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  1. Well I think I'm gonna head to the bank in August to try my luck then. All I can do is display some courage & give it a try I suppose.
  2. Yeah it has been a tad. Tbh I were gonna be leaving the Kapama loan where it were. Only had the occasional text from OPOS & that's been it only about 2-3 during the loan period. Right I intend to buy a car once I've passed my test in a couple of months time so might even need to go to the bank before I get back in the black is this advised? Need to do something. And not sure about the new job thing yet before I go on to the open uni studying. Any further advice regards getting back into credit would be appreciated & I know it's not there to be abused . Thank you
  3. Ok thankyou Even better still u have sort of given me a sense of relief already thank you . Whatever guidance u give me on how to deal with them I'll take it
  4. I'm sorry for lasting out so to speak but I just feel out of my depth in all of this I really do
  5. The way way I think of it is it's a relapse back into the old problems albeit a heavy handed one. I've done well not to go back and thus far my intentions are not to go back. It's like when I stop smoking I could be tempted to go back to it in the future even though I hope I don't. Everyone in my life knows about it including my other half. I've only been going out with her for a month & im afraid if I can't keep her happy I lose out on her. I were too afraid to get in touch with Kapama coz I felt like they always had the upper hand over me in all of this. Like I say I ju
  6. Despite the few searches that have accrued on my credit file think I'd like to know a valid reason as to why I'm getting knocked back for the credit I should be getting accepted for. Even 118 money at 99% is extortionate to take out over a 2-3 year period or whatever but still I don't think I should be getting rejected for even the lowest of the low especially when all I were doing were looking to build a positive credit history from now & there's that big dirty Kapama default there rearing its ugly head on my credit file. My heck think I'm actually ****ing insane some of these mistakes I'
  7. Thanks for the reply. Have you really? Fair enough. To be honest with you all I want is things to return to normal (as I see normal in my own set of eyes) basically the end of this so I can enjoy my life again & begin working on my future. Anyone else is welcome to share a comment. My income is under £20,000 per annum at the mo so I've not got the financial firepower to truly do some horrifying damage which I suppose is a blessing but what I've done is bad enough. It wouldn't let me pm you fletch thanks anyway Online casino used to be my thing namely roulett
  8. My heck it's time I laid my cards on the table. To cut a long story short I am a problem gambler. That's how I ended up with the mini credit default. Fast forward to today I gambled again on the 21st April and lost a grand & half whilst A: I were feeling tempted & B: when I'd had a drink down me. Got a £1250 overdraft with Natwest & they won't let me extend it. £900 into it nearly & they won't let me extend it. Not even trying to get a loan with any of the major credit providers, however I have been turned down by avant credit & 118 money for £
  9. I can't remember when I took it out to be honest probably 2013 tbh I'll look at the default date.
  10. No I haven't to be honest. The default is on my old address (I moved house last year) but I'll take ur advice & get a letter done & take them on. How did u take them on? Just after some advice
  11. The defaults still there & not contacted the crooks yet. Best way of dealing with them would be appreciated. Don't want to send a harsh letter to them but may have no alternative.
  12. Ok thanks for your reply. I have updated my address on my noddle report & will leave it for another week or so ill I apply for any more credit. Thanks again
  13. Good afternoon A few years ago to cut a long story short I developed a gambling issue and became silly with payday loans. In the midst of that I took out a minicredit loan for £200, it became £1,100 with opos. They were calling me and harassing me constantly. No chance I were paying them that bac ad I have no trace of the loan other than whats on my nodde report. There is a balance on there from Kapama ltd and I just want rid of it & start the credit history from scratch. Any advice on how I could tackle this people, any input would be greatly appreciated I just wan
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