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Found 17 results

  1. Hello I am suing a builder, without legal representation, so it has been a very steep learning curve! Late November, and most of December 2017 I was ill wilth Flu combined with Shingles - the latter affecting eyesight. I know this was a stress thing. My question really is that documents should have been exchanged on 14th November 2017, i attended Defendant's solicitors (partly to keep my costs down) at the correct time and date and saw defendant's Solicitor's assistant - Solicitor was busy! I duly handed over my information, none forthcoming from the other side. I was not unduly worried as such because I thought perhaps that was how it worked! Around the 5th/6th December I received a large envelope from Defendant's solicitors with paperwork in it, these being the documents that should have been exchanged before. My only real questionable thing about them was a couple of the items included were from MY information, which he did'nt have before my visit to exchange! I received a letter on the 8th December, from the Defendant's Solicitor telling me the case had been "struck out"and enclosing the bill for Defendant's costs! I contacted the CCMCC and was told that I needed to pay £100 to ? (I can't remember the wording). I sent this off, contacted other party's solicitors and told them i had done this. I never knew why it was struck out - only defendant's solicitor told me this. I received a letter from CCMCC saying that the actual cost was £255 (!) so I sent that off. Again speaking to CCMCC it appears that everything is continuing forward so I take it no longer "struck out". Now that I am actually feeling better, I have been able to think things through a little bit more logically, a huge amount of time double checking on the internet - am i too late in requesting this case be "struck out" because of non-compliance by defendant's solicitors? It is entirely my fault that i did not pick up on the "non-compliance" item about exchanging documents - although the more i do think about it, I now believe it was deliberate because i didn't know any better. Any advice would be really welcome
  2. Hi, back in January 2017 i booked online flights to go to Florida from London. When I purchased the flights i thought that i was booking :- - Direct flight from London to Florida - Indirect flight from Florida to London via JFK. When it finally came to the holiday i arrived at LHR to check in only to find that not only was my flight not direct, but, it had a 7 hour stop at Detroit! Clearly i was very unhappy, and want a full refund of my flights. Fortunately at the time of booking the flights online i took a screen shot of the booking (attached image) you can clearly see on the image the the outbound flight appears to be direct, and the inbound flight clearly shows a stop. I have raised a complaint with the travel company who refute my claim. They say that the stop a detroit was a hidden stop for refeuling and that passengers were not supposed to disembark the plane, therefore it was a direct flight. The airline 24hours before the actual flight the changed the schedule, thus my tough luck at 7 hours. My complaint was that the outbound flight should have clearly shown the stop, thereby giving me the opportunity to not book it. I feel that this flight was miss sold and miss represented as i would not have booked 2 indirect flights. The travel company say they sent me the e ticket in july and it was my responsibility to check all was good. I dont agree with this, as in my opinion, i would not have booked the flights in the first place. I did not realise anything was wrong until check in, at which point it was too late to not go ahead. And as i got on the plane, they state i have accepted the goods as sold. Do I have a legitimate court case to claim misselling? Document_001.pdf
  3. Got a PCN from TFL, stopping in the box junction of City rd and Graham rd, not far from Euston. No CCTV , and only 3 pictures ( attached ) 1. My car afterwards on normal piece of road with number plate visible 2 and 3 My car in the box junction stopped behind a bin lorry , you can't actually see my number plates. I lodged the following representation : ********************************** 1) The pictures on the notice do not show my vehicle on the box junction in any CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE way. The box junction picture merely shows a lorry, with what could be any vehicle behind it, almost completely obscured. This could be any vehicle. Please provide some additional evidence that CLEARLY IDENTIFIES my vehicle committing an offence, otherwise I consider this matter not proven. 2. Representation procedure. Your letter clearly states representations must be made in writing. However when calling your enquiries number on 28th Sept I am informed that representations can be made at this email address. In addition , your operative claims that no written representation was received, despite it being sent first class two days previously. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the appeal process. Please explain these anomalies in a satisfactory way. I attach a copy of the letter you have received ( despite claiming otherwise ). Please acknowledge receipt of this communication immediately, failure to do so will confirm my suspicions of your attempts to impede the appeals process. ***************************************************************** After two weeks I received the reply : "Due to an administration error, your PCN has been cancelled" Moral of the story, it's always worth a representation - it costs nothing, they but the ticket on hold so you can still pay the discount rate if it fails. I'm wondering whether my appeal grounds were 100% valid and this was just a "try on" from TFL, either way, never cough up straight away, that's for sure.
