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Found 5 results

  1. Can someone kindly advise how to calculate possible PPI reclaim amount ? I have calculated my monthly PPI interest amount figure using forum details located in which I have already paid over120 months but still have 60 months to expiry. Any assistance would be appreciated as I would like to know a possible figure in order to compare with Welcome's offer if successful.
  2. Hi there, I have several issues with the work my mechanic has carried out. I paid by credit card an amount of approx £1500 for the job. I want to sue for wasted time, costs of repair (done by another mechanic as a result of poor workmanship), costs of insurance paid for on another car because my car was not driveable and related expenses. I have already tried to reason with the mechanic and after him first ignoring me, I got him to respond to my email and we were emailing back and forth. He eventually sent a what he described as a "full and final response". Most of his response was either factually incorrect, pure ignorance of clear facts or illogical. He is pretty much denying all fault. He offered a final settlement which was a laughable amount considering the actual cost of his poor workmanship. My question is, should I go the charge back route first to claim some of the money or straight to a section 75 or is there another route that is better? I have his full and final response as mentioned above and was planning to annotate this on MS Word with my comments. Please advise! Thanks.
  3. My elderly father in law has recently been sent to a care home with dementia. we think he started getting ill around 2 years ago when he sold his house. He owed £19k on a £200k property and panicked as he was getting possession letters he sold the house for £140k but the mortgage company only give him £48k from the sale the rest was taken up in mortgage fees for god knows what. He then moved into a rented bungalow. We have found all this out from his neighbour and found paper work to confirm this but we haven't got all the accounts on the payment history. My partner and his father had a bit of a falling out and become distant for a few years so we've only recently found out what's been going on. We think that he must have been ill at the time when he sold the property and been taken advantage of. We regret not being there for him when he needed us but he pushed everyone away. His affairs have been put in the hands of a solicitor from the social worker he had. Can someone give any advice on what to do next. Any advice greatly appreciated. Regards Angnnig
  4. Hi, This is a real struggle to deal with. I recently noticed when credit was refused to me that a storage company had issued a CCJ in my name at an address I no longer lived at. The story in brief goes as follows; I took up storage back in 2008 as we were going to live abroad for a few months. The storage company were well aware of this and also knew they were required to communicate with me via email which they did. They also invoiced me via email and they were paid via BACS. Our situation changed in relation to we found somewhere free to store our possessions and i asked my friend to clear out our storage which he did, however he left the padlock on the storage unit. I emailed and communicated all of this with the storage company including when the storage was empty. However they continued to bill me by paper bill to my previous address rather than by email, they ceased communication on email and apparently (talking to neighbours) they had sent 4 or 5 invoices to my old address even thou they knew we did not live there and that we was abroad. According to the court, a default notice / CCJ was issued at that address unknown to myself until recently. i have tried to contact the storage company and in writing a few times and have not had a reply from them. I have read up about CCJs and having them set aside but how easy is this? I clearly was abroad and/or not living at the address and they clearly knew this. Will emails i have be enough for me to prove this? or am i wasting my time. You see the problem is that this company continued to bill me monthly for nearly 2 years after they severed contact with me. Which surely is wrong? i can only think of greed as their motivator for continuing to bill someone who clearly did not have anything in their storage and had clearly told them all items had been removed and that it was no longer needed. There was no contract saying i needed to give 2 years notice? The CCJ will come off of my credit file in 2015 and is less than 2k but i need it removed so that it was never there, which is quite difficult to achieve. Any experience in this or help is most appreciated in this very stressful time. Michael
  5. Hello, I am in the position of receiving continued telephone calls and text messages on my mobile asking for aand aimed at a person unkown to me. having googled the telephone number 01618 501460, they appear to be coming from a company called Opos. They ask if i am this named female which I obviously am not since I am male. They then continue to ask if they can speak to her and make all sorts of allegations and comments when I inform that they have a wrong number, I do not know her and they must be mistaken. I also continue to receive repaeated Text messages asking this female to call differenttly named individual regarding various matters. Different reasons are given in different messages, which come form different mobile numbers, but the quoted reference number is always the same. I have asked them on several occasions to stop calling and texting me but they continue to do so. What needs to be done to stop this ?
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