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Found 12 results

  1. I took a telephone contract out in 2015 and had issues with the provider from the onset and entered into a dispute which lasted several years before finally taking my case to the ombudsman which I won and the provider was deemed to have mis-sold the contract. All adverse on my credit file was wiped clean. The provider also accused me of face to face category six fraud and entered my details onto the National Fraud Database which has caused me untold grief and countless sleepless nights amongst other hardships. This is not dealt with by the Ombudsman services and was made clear by the Ombudsman that this is a criminal offence/accusation outside their jurisdiction. I believe that I can now take legal action for false accusations of fraud as this has not been included in the Ombudsman rulings and the contract that I was accused of fraudulent activity on has now been deemed mis-sold and void. Does anyone have any views or experience on this type of case and is it the type of case that should take the small claims court route or maybe high court. Constructive comments would be most appreciated.
  2. A friend has had a Money Claim but cited with a co-defendant with whom she has not had any business association whatsoever. There were two amounts - one hers and another owed by the co-defendant. Unfortunately she did not enter any defence and has received Default Judgment for both debts, Court Fee and a Solicitor Fee of £100 (no invoice submitted as proof). She now is prepared to admit her debt and offer instalments but needs to disclaim the debt of the other Defendant. What Form needs to be submitted N244 or N245 or both? As she has a very low income she can request a remission of Fees with Form EX180
  3. Hi there, My girlfriend lives with her parents and sister and has done all her life. She currently receives income support due her low income/hours worked. I'm her boyfriend of 9 months but we do not live together. I stay at her parents house 1-2 times a month at the most due to her shift pattern and my university studies. She received a letter a couple of days ago from Concentrix (working on behalf of DWP) informing her that: They believe she has a partner and is committing fraud by claiming income support as a single person They have evidence, proving she's living with her partner Upon phoning Concentrix/DWP, they've informed her that they will not disclose the evidence and have requested she sends them her bank statements for the last 12 months and has to prove she's single. My questions, Why do they need her bank statements? They know what her payments are and the statements give no indication that she lives with a partner. DWP can't pursue potential legal proceedings without disclosing their evidence... so how can they refuse to produce it now? especially since my girlfriend has no case to answer. I've since come across lots of reports of people receiving the same letter. However, they all have been married or had a owned/rented a house with their partner. In my girlfriends case, she's never lived elsewhere or had a boyfriend living with her parents. I look forward to your comments. Andrew
  4. I have an oral warning from an staff of BG revenue protection team to cut off my gas supply if I do not pay £9k by Wednesday. He changed to £10k after my so many calls to him in the past few days. I was accused to tamper their gas meter which is located in my shop unlocked in a cabinet, that I do not do. I was showed the proof of tampering by a company called scienco in Bristol. Ok, the story is that. a year or 2 ago, there was a BG guy came and asked to see the meter. So he was shown where the meter was and was left alone. After 5 minutes or more, I was wondering what he was doing and taking so much time there. I went out to ask him and he said the blue seal on top of the clock of the meter had sign of being tampered. so I checked it and told him there was no scratch as he told me. I asked a friend of mine and my wife to look at it. They all said there was nothing, no mark. then he said to me the meter seemed not working cos it did not move while he was there looking at it. so what he would do is to have the meter taken away for test and I would be informed. Since then, there was no letter from BG and everything was forgotten. Two months ago, there were 2 BG guys came to my shop to ask to see the meter. So they were showed to the meter. I was alone at the shop and staying with them at the very beginning after they arrived. I mentioned what happened the previous visit by their colleague. I told them about the blue seal on top of the clock of the meter. and i even put my finger on it to show them. And they told me it seemed fine to them but they need to inspect it thoroughly. I left them and went back to do my work. When I looked out from inside of my shop. I noticed 1 of the guy was pushing very hard on something with his whole body. I thought it was weird so went to ask them what they were doing. They said he was getting an imprint of the serial number on the top of the seal with something like a blue tac. Actually I saw him doing that when I was looking at them. Before they left, I was told it seemed the meter was in good condition. He found nothing suspicious but to be sure the meter would be taken away for test to find out if it was slow. Then I told them it was ok. I did not check the meter at all cos i was so busy then and also of the guys' assurance of the state of the meter. a week or 2 later, 1 of the BG guy came back and asked the meter to be taken away straight away. I told him no because my shop was about to open in an hour and I needed gas to do preparation. I told him off why he did not send me a letter to arrange it and he said he did. I had never received any letter from him whatsoever. So he called me sometimes later and we arrange the date. My wife was so suspicious about it so she called BG on the following to confirm about the meter removal. They came back on 26/11/13 and took away the meter and replaced it with a new 1. Even then the BG guy still kept on telling me the meter seemed ok. as far as he said there was no damage of the blue seal. Last week, the BG guy came to my shop and showed me the report. It clearly showed there were damage of the blue seal and a scratch on a metal which was said inside the meter. I was so shocked because I did not do it. My mind was blank and he went to give me an estimate how much gas I STOLE for the last 6 years. He said a figure which was more than £6k. of cos I stard to challenge him about the tampering and the estimate. Then he was so pixxed off and he changed the estimate to nearly £9k. Then he left with an oral warning, pay up or cut off on wednesday. and he did not even give me any statement or invoice of the estimate and the warning letter too. He demanded me to pay to him directly. I told him I had not have £9k in my saving and i needed to arrange with BG about the payment. But he said there was nothing to do with BG and i had to pay him with cash or visa card but no cheque allowed. we started to get panic and angry. what can we do? pay up the amount that I do not owe or let them to ruin my business with no gas.
