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  1. I have an ESA50 Medical Questionnaire to send back, I also now noticed you can download one online which is a PDF version. Would it be best to fill the form they sent me or do it on the computer and print it off? Has anyone ever printed off this form and sent it? and would it be accepted?
  2. Thank you for clearing that up. My son is over the age of 16 and needs lot of hrs care each week so might be best making a PIP claim for him.
  3. I have an interview regarding a new JSA Claim, now am looking after my son which he is on ESA support group however he has never applied for DLA/PIP so not getting any carers allowance for him. Question is would i be required to look for work and attend regular interviews as part of my JSA claim? Even so am looking after my son full time? I’m not sure how this works out.
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