I have another question forum sorry to ask, but do Blemain/Together have an insurance that if they have to pay out big to people this steps in and pays out or is it FCA does the compensation? as I was reading on line oth
  7. Hi honeybee13 Thank you for quick reply, yes indeed they owe me, this is why the Judge has now said twice settle with her out of Court, best too as they have done unjust to me in many areas, the hearing other wk was nearly settled as you know, but mess up happened, so Judge did again bless him. I was not asking for great deal back the money I have paid over was far greater than that, the Judge commented and said she isnt asking for great deal back, this is only money, not health, life, living etc, happiness, i value more breaking away from the totally to start fresh peaceful life and buil
  8. Hi forum I will post soon update more, looks like going to move to Big Court as Judge has said now. unless we settle Judge has asked again for both parties to look at Settlement to end this now before it goes further. I have a question if you dont mind helping answer it, or find answer for me. ( if an ex employee of Blemain wants to give evidence against the Company can he? ) would you find any info on this and post on here for me. Blemain/Together are virtually saying they dont feel guilty for the loans done, and now dont care to settle this time, I will properly have
  9. I would like to just add, its not all about the money, its about an end to a bad situation to be in. Thats it in one. Godbless Forum Praise God for you.
  10. Hi Forum I can not sleep and its 240am i have a busy day and not rested yet at all, I had the contract and there was no need in the 4 wks that Judge had said he asks to get settlement done, there was no need to get contract off Together as I already had it, it only caused friction and put me under threat, it is not nice to have to call police and put cameras up. I posted on here it was Solicitors idea to tell Together he wanted contract, it was not mine, I asked him negociate and I had to ask again as my bank had also said tell your solicitor get settlement done, I posted on here s
  11. Hi Forum Just to update you, my Claim is back with a Judge now, I dont think he will be happy that no settlement got sorted . I finally was about to get release from Together, as they were going to do the right thing and they told my Solicitor they were open to Settlement I finally would have peace and end all this trauma. The Judge will read the mess up made and hopefully he will again say settlement and this time the Judge sort it for me themselves. It is not nice most unpleasant the last 8 wks have been beyond words I cant say how I feel, being a Christian I leave judg
  12. Hi Forum I felt to post as i realised you may think, Together was not willing to do a settlement but they were, but my solicitor was dealing with this and nothing got sorted. I now have had since 9th oct 2018 over 30 panic attacks and this is why I will explain...… I keep seeing each day that my trauma of 12 yrs could now have been finally over for me and my son and sorted. I am a person that believes it is better to have peace and forgive and I leave Judgement to God, I am not a person who loves prosecuting people and I am struggling, as being a Christian if I walk in Judgem
  13. hi forum I was at court as you know last month, judge had said at hearing it is better to settle as things he had read in my claim, he told the defendants representative to do settlement before 10th october, The defendants had contacted me after I had sent them paperwork. They asked me to take board director off claim and me pay for all the costs. This would be totally unfair for me to take all the cost as only a Judge decides who pays what not Blemain/Together. The defendants said if I do this they let me put my claim through grant it no strike out, and they wan
  14. Yes thanks for reminding me, I need the slingshot, I will pick it up and the stones. I do get a bit fed up with battles, I will also put armour of God on. it is father who aims and fires not me. The slingshot stays in my cupboard till its time to get it out lol, as father gives grace first then judgement. Today is preparation and start to get organised, my son does not like battles he will grow mighty strong, he says mum you go do them, I know he will understand God is with me. and if God is for me who can be against me. I like the hats off dx100uk I will post now after court.
  15. Hi Forum Great to see what dx100uk site team has done over SAR reclaiming help information thank you. I am wriring because this morning God directed me to donate to this site. Normally I do not publise where I donate, as what we do for others is best kept secret, then father will bless us openly, but now I feel directed to say as this site is much needed and now a days many places are struggling to keep Good Businesses Blessed, so I sense to say anyone who is grateful as I am and father is to this site please do same as me and donate. I hope site team this is alright me posting
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