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Found 12 results

  1. I took a telephone contract out in 2015 and had issues with the provider from the onset and entered into a dispute which lasted several years before finally taking my case to the ombudsman which I won and the provider was deemed to have mis-sold the contract. All adverse on my credit file was wiped clean. The provider also accused me of face to face category six fraud and entered my details onto the National Fraud Database which has caused me untold grief and countless sleepless nights amongst other hardships. This is not dealt with by the Ombudsman services and was made clear by the Omb
  2. A friend has had a Money Claim but cited with a co-defendant with whom she has not had any business association whatsoever. There were two amounts - one hers and another owed by the co-defendant. Unfortunately she did not enter any defence and has received Default Judgment for both debts, Court Fee and a Solicitor Fee of £100 (no invoice submitted as proof). She now is prepared to admit her debt and offer instalments but needs to disclaim the debt of the other Defendant. What Form needs to be submitted N244 or N245 or both? As she has a very low income
  3. Hi there, My girlfriend lives with her parents and sister and has done all her life. She currently receives income support due her low income/hours worked. I'm her boyfriend of 9 months but we do not live together. I stay at her parents house 1-2 times a month at the most due to her shift pattern and my university studies. She received a letter a couple of days ago from Concentrix (working on behalf of DWP) informing her that: They believe she has a partner and is committing fraud by claiming income support as a single person They have eviden
  4. I have an oral warning from an staff of BG revenue protection team to cut off my gas supply if I do not pay £9k by Wednesday. He changed to £10k after my so many calls to him in the past few days. I was accused to tamper their gas meter which is located in my shop unlocked in a cabinet, that I do not do. I was showed the proof of tampering by a company called scienco in Bristol. Ok, the story is that. a year or 2 ago, there was a BG guy came and asked to see the meter. So he was shown where the meter was and was left alone. After 5 minutes or more, I was wondering what he was doing a
  5. I had an alleged debt that was passed to Opos Ltd and to cut a long story short I have sent them may letters and emails asking them to supply proof of my liability to the alleged outstanding balance and a full and accurate breakdown of the alleged outstanding balance, including payments made, payments received and additional charges. I received an email today from Opos Dear drob *£250.00 borrowed on 18/7/11 and are records show no payments rendered to your account. *Your request has been considered a stalling tactic and have therefore been referred to our legal departmen
  6. hi today my manager told me that someone that we both know has told her that i called her a b*****d. as much as i dont get on with this person, as do none of the staff that work under her, b*****d is not a word i use and not one i would use to describe her. i had stood up to her previously and i feel that she has made up this story to try to create a negative situation that might cost me my place at work...or to force my resignation. she has been working at our place of employment 1 week and already 2 people have left due to her pushy superior corporate attitude. when she
  7. hi it's a bit of a complex situation. I split up with my husband three and a half years ago and moved out into a rental property. I had to pay my rent and our mortgage as he wasn't working. He wanted to keep the house and I was trying to be a nice person as I knew he didn't want to split up. Our arrangement at the time was that he would get a job and take over the mortgage which would free my income to pay my rent and bills. I took our youngest son with us. After a year and a bit it became apparent he was still not getting a job. It became impossible for me to manage paying my own re
  8. Hi this is a long story but will keep as brief as possible. At the start of December my husband was called up to HR. along with the rest of his team they had been random selected to all take a drugs and alcohol test. they all pressed this buzzer if the light went red that person was selected for testing. It was green for all of them. A week later my husband is called to HR someone had reported to them that he takes Crack cocaine and he had told this person he did so !!. (my husband is 60yrs old full of arthritis not a likely candidate) he took the test and bo
  9. Three weeks ago, I entered my local Co-Op convenience store, after purchasing a couple of items from a separate store around the corner. After paying for the items I had selected in the Co-Op, the till operative enquired if I was going to pay for the items which I had purchased from the other store. I informed him where they had been purchased, and also that this particular Co-Op did not sell the items concerned. He then called me a Liar, a drunk and a Shoplifter in front of the extended queue gathering by the tills. There was no Manager available according to this cashier, when
  10. Hello. I am new to this site, I joined up after reading similar cases to mine and seeing the help they received. I am being accused of benefit fraud and I am terrified. My daughter is 5 next month. and her father did not live with us, although we were in a relationship. I claimed IS, HB and CTB. In August last year we were called in for an interview. we were told they had been watching us and decided we were living together. He visits my house almost daily as we are together and I have his daughter here. He also stays overnight sometimes. I had an interview in 2010 for a s
  11. I have received a letter today from a company called bcw claiming i owe a debt of £310.96 to 02. I had received letters from westcott credit services in the past and after a very hard battle (for 5 years) they finally realised that the debt wasn't mine. Im just wondering if anyone can help me because i really do not this to last as long.
  12. Hi there, Hoping someone can give me the answer to the following question. Can my employer accuse me of theft of customers property, investigate it and possibly discipline me? I've received an invitation to an investigation and I'm being accused of stealing customers property. I can't say what company or what has been stolen. My time with the company has been 2 years and a few days, no previous disciplinary issues with the company.
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