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  1. Anymore news ? I'm in a similar position.
  2. Hi Everybody. Since my first post regarding this issue back in August 18, I have received numerous letters from Shoosmiths wanting to discuss a payment plan etc. I have now received a letter from them stating that since I haven't replied they are going to advise their client to issue legal proceedings regarding the shortfall owed on the mortgage. Any advice would be appreciated, do I wait for legal letter? Do you think ShooSmiths are just threating?
  3. Just a quick update. Received another letter, basically the same as the first. Gives me another 14 days to reply. Going to sit tight and see what the next letter has to say.
  4. Thanks. I will wait for the next letter, see what form of wording it takes. I didn’t want to SAR them at this stage, as then I’ve made contact. Plus the SAR will delay the process.What stage would I complain regarding no contact for ten years, and to whom would I complain to?
  5. Yes I’m going to sit back and wait for the next letter. I don’t know if to ignore that or write back requesting the statement of account, assignments etc.
  6. Hi No I wasn't aware it had been assigned. I haven't had any kind of letter/communication with the original lender. It never appeared on my credit report. I suspect I will owe capital plus charges. The original lender was Deutsche bank then sold to Total Mortgage Solutions. Should I wait and get the next letter before challenging?
  7. Letter from Shoosmiths on the behalf of Alev uk. It was my understanding if there is no contact from the lender in the first 6 years then if they follow the code of good practice they would have a job to pursue it. Alev were the not the original lender so they must have bought the debt. If the original lender thought they had a good chance of getting the money back would they have sold it on. Just starting to get my head around the issue.
  8. They are using Shoosmiths. Haven’t a clue who they are. It has been just over 10 yrs since the house was repossessed not once have I had any communication with the lender. Just a standard letter Shoosmiths are acting for the client named above, please contact to discuss ways of paying etc, in 14 days. I will wait and see what comes next. Do I use the 6 year no contact?
  9. Hi Has anybody heard of Alev Uk secured credit ltd. Can’t find a great deal about them. It’s regarding a shortfall on the mortgage after a repossession. Never had a mortgage with them, I’m presume they have bought an old debt. We have never had contact with the lender since repossession 10 years ago! Any help would be appreciated.
  10. It was, but the debt was in my name. Not the business's unfortunately
  11. Hi Without going into all the gory details, I just wanted to ask a question regarding attachment of earnings. I had a ccj judgement order against me in 2008. I battled and paid so much then stopped. In 2014 just before 6 years the solicitor for the creditor went for an attachment of earnings order. This they achieved and for 18months I paid via my earnings, struggled but then I was made redundant. I did get another job and requested that the attachment of earnings wasn't requested from my new employer as this would cause problems, and quite possibly loss of the
  12. If the church is full then you can deny access,on the grounds of health and safety.Celeb weddings are generally well protected ie before you get anywhere near the church you are stopped and invitation have to be viewed.
  13. The church is a place of worship and is available for the public to attend.They would be removed only on the grounds of threatening behaviour,causing a disturbance. In which case it is the vicar,church warden to escort them away.If they will not leave peacefully then the police would be called.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Just thought one day after non payment a default is registered. Will try and negotiate with MMF. Has anybody been successful with getting the default removed with a F&F.
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