  4. A friend has had a Money Claim but cited with a co-defendant with whom she has not had any business association whatsoever. There were two amounts - one hers and another owed by the co-defendant. Unfortunately she did not enter any defence and has received Default Judgment for both debts, Court Fee and a Solicitor Fee of £100 (no invoice submitted as proof). She now is prepared to admit her debt and offer instalments but needs to disclaim the debt of the other Defendant. What Form needs to be submitted N244 or N245 or both? As she has a very low income she can request a remission of Fees with Form EX180
  5. Hi, I was recently convicted of benefit fraud, during my case my prosecutor kept making personal attacks against me. I made the mistake of letting the court know that I suffer from sever social anxiety and can't handle confrontation. it made me suspicious as to why he would do this when a piece of evidence that he told the judge of how much I had illegitimacy received over the time period of my claim I calculated there was an error in the numbers. When I applied for benefits I let the job center know that I had over the £6000 limit in savings, so if my national insurance contributions had run out there was no way I could have received £70 a week. I tried to tell my solicitor, but because the prosecutor heard me try to tell my solicitor of the error, the prosecutors abuse escalated causing me to turn in ward and not be able to think. I was only latter that I realised that my solicitor had not been provided with this information when I looked through the evidence that was supplied by the investigators. I believe that this infringes on my human rights to a fair trial. This was also not the only problem with my case. When the DWP decided to pass my case on to the crown prosecution service, it took another 10 months before I was called into court to answer charges and have a court date set. It took another 3 months for my trial to happen, but my trial was canceled because the prosecutor had scheduled another trial on that same day that over ran and my trial date was pushed forward another 3 months, when I heard of the error in court my time limit of 13 months to appeal the DWP decision had run out. I have tried to appeal through the tribunals but the judges are not interested in hearing what I have to say and just tell me my time to appeal has run out. Does Social Security Administration Act 1992 s116 (2) apply to my case and could you tell me of any other laws or decision that could help as there as been gross abuse of process. I can no longer find work in the area I am educated in, can you help, my situation has become very desperate. Thanks, suffy
  6. I am needing advice, I am the applicant, I have final hearing , a trial in which I am representing myself. Any tips? In the court of West Australia
  7. ]In a case involving the family, a close relative of mine has almost certainly been unexpectedly included in a elderly relative's Will to the tune of many thousands of pounds. A substantial sum. However, the elderly relative passed away earlier this year, and the sole executor, the only offspring has subsequently delayed the process of probate, to the extent he has not yet made an application. This intelligence is borne out by the online probate registry which as yet is not showing any reference to any application, and therefore no information on the Will. The Executor would have been expecting to inherit the whole estate from his sole surviving parent, and would therefore have been extremely upset when he read the Will to discover that he had not in fact inherited everything. Indeed a sizeable chunk, close to a six fire sum, had been allocated elsewhere. I cannot find any definitive information about this scenario. What happens if the Executor simply declines to register the Will? Does that mean eventually he can claim there was no will/the will was not valid - it is his responsibility as I understand it for him to prove it is valid if there are questions marks ( and it is in his interests to indicate there are); does 'intestacy' rules then kick in, in which case he would stand to gain everything as if the Testator's instructions were set aside. Is there a time period during which an Executor is legally obliged to make the application? I cannot find any reference to this. And finally, is it possible to somehow 'contest' the will, perhaps argue it is invalid ( undue influence etc. or something along similar lines) before it is even necessary to apply for probate, get the Will effectively invalidated, and then claim as the Testaors only immediate relative/offspring of the Testator the inheritance under intestacy provisions? Or, could it be explained that the main assets a property, currently on a leased tenancy cannot be sold until the tenancy is terminated, and that is the reason why the Executor is holding back. I detect a pungent odour of rodent in this current scenario, and that the Executor is cooking something up, but what?
  8. Hi, I was charged with false representation by swapping the price tag at tk maxx, for two accounts. I want to admit to the swap (although wrongly and no intention to fraud, i understand the outcome is that is is still wrong) , but the items are genuinely bought from the shop. For one of the item, I remember there were at least 3-4 pieces displayed when I bought it. But the store prevention officer says they are certain and have given their sworn statement that is the case. I want to plead to guilty, but as some of the details are wrong, do you think i can challenge this? As I did not with intention, taking items from other place and return to TK. If investigated, does TK has photo of identifier for an item by it's brand, or matches the item description or look? Also, my charge says that i made a gain of cash, but i was actually given credit note, as the items were passed 30 days. Thank you so much in advance.