  5. I had an alleged debt that was passed to Opos Ltd and to cut a long story short I have sent them may letters and emails asking them to supply proof of my liability to the alleged outstanding balance and a full and accurate breakdown of the alleged outstanding balance, including payments made, payments received and additional charges. I received an email today from Opos Dear drob *£250.00 borrowed on 18/7/11 and are records show no payments rendered to your account. *Your request has been considered a stalling tactic and have therefore been referred to our legal department for further action having confirmed your employment. Regards Opos Opos are claiming that I owe £1430.00 however they wont give me Full Breakdown so I have sent them a CCA request. Just makes me laugh how they accused me of stalling tactics when I am only asking for information that I am entitled to!!
  6. hi today my manager told me that someone that we both know has told her that i called her a b*****d. as much as i dont get on with this person, as do none of the staff that work under her, b*****d is not a word i use and not one i would use to describe her. i had stood up to her previously and i feel that she has made up this story to try to create a negative situation that might cost me my place at work...or to force my resignation. she has been working at our place of employment 1 week and already 2 people have left due to her pushy superior corporate attitude. when she told me what had been said to her i denied it of course and having felt bullied by her previously i walked out of my job. my head office have already said that they are happy to transfer me to another branch but i will miss my workmates and would resent myself for leaving with this person. we all feel we are being pressured and bullied and forced to meet unrealistic expectations so that she may please her superiors and climb the career ladder. i really would love my job back but i dont know what my rights are or how i might go about approaching this person again.
  7. hi it's a bit of a complex situation. I split up with my husband three and a half years ago and moved out into a rental property. I had to pay my rent and our mortgage as he wasn't working. He wanted to keep the house and I was trying to be a nice person as I knew he didn't want to split up. Our arrangement at the time was that he would get a job and take over the mortgage which would free my income to pay my rent and bills. I took our youngest son with us. After a year and a bit it became apparent he was still not getting a job. It became impossible for me to manage paying my own rent and bills and his/our mortgage. I went to the council at least three times and practically begged them to house me. They refused saying I owned a property. I explained I did not want to live back there because we had split up and they said they couldn't help me. Financially I had no option but to move back into the marital home. I have my own bedroom and use one sitting room. he has another bedroom and use of the other living room. As soon as my circumstances changed, I notified tax credits that I was moving back in but we were not reconciled and we were not a couple. I also wrote to the Council Tax department, querying would I need to pay full council tax as when I was on my own in my flat I had the benefit of having a 25% reduction due to being single wage earner. I explained I didn't really feel it was fair I was now going to be liable for a higher rate of council tax in a property I could not make full use of due to us being split up. Council tax told me they would split our council tax 50/50 and I would be liable for half. I thought this was fair and said thank you. Since then I have claimed our youngest on my tax credits. We haven't claimed him twice, not has my husband claimed him as a non-earner, which would potentially have got us more money if we were committing fraud. We've been reported by a family who hate us because they are trying to get my daughter's baby taken off her (they are her ex boyfriend's parents). My husband had an interview a few weeks ago and now I have received a letter asking me for interview under caution, stating they have reason to believe I may have 'aided and abetted' a fraudulent claim! We have completely separate bank accounts and have notified each agency every step of the way that the only reason we are forced to live in the same house is because neither of us can afford to rent privately and the council won't house either of us because they just say we own a home we can live there. I feel like they have told us to live together, and are now trying to say we're committing fraud by living together! We are both dating new partners and have dozens of witnesses to the fact that we do not have a 'relationship' of that kind. I even took my new partner to my granddaughter's christening recently. Although I KNOW I have not done anything wrong, I am still worried about the interview under caution as anyone getting such a horrible letter would be. I am afraid if anyone believes such allegations I will lose my job. I already resent my husband because I keep pushing him to get work as I struggle to keep everything together financially on my own, but he has never given me any of the unemployment benefit he gets and I would have paid full council tax if the council's response to my letter had told me I had to. We cannot sell the house for at least another year as our youngest son is still at college and when I consulted a solicitor they said a judge would not enforce sale of property until youngest is out of full time education. We have also had problems with our daughter which has meant I have had to try to put off discussing things like divorce until now. I have sent him emails asking him to file divorce paperwork as he is unemployed and it would be free for him to do so whereas I would have to pay about £400 which I just don't have. Does anyone have any idea of the sort of thing they will ask me? and any advice gratefully accepted. thanks.
