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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone offer advice, there are two of us who have won cases through FOS against Microcredit T /as Minicredit, we won in our favour and Microcredit owe 1200, they ceased to trade, I have gone to CAB and they couldn't give advice, also been in contact with FCA and cant give advice and FOS have done all they can do. FOS decisions are enforceable in court. I have already spent 100 trying to get my money. I have sent a judgement obviously next step in Bailiffs, but is this maybe a waste of money as they may not have assets, we need help as we cant spend money and we may not get money back, please any advice, obviously we can put a charge on bank but is it worth paying if they don't have active bank account. We feel lost and are annoyed Minicredit has not paid us our money, but they ensured they sold there debts on, how is this allowed
  2. Before Microcredit ceased trading a few of us won a decision with the ombudsman and it is binding on both sides. They owe me 1200. But microcredit have not payed this. I had to sign to say I would accept, now I have to enforce this is court.enforcing an ombudsman’s decision in court This note explains why a consumer may need to enforce an ombudsman’s decision in court – and what this involves. But it shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. why do I need to go to court? If a consumer accepts an ombudsman’s final decision before the deadline we set, the decision is “binding” on both sides. This means the business is required to put things right in the way the ombudsman tells it. In almost all cases upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the business does this without a problem. But in a few cases, the business does not respond to a final decision. If this happens, we will first try to get in touch with it to find out why. And if we can’t contact the business – or it is refusing to comply with the decision – we report it to its regulator. When Parliament made the law establishing the Financial Ombudsman Service – the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) – it made an ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court.
  3. Effective from 16:00 Wednesday 10th December 2014, Microcredit Limited have Ceased Trading as a Payday Loan Company. [ATTACH=CONFIG]54808[/ATTACH]
  4. I took out a Minicredit loan some time during 2011. It wasn't paid back and in no time at all increased from about £80 to over £800. I emailed them on numerous occasions using the info I'd gleaned from this forum and didn't receive one reply. They passed the debt on to someone else (can't remember who now) and then on to Opos. I was receiving emails from Opos for a good 18 months - 2 years asking me to contact them. Apart from the emails there was no other correspondence and no phone calls. And then quite recently it went quiet. Yesterday I received an email from a company called Allsquare and this was followed up with a message on my landline voicemail. This is a number I never even gave minicredit, so heaven knows where they've got this number from. The phone bill isn't even in my name and we're ex-directory, so I'm mystified (?) Does anyone have any experience with this company? I need to know what I'm up against as to what tactics to adopt in my approach, if any is made. I did a search on 'Allsquare' and 'Allsquare Law' in the search box on here but it throws up nothing. Just wondering if it's a new DCA on the block. A google search of their phone number 01628 200215 didn't enlighten me either. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, Quick question. A while back I took out a £150 cash loan from Minicredit.co.uk and unfortunately, the repayment was missed on the due date. A short while after the payment was missed, my bank account was raided by these people who took 3 payments of £25 in one day and then a further payment of £15 the next day (£90 in total). The remaining £60 remains unpaid. I am now receiving letters from them demanding I pay them in excess of £1000+ I intend to dispute this and am hoping I have legal advantage in this case because. 1) They did NOT tell me when they would be retrying my debit card and their charges resulted in 2 other direct debits being declined by my bank, resulting in £60 worth of bank charges. These bank charges subsequently sent me overdrawn and without an overdraft agreement with my bank, that resulted in further charges. 2) Surely they are not legally allowed to charge interest on the loan once it is defaulted (which should have been immediately the date is was originally due for payment) - The credit agreement effectively came to an end on that day and therefore, such charges cannot be enforceable? Am I right? I plan on writing to them and letting them know that I intend to pay them back the £60 that I owe them along with 1 months interest. I shall tell them if they refuse this offer that I will file a counter claim for the £60+ I was charged in bank fees as a result of their debit card transactions because they never told me when they would be attempting to take these payments. They were certainly not 2 days after the original payment date, as stated in their terms and conditions. I guess I want some reassurance that I have a case here and am I offering the right amount of money to settle the debt or should I just be giving them the £60 owed and telling them to dance for the penalty charges with are not enforceable?
  6. About 2 months ago i made a complaint regarding a payday loan company who was basically trying to get me to pay £1120.20 for a loan of £120. I called the Office Of Fair Trading and they somewhat did agree that as i did take the loan i should have to pay it back but not at the costs they are stating so they accepted my complaint and said they would report it to the proper authorities aswell... About 2 weeks after the conversation with the OFT i received a letter from my local council saying they are aware of my situation and wish me to explain further and to back up evidence of any communication between myself and microcredit.... Sorry to say i was not too impressed already explained all to the OFT so i did nothing!!!! sweet F All!!! Sooo not less than 20minutes ago i recieved a call from the OFT regarding Microcredit askine ME if wanted to be a witness against Microcredit as they are preparing a case against them :O REALLLLY..... CAN I DO IT JUST NOW? Nope she said with laughter Hahahah we will call you next week for an interview over the phone that will last upto 1hr... Nice! Im very much looking forward to it! So do you all think this will be the end of Minicredit/Microcredit or will they get let off with it? Are they even trading legally? Comments and suggestion where this is heading will be grateful!
  7. Same story as everyone else on here. Totally unreasonable and ridiculous conduct on the part of Minicredit. I got a letter from Muck Hall demanding almost £1000 (on a principal of £150) I chained myself to the beast; Westlaw and the White Book on one monitor and Gmail on the other, and got to work. This is not legal advice; it is for educational purposes only and I accept no liability for the accuracy of the claims. Always seek advice from a legal professional before making decisions about legal matters
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