  9. Hello All, I was just wondering if I can authorize one of my friend to work on my tenancy dispute. I am too busy to do this myself and my friend who is not a lawyer is happy to follow the case on my behalf. This includes filing papers in the court on my behalf and negotiating with LL. So my question is "Does the person representing tenant need to have a formal qualification in Law , ie be a Lawyer/Solicitor/Barrister etc". Is there any law dictating who can represent and who cannot? Thanks
  10. Hi All I got a PCN from Civil Enforcement Ltd, to which i sent them a letter refusing their specuilative invoice and also informing them that I wasn't sure of the drivers identity, as many people have access to this vehicle. They have rejected my representation (see below) How should i proceed? should I send a further letter to them or go down the POPLA route. Many Thanks EOS 5D
  11. i was this morning charged under the fraud act of 2006 for fraud by false representation ,first offence, total amount is £23,000. this for selling a car whilst it was on finance, i am to appear in the magristares court at end of month, what are the likely penalties
  12. Happy New Year all! I took out a contract with Tmobile on 6/6/12 - this is a 24 month contract, so as I work out, this contract should end on the 6/5/13, which is 24 months - Tmobile are saying the contract ends on 6/6/14, which I work out to be 25 months. Am I being dense here?? Tmobile also wrote advising me I could get a upgrade early for a discounted £50 and advise me of the phone and price plan I can have - the letter mentions no other costs, so I trot along to their shop, only to be told I have to pay a fee for the handset. I complain - they say basically tough. The small print (v small) states "you may have to pay a fee for the handset. I want to report them for false representation - who do I do this too please??? This is not the forst time TMobile have been dishonest and I want to hit them where it hurts....... Many thanks
  13. I am feeling so down right now, downstairs my family are getting ready to settle down to watch the new "exploitation" programme about people on benefits that is on channel 4 tonight at 9pm. It will most like be yet another show pandering to the outrage of "taxpayers" and will portray those on benefits as lazy chancers. I'm on ESA in the Support group although I have an invisible disability. I live with family and they fluctuate between being supportive and resentful of my situation. I find that they main thing that seems to anger them and others about my not working is that they work in jobs they hate and resent the fact that I don't have to (currently) and there anger does seem to vary depending on what they have been exposed to on the TV or in the paper. I just feel sad and depressed about the whole thing.
  14. Good Afternoon, I wonder if anyone can help, my partner is the claimant in a tribunal claim for unfair dismissal that I have been preparing and mediating for the last year, after one hearing that was postponed (respondents neglect) we are finally back to court next week. I would like to know if I am able to represent my partner in the claim? Also, the respondent has been struck out for not adhering to many court orders. Is it as simple as he cannot speak/input at the hearing? He has sent through a bundle of documents 9 months to late and I am now panicking he knows something I dont (When in actual fact I think he is just scare mongering) I am under the impression that we will be presenting our case and that the judge will then rule? Any advice will be greatly received! Thank you in advance! S =)
  15. Prior to an office move, I advised HR that I could not do heavy work due to extreme nerve pain and for which I was having Neurosurgery for a few weeks later. This was accepted by them but it was lip service only and I ended up going home in agony and increasing my medication(morphine). My husband complained to HR but I have found out that the HR manager shared this email with another member of staff (finance manager and Company Secretary) They have explained this as needed due to a possible payroll adjustment which is not true as I was no where close to this, and they have said that as company secretary she had a right to know as there was a business need. There was no business need and no payroll adjustment on the horizon. Surely there was no need for this member of staff to have sight of an email with sensitive and private information such as medication.
  16. Hello. I have had a bad blow. My welfare worker who has filled out my forms has been drip feeding me information and now I have what I think is all of it I can see I would have made quite different decisions had he been upfront and told me everything in the beginning. I'm now very panicked as he just told me they no longer provide representation. So why did he suggest appealing when he knew I wouldn't be able to do this alone! Anyway I am in desperate need of representation and realise that even if I can find it someone will need time to get familiar with it. Can anyone assist? Also can anyone tell me what happens when you submit appeal papers? What happens with medicals and when will it be:? My thanks for your help. I feel so let down and utterly deceived by this information being witheld and my right to full disclosure violated thus affecting decisions I made.
  17. Hello All, I have started filling out my gl24 form. I am appealing against my esa decision. In the form it asks you who is going to represent you at the tribunal. My question to you all is can you represent yourself in the tribunal? Has, at this moment in time i dont know who is going to represent me. Maybe i can leave this section in the form blank and find someone to represent me at a later date? Interested to hear your thoughts
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