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  1. The total of the loans I took was 1100 I paid back 2200 but I defaulted on 800 apparently, the amount of redress I’m being offered Is 1400
  2. I know that DX, but the thing I’m on about is a company trying to off set a debt against a debt that is now owned by a 3rd party
  3. I do have it in writing they have written it off, it’s approx £1k even though I realise I’ll only get pence in the pound for it
  4. Cheers DX, what I paid was more than the initial loan
  5. Hi CAG, I have received a redress email from KPMG ref redress due to me from an old WDA account. I did have an account with WDA which went into arrears and was sold to MM/Lantern. The debt is now stat barred and MM/Lantern have written the debt off as such. kPMG are stating that they will set off the amount of my redress to MM/Lantern. I have complained to them about this and await their reply. I am aware of the normal set off rules but does this apply to companies in administration? I can’t attach the section of the letter now as I’m on holiday but as far as I’m aware a company cannot off set a debt once it’s been sold to a 3rd party company, am I correct in this thinking? thanks
  6. ok do the following and get reading up on defences you have 33 days from service to submit a defence - pop on on MCOLwebsite ack [{ AOS BOX] the claim defend all leave jurisdiction unticked get a CCA request running to the claimant get a CPR 31:14 running to the sols.
  7. Hi where did you find the info of your last payment? Are you sure of that date? If you are then this is a statute barred debt and the guys will provide the relevant defence
  8. Thanks DX, will do as suggested Ill update when I get anything back from them
  9. Could you do me a favour and check the attached charges sheet and tell me address for Santander I should sent the prelim letter to? Thanks Redacted Charges Santander.xls
  10. a default should not be on your credit file after 6 years make a complaint to the CRA's and also the creditor stating that if it isn't removed immediately you will raise a complaint with the ICO and seek compensation
  11. Cheers Andy, my thoughts are to continue to ignore and await Drydens next move There are over £600 of charges on the account and may look at claiming them back for her I think it would near enough clear the balance after interest etc
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