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  1. I have just joined the Community here for your thoughts and we thank you in anticipation of any help you may give. We had a questionnaire from Abbey Life regarding enhanced annuity. They state on the bottom of the letter with the enclosed questionnaire - 'Abbey Life did not offer enhanced annuities, but one may have been available to you from another provider if you were eligible, and therefore you may be due compensation.' So we wrote to them saying we consider we may have been entitled to an enhanced annuity via an Independent Financial Adviser. (They do say this question
  2. Hello, can anyone help me to fill in this directions questionnaire, it is a long story I have to tell. Myself and My Partner were living in a two bedroom bungalow that we purchased in 2006 we have 3 children now and the bungalow was too small but we couldn’t afford to move, his parents (who at the time were giving £50k to my partners brother and sister) said they would pay for an extension to our bungalow to the same value (because they didn’t trust him with money) this was great my partners dad instructed a builder (sorry trying to make this as short as possible) w
  3. Any legal guys here need help In January I needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. My surgeon told me that I must inform the DVLA but to also tell them that I had fully recovered due to the procedure and me bionic heart. Soon after I told them by phone and they said I would get a questionnaire to fill in. The facts ----- Due to the questionnaire not being returned in time my driving license has been revoked. Following a telephone call today I was informed that My license will not be reinstated even though they have the said questionnaire in their possession. I have info
  4. Had to email the court to see where a claim against me was as hadnt received anything. Received an email from them today stating that due to me not filling out the questionnaire my defence was struck out, further down the email stated that the claim has also been struck out as the claimant did not file a directions questionnaire. I can pay money to have my defence considered, but its seems to be a standard email sent out as as the case has been struck out it is pretty irrelevant. My real questions are Can the claimant pay £XXX amount to reopen the case? If
  5. Hi, I sent in a complaint to QQ and they have emailed me saying that "in order to better assist you, we ask that you fill out below information so that we can thoroughly review and respond to your complaint". The questions briefly 1. Income per pay cheque at time of loans 2. Monthly expenses (mortgage,rent, travel, bills etc) 3. Recently, we have seen an increased number of complaints where the complainant has obtained a template from a website or blog. Did you use a website template? If so, can you pleaserovide the name of the website? 4. Did you tell us that you were ex
  6. Envelope dropped on the door mat this morning, to which my boy retrieved it... oh not another bill but upon opening it to find what is was....Capability For Work Questionnaire... Oh balls....thought it had been to quite and I'd not been asked to see anyone at the JC since August.....Somewhere in my mind I knew it was coming... and here we go again.... The last time 2013..I completed it myself, went for the Atos medical and was kindly informed I was fit for work....appealed it.... won it and then got the JC within weeks of winning my appeal to see what they can offer " How they can h
  7. Hi. I'm being taken to court over an alleged debt that I thought was unenforcable. I'm not sure how to respond to the court questionnaire. Brief Background In September 2012 I made a CCA request to Lloyds and their DCA at the time (Robinson Way) over an alleged debt from 2003. My request was ignored. "You owe us money" letters continued to arrive. In November 2012, I re-requested the CCA from them both, adding that I required a "legally enforcable original signed consumer credit agreement" before I would correspond with them any further. I heard nothing for 18
  8. I was kicked off ESA the end of 2014, successfully won my appeal March 2015, scoring 27 points from the original 0 that ATOS gave me, the letter I received from the appeal court, states review after 2016, but to my surprise the other day I received a letter with the ESA50 questionnaire that I need to send back by 5 February, This as seriously stressed me out, as I didn't think I would be called so soon especially after the appeal court letter stating review after 2016.
  9. Just looking for a bit of advice. I received a letter on Saturday saying my health questionnaire needed to be completed by December 2nd. I didn't know what they were talking about as I hadn't received any questionnaire from them. I have spoken to someone today who said a questionnaire had been sent but they put a new one in the post and I am to return it as soon as possible. They did say that I would miss the deadline for Decemeber 2nd and that a decision maker would decide on whether not receiving the original form would be a good enough reason for submitting the replacement l
  10. Good Evening I am sure I have not posted about this actual debt before so wont get told off. I received a claim form from the court on 10th Feb from Lowell portfolio which I replied to and defended sayind I had asked for a cca and a sar which I had not received a reply to I have now today received a notice of proposed allocation to small claims track now I believe I just fill this in saying I case be referred to small claims mediation service what worries me is I did this with the form I received for a different debt next thinh I know the j
  11. What is the return address for above questionnaire ? I have lost the other info that came with it and I'm trying to find the address to send completed form back. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Title says it all, I have this morning received the ATOS questionnaire to fill in and send back by the end of May. I only sent my ESA1 back around 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive confirmation of my ESA. So how do I view this? is ESA dependant on ATOS assessment now or will they write to me separate? I don't fancy filling that huge booklet in unless i have to. Thanks Adam
  13. I filled a claim against Barclaycard charges. I was expecting to receive an allocation questionnaire form N149 not direction questionnaire N180 which does not contain the section G (additional information). My question how do I attach the draf direction to the N180. Pease any advice ?
