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  1. Hi DJ, I took the Ombudsman route for misselling in the first instance and the Ombudsman upheld my case, I then advised CIFAS that I was considering legal action for false accusation of fraud against EE and they quite sharply removed the marker. I cannot believe that you intended to commit an act of fraud and you may also have been missold, these orginisations are, I believe, acting in a dis-proportionate manner and using the National Fraud Database for consumer disputes are ridiculous and I would consider small claims court for false accusations. You can PM me for further discussions if you w
  2. Yes, Interesting comment. Five years of distress and serious inconvenience, refused banking facilities on at least five occassions from high street facilities although I only have evidence of two and only one of those has said refusal due to Cifas marker. Threat of loss of business bank account and therefore all income, countless manhours researching, writing letters etc. Stigma, embarresment. The list is getting bigger by the day as I recall events however I am no expert in law as you will probably have gathered but any help and advise is welcome. Thank you for your response, BJ
  3. The Telecomms Company was EE. The reason for placing the marker was evasion of payment. This was endorsed by Cifas as I have previously explained and the Contract that I signed was deemed missold by the Ombudsman at a later date therefore I conclude there was no evasion of payment. I did refuse to pay at the time as I knew I was mis sold, it just took a long time to prove it. I do not wish to go into further detail at the moment but I do have all the evidence to fully support any legal action. I just do not know which route to take. Thank you for your response, Regards, BJ
  4. I have checked with Cifas through the SAR process, and it was filed as Fraud, Cifas have recently advised me that they have now removed it. I haven't checked the other two registers and maybe I should, is it usual to be filed on more than one register, thanks for replying Andy, Regards, BJ
  5. I took a telephone contract out in 2015 and had issues with the provider from the onset and entered into a dispute which lasted several years before finally taking my case to the ombudsman which I won and the provider was deemed to have mis-sold the contract. All adverse on my credit file was wiped clean. The provider also accused me of face to face category six fraud and entered my details onto the National Fraud Database which has caused me untold grief and countless sleepless nights amongst other hardships. This is not dealt with by the Ombudsman services and was made clear by the Omb
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