  8. Hi this is a long story but will keep as brief as possible. At the start of December my husband was called up to HR. along with the rest of his team they had been random selected to all take a drugs and alcohol test. they all pressed this buzzer if the light went red that person was selected for testing. It was green for all of them. A week later my husband is called to HR someone had reported to them that he takes Crack cocaine and he had told this person he did so !!. (my husband is 60yrs old full of arthritis not a likely candidate) he took the test and both were negative for both drugs and alcohol. He was on holiday last week and went back to work this morning called up to HR again told it was an informal meeting the person he took with him was told oh we dont normal have anyone else in for an informal meeting. he was told that 3 people had said he had opened his wallet showing them tablets, he had taken pics of them with his phone. and he had made sexual suggestions to these people. he asked what he was supposed to have said the answer was I can't comment on that. they asked him to leave the room and they would let him know what was happening 10mins later a senior manager came to him in the workshop and said due to the seriousness of the allegation they would have to suspend him on full pay for 4 or 5 days they would be in touch within 48hrs. 1. so serious are these allegation's that apparantly it happened at the begging of dec (the same time as the drugs accusation) 2. he was accused of taking pics on his phone (which is a work phone) they didnt confiscate it !. 3.If it was an informal meeting how come they suspended him and wouldn't allow his witness to stay. im out of my mind with worry, he will not get another job at his age really need some advice . thanks in advance
  9. Three weeks ago, I entered my local Co-Op convenience store, after purchasing a couple of items from a separate store around the corner. After paying for the items I had selected in the Co-Op, the till operative enquired if I was going to pay for the items which I had purchased from the other store. I informed him where they had been purchased, and also that this particular Co-Op did not sell the items concerned. He then called me a Liar, a drunk and a Shoplifter in front of the extended queue gathering by the tills. There was no Manager available according to this cashier, when I asked for the CCTV to be reviewed. The following day I was called a shoplifter by other local residents on numerous occasions. I have written to the Customer complaints team at Co-Op asking for a written apology from the cashier concerned, and damages for the anger, stress, and more importantly the damage to my personal reputation. I would like to point out that this was at 1pm. I have received no response back from Co-Op over the issue, and was wondering how long would be reasonable for them to reply, and what further action could I take over this issue?
  10. Hello. I am new to this site, I joined up after reading similar cases to mine and seeing the help they received. I am being accused of benefit fraud and I am terrified. My daughter is 5 next month. and her father did not live with us, although we were in a relationship. I claimed IS, HB and CTB. In August last year we were called in for an interview. we were told they had been watching us and decided we were living together. He visits my house almost daily as we are together and I have his daughter here. He also stays overnight sometimes. I had an interview in 2010 for a similar thing, and I explained that he did not live with me, but he stayed over a few nights a week, and I was told this was fine and acceptable behaviour. Unfortunatly they only keep this info for 14 months so I can not get paperwork to prove this, although I have a note from them stating that I was interviewed in2010 and no changes were made. They are now saying they have seen his car at my house, sometimes in the morning, and seen him coming and giong, and say he lives here. I never said he's never here as I was told he was allowed to be. Now today I have recieved a court summons, today is Saturday and the court summons os friday so I dont have much time to get myself ready. I am going to a solicitor on Monday but where do I stand? Yes, they have seen him being here, and I admitted that he stays a few nights a week, but I was told by the lady in the job centre that this was ok. He has been living with his family and sometimes friends so he does not have a tenancy anywhere else. I sent them bills in his name at his familys address but they are saying that he uses it as a mail address only. I have a letter from the council saying they are allowed by law to make negative assumptions about us, and they assume his letters/driving licence/car insurance/bank account at his familys address is just used for a mail drop address. They also have pics from my facebook where we have been on holidays together, but again, just because we were in a relationship, does not mean we live together. They stopped my income supprt and housing benefit and I am not working so I had to let him move in and I needed him to support us, and I told them as soon as he moved in. He moved in on a sunday and I told them Monday morning he moved in and provided his income details. Now they are saying they did not know we got tax credits and were overpaid then as well, and I am also having to answer to that in court, even thogh I provided them with all his income details. Half of me is looking forward to going to court as hopefully they will be more realistic and see sense, but the other half is obviously terrified. I am also now 19 weeks pregnant again and I really don't need this stress. PLease advise, I will answer any questions you have to help you advise me.
  11. I have received a letter today from a company called bcw claiming i owe a debt of £310.96 to 02. I had received letters from westcott credit services in the past and after a very hard battle (for 5 years) they finally realised that the debt wasn't mine. Im just wondering if anyone can help me because i really do not this to last as long.
  12. Hi there, Hoping someone can give me the answer to the following question. Can my employer accuse me of theft of customers property, investigate it and possibly discipline me? I've received an invitation to an investigation and I'm being accused of stealing customers property. I can't say what company or what has been stolen. My time with the company has been 2 years and a few days, no previous disciplinary issues with the company.
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