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  1. Thanks for the reply I will see if I can dig out the case
  2. Hi all Could someone please confirm for me with regards to pilon and redundancy payments with regards to years worked? Basically I was made redundant on the 1st June and received 12 weeks pilon, however my stat redundancy has been paid for 12 years but I would have been there 13 years on the 8th August and i thought that they are supported to add the 12 weeks to the 1st June Cheers Stan
  3. Hi Tuffet If it helps I have just been through the exact same scenario, in fact maybe slightly more complicated as I have an attachment of earnings on my wage slips . I didn't explicitly lie, when asked the question regarding outstanding debt I replied nothing that effects my credit report, in fact you will see some lenders specifically state any debt within the last 6 years. In my scenario the application went through and have just received my formal offer. Hope this helps
  4. Hi All, Not sure if anyone has any thoughts on this, after a bad period a few years ago I managed to get myself together and my credit score has improved and I have been approved for main stream cc and loans. I have just been accepted in principle for a mortgage but just thinking about the application in full my wage slips show the monthly deduction for the aoe but the debt is long gone from my credit file (although I am obviously paying it off) . My thoughts now are that having this on my wage slip will end up with a refusal? Does anyone agree with this? Cheers, Stan
  5. No you can ride upto a 125 once you have passed your cbt but must still display L plates and you're not allowed pillion passenger. Once you have passed your cbt you can either go direct access for A or A1 due to your age.
  6. Do you think I would have a case, I wouldn't have a clue who to sue MH or their in house team or how much for
  7. Having a balance indicates you owe them unfortunately and they have defaulted you
  8. Hi Dx That is really interesting as I had an issue with mucky hall chasing for this in 2012 by phone and actually got the email below from Mackenzie hall in 2012 This has been a case of our tracing partner ECAPS tracing your telephone number for our customer who happens to have the same name and date of birth as you. The Sunderland address is the only address we have on the system for our customer and if you have never lived there then the account cannot be yours. For any undue stress and inconvenience this may have caused you I duly apologise, this was never ou
  9. Hi All Bit of a strange one this, just checked my credit file on noddle and it has a default linked to my account it is my name but an address in Sunderland , I have never lived anywhere near Sunderland . Looking on equifax and there is nothing registered and also checked trust on line just to ensure it had not progressed and nothing shows but obviously that was using my real address. The default has been registered by Portfolio recovery associates uk limited. I have raised a dispute with call credit but the issue is I'm current
  10. You don't seem to have much look with your flat mates do you. Please don't take this the wrong way but do you think you may be over reacting?
  11. Sorry just to add if she does decide just to give up I presume on the claim form she should just agree/admit it and ask for time to pay the arrears obviously this is presuming that the HA won't stop the possession order Cheers Stan
  12. Hi both Thanks very much for the advice. Lea you are correct she hates where she currently lives it's not in the best area so is more than happy to leave. To be honest she should have give it up a little while back.
  13. Hi all,,First of all please feel free to move this if not in the correct forum. I am trying to help a friend who has got herself into a bit a mess, basically her housing association have started eviction proceedings against her. (She received the papers today) however she does not want to fight the eviction and she has now found somewhere else to live, but she does owe rent arrears which she is unable to pay in one go. Is she best to contact the housing association and volunteer to surrender the tenancy and offer to pay the arrears or allow the eviction through the courts by not defending
  14. Write to the data controller at Barclay's. Give them 28 days to rectify. If they don't then issue a complaint with the ICO
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