  14. Hi could anyone give me some advice, I have a debt with capquest from a catalogue (one of many debts accrued when my husband lost his job) i wrote to them offering them a £1 a month as the rest of my creditors have all accepted, today i have got a letter off drysdens Fairfax solicitors with reference to the capquest debt asking me to fill in their financial questionnaire and provide 2 recent payslips. do i have to provide payslips to them? im not trying to hide my wage or anything just that it has all my personal info on like national insurance number. should i do what they ask? thanks in
  15. I have an ESA50 Medical Questionnaire to send back, I also now noticed you can download one online which is a PDF version. Would it be best to fill the form they sent me or do it on the computer and print it off? Has anyone ever printed off this form and sent it? and would it be accepted?
  16. Hi In 2005, I took out a Wellcome finance for £10k, and was told that without ppi, I would be declined because of my credit record. Therefore, I had to tick the PPI option. In 2007, I repaid the whole loan, ppi including. I know that the PPI was a lump sum paid to Wellcome (not monthly). I have all the documents and have sent an email with everything scanned to the appropriate people, but so far have been fobbed off from one person to the next. Now I have been sent a long customer questionnaire which I feel maybe a delaying tactics. Looking at the questionnaire, I feel lik
  17. Hi Please can someone point in the right direction for how to complete an allocation questionnaire? My defence and counterclaim are related to PPI mis selling and unfair charges Will mediation help me? What would be involved in this? Would this help me explain how my PPI was mis-sold as I have not yet had the opportunity to complete a PPI questionnaire and apply for a refund. What does a 1 month stay mean and would this be a good thing? I only have two days left to fill this in and I have no idea what to do Thanks
  18. hi just recevied my limited capability for work questionaire form,can anyone tell me when i fill form in and send it back ,how long it takes for atos to get in touch with me for my dreaded medical
  19. Attended my ATOS medical yesterday. The woman who saw me said she was a nurse. She checked my pulse and said it was irregular. She checked my blood pressure, it was higher then normal!! She then asked me a lot of questions, and all I could do was answer her as honestly as I could!! My MIND advocate stated to her that I was currently waiting an outpatient appointment with adult mental health because I have long term issues, and that my gp has said I am not fit for work!! I described as best I could how my heart problems were - I have sinus tachycardia which makes m
  20. I have recently been asked to attend an ATOS assessment but have heard that other people were sent a questionnaire first. ATOS site also quotes the below. "Every time the DWP refers a claim for a WCA, a questionnaire is automatically issued to the person claiming. When the questionnaire is returned to Atos Healthcare, a fully trained healthcare professional carries out an initial paper-based assessment. During this early check, they look for information that would indicate the person does not need to be invited for a face-to-face assessment and advise DWP accordingly. The DWP may
  21. Hi Everyone, Only a quick question I hope. I've filled in the PPI consumer questionnaire form that I downloaded from the MSE site, but I'm unsure of who to send it too. The policy is an AVIVA (or Norwich Union as it was back then) one, but it was sold to me via the Coventry Building society when I took my mortgage out. It was redundancy protection insurance, that at the time (2003) I thought was an integral part of the mortgage I was getting and not an option. So who to send it too? The Coventry or AVIVA? Cheers Dave
  22. I am trying to help my sister make a claim for her PPI with Capital One but I have read that Cap1 can be very harsh about it. Can I get some advise? She thinks she took it out online but it may have been over the phone. She's sent a SAR but they've not responded and are well over their 40 days.
  23. Hi all - I have a question really. Whats the general consensus when declaring past depression on a mandatory medical questionnaire after getting a job? I have acquired a little part time job at my university calling up alumni and fundraising whilst being at uni as I needed some extra cash. Its a minor job sitting down on the phone and calling people up, nothing more. Our contracts were being prepped by HR in December, but they said we could all do some shifts, I racked up only 18 hours and I have two shifts booked for next week. Recently we have been handed our contract packs a
  24. Hi all. I need a little help understanding a letter i have received today from Arrow Global. I will first give brief details of the case. AG/Bryan Carter made a claim for a CCJ against me at Northampton CCBC, i defended the claim as i cannot be 100% sure this was even my debt. Defence received by the Court on 03/09/12. 04/10/12 letter received from Bryan Carter stating he is no longer acting for Arrow Global. 05/10/12 letter received from Arrow Global as follows, letter is dated 04/10/2012 We refer to your defence filed 30th August 2012 Please find enclosed
  25. Hi Guys, Does anyone remember how many demands and needs questionnaires, they filled out when applying for a loan or credit. I received my 2nd refusal today and they included a copy of the demands and needs. My name, signature, date and the advisor's signature and date are different on there copy as to what is on my copy. the signatures are almost correct, but there is big differences to way the dates and my printed name, have been written. I could scan and crop, for you to see Have I caught them in their lies,,,, James
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