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  1. hi abc he buys his own food. We do our own shopping/cooking, laundry etc. He also contributes to the gas/electricity etc as I said, whoever is home when it runs out tops it up. Impossible to say how much gives each in this regard. He did go and tell them I was moving in and asked if this would affect his claim. At the time he was told I would be classed as a 'non=dependent' and he could continue to claim as a single person. I am only thinking they've been told we are actually a couple, which we are not. We are both dating other people and I would gladly move out tomorrow if I could afford it or if the council would offer me somewhere. I am not 'supporting' him. I am paying the majority of the bills, but these would need to be paid for myself and the children, eg water, internet, etc. thanks for your advice, I will look into the divorce forum you've mentioned
  2. he doesn't pay anything towards the mortgage at all. He's never got enough money to. He used to pay the internet bill but stopped again because he didn't have any money so I had to put that in my name. I am not sure what the contents insurance covers but to be honest I wouldn't let him claim on it because I pay for it, and I wouldn't pay the excess for something he had broken or belonged to him. I just get contents because it tends to come with buildings anyway and to cover mine and the children's belongings. We have gas/electricity meters, and we both contribute to those but I can't say how much each. We will just top it up if it runs out. I support him in the sense that he has no where else to go so he kind of lives for free but I constantly resent it, am constantly nagging him to find a job and to sort out divorce, selling the house etc and have emails from me showing this. Should I take these to the interview with me?
  3. hi thanks for your reply. I am not claiming anything other than working tax credits as I work full time. I don't get anything else from the Government. My husband claims unemployment for himself and I presume half the council tax for his share but to be honest we don't talk that much and when we do he isn't very communicative. They are investigating his claims, but the letter that came said 'we suspect you may have aided him' or something like that. I am not sure what they mean by that as I have had nothing to do with any of his claims as we live separate lives and nobody has ever asked me. Unfortunately I don't have copies of the letters I wrote. I either wrote them on a previous pc, that has since broken, or wrote them by hand and didn't keep copies. He was interviewed a few weeks ago and he said one of the things they asked him was why I pay for contents on our home insurance! Not sure why I wouldn't want to protect my possessions or why that would be relevant. Another thing they asked was why I paid a BT bill and why he paid sky. He pointed out that the BT bill is for my daughter's home (she's a single parent and I was trying to help her out). They did mention to him that 'your wife seems to write very detailed letters explaining when there is a change of circumstance' but he suffers from depression and more recently diabetes and is a bit reclusive and is not as fast as me as keeping departments informed of changes. I gather already they must have access to my bank account to know what bills I am paying. I have always been up front and honest about the situation and have nothing to hide and in fact if the council would just give me an empty property would happily and even ecstatically move out tomorrow! I have only ever claimed my tax credits and always send them a copy of my P60 so have nothing to hide in that regard. thanks again for your reply.
  4. hi it's a bit of a complex situation. I split up with my husband three and a half years ago and moved out into a rental property. I had to pay my rent and our mortgage as he wasn't working. He wanted to keep the house and I was trying to be a nice person as I knew he didn't want to split up. Our arrangement at the time was that he would get a job and take over the mortgage which would free my income to pay my rent and bills. I took our youngest son with us. After a year and a bit it became apparent he was still not getting a job. It became impossible for me to manage paying my own rent and bills and his/our mortgage. I went to the council at least three times and practically begged them to house me. They refused saying I owned a property. I explained I did not want to live back there because we had split up and they said they couldn't help me. Financially I had no option but to move back into the marital home. I have my own bedroom and use one sitting room. he has another bedroom and use of the other living room. As soon as my circumstances changed, I notified tax credits that I was moving back in but we were not reconciled and we were not a couple. I also wrote to the Council Tax department, querying would I need to pay full council tax as when I was on my own in my flat I had the benefit of having a 25% reduction due to being single wage earner. I explained I didn't really feel it was fair I was now going to be liable for a higher rate of council tax in a property I could not make full use of due to us being split up. Council tax told me they would split our council tax 50/50 and I would be liable for half. I thought this was fair and said thank you. Since then I have claimed our youngest on my tax credits. We haven't claimed him twice, not has my husband claimed him as a non-earner, which would potentially have got us more money if we were committing fraud. We've been reported by a family who hate us because they are trying to get my daughter's baby taken off her (they are her ex boyfriend's parents). My husband had an interview a few weeks ago and now I have received a letter asking me for interview under caution, stating they have reason to believe I may have 'aided and abetted' a fraudulent claim! We have completely separate bank accounts and have notified each agency every step of the way that the only reason we are forced to live in the same house is because neither of us can afford to rent privately and the council won't house either of us because they just say we own a home we can live there. I feel like they have told us to live together, and are now trying to say we're committing fraud by living together! We are both dating new partners and have dozens of witnesses to the fact that we do not have a 'relationship' of that kind. I even took my new partner to my granddaughter's christening recently. Although I KNOW I have not done anything wrong, I am still worried about the interview under caution as anyone getting such a horrible letter would be. I am afraid if anyone believes such allegations I will lose my job. I already resent my husband because I keep pushing him to get work as I struggle to keep everything together financially on my own, but he has never given me any of the unemployment benefit he gets and I would have paid full council tax if the council's response to my letter had told me I had to. We cannot sell the house for at least another year as our youngest son is still at college and when I consulted a solicitor they said a judge would not enforce sale of property until youngest is out of full time education. We have also had problems with our daughter which has meant I have had to try to put off discussing things like divorce until now. I have sent him emails asking him to file divorce paperwork as he is unemployed and it would be free for him to do so whereas I would have to pay about £400 which I just don't have. Does anyone have any idea of the sort of thing they will ask me? and any advice gratefully accepted. thanks.
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