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  1. So in summary, they can't be bothered to send you a final response as they believe they can prejudge any FOS decision? Not sure DISP rules suggest this is allowed but there you go!! Likewise they claim to have made checks but aren't willing to provide them? Have a look through the Ombudsman Decisions website, it doesn't appear the firm are bothered that the majority of complaints send for a decision are upheld in the customers favour. It seems an odd response in it's tone, there seems an undercurrent of threat to it? I'm not sure if it's deliberate or otherwise - in any event I think it's worth a FOS complaint.
  2. Afternoon all, Thanks for all your help, the firm have finally paid out following the sending of the death certificate. Alas they didn't refund the GP's report (they quoted their T&C's where its up to claimants to provide the evidence) but i'm happy with the result. Best Wishes
  3. Thanks again. Uncle B - one of the key reasons we went with this specific insurer was they had no upper age limit and they were happy to accept the risk following disclosures of health, age, type of holiday, place of visit etc. Dacouc - the insurers definition of insured person is "you/your", nothing in this definition about relatives. Having read both the Keyfacts and Policy wording, there is nothing specific regarding cancellation due to relatives health over and above “unavoidable and due to an event which is beyond your control”. There is a statement regarding curtailment of the hol due to a relatives illness/death, however I can't see how this is applicable in this scenario. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks again Uncle. A couple of points with your response. Whilst my 93 old aunt wasn't in the best of health, (again, who is at that age) we had no indication anything untoward was to happen. However one of the reasons insurance was taken out was to cover such a possibility that if something did happen, the insurance would come into play. At no time did the insurer enquire about any relatives health, again why would they? We didn’t “tick the box” regarding the insurance as my parents were too old for the provider to quote, we went direct via an specialist provider. All questions, including these on Health on my parents were all answered truthfully, which resulted in a premium loading which was paid without quibble. Regarding the insurer T&C’s, these have been checked. The wording states you are covered for cancellation cover where cancellation is “unavoidable and due to an event which is beyond your control”. I suppose the question here is regarding the likelihood of something happening. Of course a 93 year old woman is at a greater risk of illness and death, however how were my parents supposed to know when it would happen? I cannot see how it can be considered a known issue, however I’ll get the form completed and see what the insurer says. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Thanks to you both. We're not particularly well versed to insurance claims, hence a bit confused why they were asking for a 93 year olds medical report when they had nothing to do with the holiday itself, just the cancellation. I suppose we were concerned that any 93 year old would not be in the best of health, no doubt the medical report will suggest this and the company were looking for a reason not to pay out.
  6. Thanks Uncle. I suppose as the relative was in her 90's, although she wasn't in the best health (few are at that age), it was hardly unexpected. I'll get the forms completed and see what they say. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I bought my parents a UK coach holiday and, as they're both pensioners, travel insurance which included cancellation cover as both have had illness in the past. Unfortunately, a direct family member became ill a week before they were due to travel and they decided to cancel the holiday and visit her instead. The family member sadly passed away 2 weeks later. The insurer sent out claim forms, these were completed and returned along with a death certificate which was required. Last week, the insurer wrote back requesting additional evidence for the deceased, namely the completion by the deceased's GP of a long winded complicated medical form? The cost of which, needless to say we have to pay. Is this fairly standard? Or, is it a ruse by the insurer to find a way to avoid paying the claim? If it was either of my parents that became ill, I could understand a medical form being required, but for a family member?? Thanks for your help, any advice would be appreciated.
  8. You can approach FOS once the 8 week period has expired, or if you receive a final response - whichever is sooner). You also don't have to tell Payday Express that you're approaching FOS.
  9. Morning dx. Re your statement of being able to claim charges incurred because of PPI, this is interesting as 2 previous claims, both banks (Citi and RBS) refused to entertain a refund? Have you any links from FOS/FCA I can quote to reclaim as I've been unable to find anything on the web? Cheers TT
  10. WDA claim “I can confirm that Wage Day Advance do require bank statements to verify the income and expenditure form that you have sent into us”. Send them a basic I&E form available from the National Debtline website and ask WDA which specific piece of regulation today allows them to request such personal evidence? If they can’t provide it, take their final response and take it to FOS. Don’t allow this complaint to rest. I’d also ask - Has interest been suspended on the account? If not, why? https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/information/dealing-with-creditors/Pages/default.aspx What’s happening with the DPA breach? You could be cheeky and raise a separate complaint regarding their breach of data protection. This would of course result in a 2nd complaint to FOS (and a 2nd bill of £550 to be paid by WDA). Whatever you decide here, please make sure the ICO are aware.
  11. Can I just check? WDA have sent yours and others, personal information onto another 3rd party?? Total incompetence. Use this as evidence for your FOS complaint but also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner straight away as it's clear they've a disregard for the ICO rules.
  12. http://www.fca.org.uk/static/documents/requirement-notices/ahl-vreq.pdf Looks like the FCA are beginning to show their teeth. 3 issues noted with AHL/Cash Genie. (a) a systems weakness and other matters that may have allowed unauthorised charges to be applied to AHL customers' accounts; (b) potential misuse of banking information provided to affiliated websites to repay outstanding debts of existing AHL customers who are in arrears; and © a number of issues in relation to the refinancing (I.e. rolling over) of customers' loans. The regulator has instructed CG to carry out a S166, where they have toa ppoint an independent 3rd party to ensure the remediation work is carried out in a fair manner. CG will undertake (a) an Investigation to Identify whether or not consumers have been affected by any breaches of contractual and/or regulatory obligations applicable at the relevant time as a result of the Issues Identified In paragraph 1.2 and, If so, the extent; and (b) a scheme for assessing the redress that would be appropriate in any Instances of breach
  13. Towie81, "is this a fact?" No, it's my opinion, hence the question?? Have a read through of the fca consultation paper, see if you can spot the bits where it suggests the random charges mr lender consider fair will be allowed in the future?
  14. Cancel the CPA with the bank. Email mr Lender, tell them to cancel the CPA (this will probably be ignored so read up on Chargebacks). Send them payment the payments that you can afford. mr lender will have a little hissyfit, stamp their feet.
  15. Good to see Mr Lender are up to their old tricks. Random fees. £60 of charges? That's a lot of tea bags? I wonder if they're reading this thread?!! Hi if you are?!!! Turn it back on them, the FCA state (Mr Lender don;t like these) a complaint as: ‘Any expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about the firm’s provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service’. Now, Mr Lender have ignored your this by not acknowledging your complaint! Points in your corner, trying to suggest charges will be applied unfairly! Again,points in your corner. They're trying to profit for your misfortune.
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