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  1. Three weeks ago, I entered my local Co-Op convenience store, after purchasing a couple of items from a separate store around the corner. After paying for the items I had selected in the Co-Op, the till operative enquired if I was going to pay for the items which I had purchased from the other store. I informed him where they had been purchased, and also that this particular Co-Op did not sell the items concerned. He then called me a Liar, a drunk and a Shoplifter in front of the extended queue gathering by the tills. There was no Manager available according to this cashier, when
  2. I have been instructed by my local court in Kettering to continue with the claim in accordance with the courts directions as the court has not placed any stays on the charges cases. This is not to say that the decision could be made in the near future. If any one is being told by banks solicitors (espescially Lloyds TSB) that all cases are stayed, then contact your court for confirmation.
  3. Hi guys. First ever post. Got my 400 pound back from Barclays. Found it quite easy. Lloyds are playing hard ball. I wish to claim from Capital one as well. Balance of around 700 (not bad for a limit of 200) mostly charges. However, the account was passed to an agency four years ago. Do I still contact Capital One for the Statements, and if so would they still hold the info and supply it as I do not know the Account Number.
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