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  1. Thanks DX, will do as suggested Ill update when I get anything back from them
  2. Could you do me a favour and check the attached charges sheet and tell me address for Santander I should sent the prelim letter to? Thanks Redacted Charges Santander.xls
  3. a default should not be on your credit file after 6 years make a complaint to the CRA's and also the creditor stating that if it isn't removed immediately you will raise a complaint with the ICO and seek compensation
  4. Cheers Andy, my thoughts are to continue to ignore and await Drydens next move There are over £600 of charges on the account and may look at claiming them back for her I think it would near enough clear the balance after interest etc
  5. Hi CAG, after a bit of advice on a debt of my mums. She had a Santander credit card taken out in 2004, she defaulted on payments and was stupidly making payments to a DCA until March 18. Rob Way are acting on behalf of the original creditor. I sent a CCA request on her behalf and they returned an incomplete CCA - they sent 1) Recon Agreement with no signature and incomplete 2) Statements 3) How to use your card leaflet This morning she says she has received a letter from a soloicitors regarding this debt, I am trying to get a copy of it and as soon as I can I will upload. I will also upload the docs I received for the CCA less the statements My main question which I should know by now, am I correct in saying the CCA is incomplete and they are in default due to the lack of Signature and also incomplete terms? Also what is my next action ? Ignore? Forgot to say my mum is in Northern Ireland. Thanks
  6. did you speak to Barclaycard to find out the last payment date?
  7. ok, was your last payment to Barclaycard or have you been making payments to a DCA? If barclaycard go ring them and ask for last payment date
  8. yes carry out those steps can you confirm the exact last payment date?
  9. removed just pm'd you, don't know why its 404 the full link works for me but when I put it on the forum the 404 comes up
  10. Heres a link to it -https://johntkruse.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/ROOF300818APP-c.pdf?utm_source=Expert+advice&utm_campaign=d94a196915-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_31_01_00&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_19bd99be06-d94a196915-284159817&mc_cid=d94a196915&mc_eid=b93782f2c9
  11. I hope that the charities the ex forces homeless interact with will publicise this widely so they can get the maximum help that they need myself as ex forces agree with both your comments of this being too late, but hopefully it will be easy to apply and will actually make providers listen and get veterans the help they need and deserve I personally have had issues with a GP and also my hospital about my status which I eventually got sorted out but was a long drawn out process
  12. my thoughts would be if the original creditor can't provide you with last payment details how is Lowell going to be able to I would follow DX's advice and file a statue barred defence but please wait for confirmation from Andy or DX
  13. I would leave it until you get anything from lowells I take your last payment was in 2014 through the DMP? as that is the last date in the statements
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