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  1. Well I think I'm gonna head to the bank in August to try my luck then. All I can do is display some courage & give it a try I suppose.
  2. Yeah it has been a tad. Tbh I were gonna be leaving the Kapama loan where it were. Only had the occasional text from OPOS & that's been it only about 2-3 during the loan period. Right I intend to buy a car once I've passed my test in a couple of months time so might even need to go to the bank before I get back in the black is this advised? Need to do something. And not sure about the new job thing yet before I go on to the open uni studying. Any further advice regards getting back into credit would be appreciated & I know it's not there to be abused . Thank you
  3. Ok thankyou Even better still u have sort of given me a sense of relief already thank you . Whatever guidance u give me on how to deal with them I'll take it
  4. I'm sorry for lasting out so to speak but I just feel out of my depth in all of this I really do
  5. The way way I think of it is it's a relapse back into the old problems albeit a heavy handed one. I've done well not to go back and thus far my intentions are not to go back. It's like when I stop smoking I could be tempted to go back to it in the future even though I hope I don't. Everyone in my life knows about it including my other half. I've only been going out with her for a month & im afraid if I can't keep her happy I lose out on her. I were too afraid to get in touch with Kapama coz I felt like they always had the upper hand over me in all of this. Like I say I just want the ****ers gone & out of my life. My heck if I were a violent person I'd be smashing **** up relentlessly and I'd probably get myself arrested & spend a night (or 2) in a police cell. Anything u could do to help would be appreciated. I have self excluded from every website I used previously but used a different 1 last time round. I do not wish this upon my worst enemy I feel so trapped I have used gamcare before but not been brave enough to go back on there yet. I will do at some point when my head clears & I feel as though I've actually got something to give.
  6. Despite the few searches that have accrued on my credit file think I'd like to know a valid reason as to why I'm getting knocked back for the credit I should be getting accepted for. Even 118 money at 99% is extortionate to take out over a 2-3 year period or whatever but still I don't think I should be getting rejected for even the lowest of the low especially when all I were doing were looking to build a positive credit history from now & there's that big dirty Kapama default there rearing its ugly head on my credit file. My heck think I'm actually ****ing insane some of these mistakes I've made in my past. Back then I went for payday loans coz I didn't want to go & speak to a bank clerk about a loan & when it got too much first time around that's when I didn't pay the loan even though it went from £200 to £1100 with OPOS in no time. Maybe there is a god & I can see a way out of this situation but when I do I'm gonna stay there & improve my life mark them words of mine.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Have you really? Fair enough. To be honest with you all I want is things to return to normal (as I see normal in my own set of eyes) basically the end of this so I can enjoy my life again & begin working on my future. Anyone else is welcome to share a comment. My income is under £20,000 per annum at the mo so I've not got the financial firepower to truly do some horrifying damage which I suppose is a blessing but what I've done is bad enough. It wouldn't let me pm you fletch thanks anyway Online casino used to be my thing namely roulette then blackjack. Not had a bet since 21st April & can't make things any worse than they are. I'm trying to see a way past it but just can't at the min.
  8. My heck it's time I laid my cards on the table. To cut a long story short I am a problem gambler. That's how I ended up with the mini credit default. Fast forward to today I gambled again on the 21st April and lost a grand & half whilst A: I were feeling tempted & B: when I'd had a drink down me. Got a £1250 overdraft with Natwest & they won't let me extend it. £900 into it nearly & they won't let me extend it. Not even trying to get a loan with any of the major credit providers, however I have been turned down by avant credit & 118 money for £2,000 loans respectively last week. Thought things would improve with my electoral roll status finally showing on my Noddle credit report but maybe not. I do think the hang up is the Kapama default purely because it's down on my credit report at being at my old address. I would go to my mum & her partner for help but I fear they'ed ****ing kill me if they found out about this. That's rations to take the misses out next week & go visit my mate in Wales & owe my driving instructor a couple of hundred too coz it were my birthday the week after I gambled & he lent me the money to take her out & been tabbing my lessons for me as well. He wants everything accrued back before he goes away next month. I only have someone else who can possibly do me a lend through an inheritance but she's over 60 years old so can't expect the world from her. I have started getting help in the form of counselling for the gambling only via phone at the minute coz not been able to make their appointments. It's a bit of a deep rooted mistake in my life that I need to conquer once and for all. In terms of my status I'm full time employed & have been since sept 07 worked 4 the same company for nearly 9 years but want out of there in the next year or so for a change. I lived at home but moved into my current address last August. No credit cards or loans to my name basically coz I've not been able to get one as I mentioned. Think that's it for that 1. My heads ****ed & I've just felt like life's not worth living anymore whilst I've been in work I simply thought 'I might as well end this what the **** have I got to live for now' I know I don't help myself sometimes in life & I need to start doing so but its like since that happened even looking a people who have got their lives in order happy smiling & the rest of it & there's me looking on angrily & enviously at them. And I'm not normally like this at all. I need to get a grip big time. Update; I emailed them to say that I wanted proof of the monies owed or I want the default scrapping. I did however give them my new address (I moved house last year) coz the old default were on my old address wise choice or not. I not had a reply from them just yet.
  9. I can't remember when I took it out to be honest probably 2013 tbh I'll look at the default date.
  10. No I haven't to be honest. The default is on my old address (I moved house last year) but I'll take ur advice & get a letter done & take them on. How did u take them on? Just after some advice
  11. The defaults still there & not contacted the crooks yet. Best way of dealing with them would be appreciated. Don't want to send a harsh letter to them but may have no alternative.
  12. Ok thanks for your reply. I have updated my address on my noddle report & will leave it for another week or so ill I apply for any more credit. Thanks again
  13. Good afternoon A few years ago to cut a long story short I developed a gambling issue and became silly with payday loans. In the midst of that I took out a minicredit loan for £200, it became £1,100 with opos. They were calling me and harassing me constantly. No chance I were paying them that bac ad I have no trace of the loan other than whats on my nodde report. There is a balance on there from Kapama ltd and I just want rid of it & start the credit history from scratch. Any advice on how I could tackle this people, any input would be greatly appreciated I just want it gone & if these lowlives think im paying them at all they have seriously got another thing coming!!!!!! Could do with some advice now I'm considering getting a letter sent of to them in the hopes of getting it wiped off but it needs to go!!! Also on my noddle report my electoral record hasn't been updated yet.
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