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Found 7 results

  1. Envelope dropped on the door mat this morning, to which my boy retrieved it... oh not another bill but upon opening it to find what is was....Capability For Work Questionnaire... Oh balls....thought it had been to quite and I'd not been asked to see anyone at the JC since August.....Somewhere in my mind I knew it was coming... and here we go again.... The last time 2013..I completed it myself, went for the Atos medical and was kindly informed I was fit for work....appealed it.... won it and then got the JC within weeks of winning my appeal to see what they can offer " How they can help me back to work " Well let me tell you.... no help..no one, no money in the pot for retraining... if you want it then get a loan..so from a support point of view those interviews are a pure waste of time So Ive rung the CAB and ask for them to help me fill this form in and lets see happens from there....
  2. So the issue itself is kinda "resolved" as I'm told to wait up to 4 days for it to arrive. But I'm left feeling misslead with the information that was provided when I made my order, and anoyed that whenever anyone from our household orders from Argos it always seems to encounter an issue!? Basicly I orderd a game that was due for release today, and I chose argos as it stated specificly that if I placed it I would get "delivery within 1 days" shame that's not the case however. As it was only till after my payment had been processed did it give me the typical error of, "Unfortunaltey we're unable to confirm your order at this time and will email you soon when it has been confirmed" or well something along those lines at least. Anyway I was paitent waited till the late morning which is now for any updates as I was expecting this today.So heard nothing and then I got in touch with Customer service, asked about the status of my order, I was calm and explained in detail what happend, they were short but quick to pass me onto someonelse who could handle with my queries. When I mentioned that it specificly said "1 day delivery" they told me straight that they "doubt" it said that and was probably for dispatch instead. Which I could understand more if it actually said that, but it didn't so I felt like i'd been misslead and that apperently they "knew" what it actually meant or said despite me seeing it clearly worderd with the words " 1 day delivery" not dispatch. They then proceeded to ignore my other quires and asked me to end chat and fill out the survey. In regards with my other quries which were, with what happend with the system as it's not even able to send notifications out or update my orders status? Or will I even receive SMS notifications at least?? When can I expect to hear any updates??? And then from that service it got me thinking about how this kind of thing has happend before numerous times when we've orderd Cookers, and Washing Machines, Tumble dryers and all sorts from them. I don't know why Me and my family keep trusting them probably becuase I had hopes they'd improve and it was all just unfortunate circumstances but this has been too often now and I'm just rather peeved and needed to vent. Sorry if this isn't the right place or if my spelling/grammar is off, I maybe dyslexic but I'm not blind and can understand the meaning of the difference between the words Delivery and Dispatch. Honestly it'd be nice to know at least that I'm not the only one who's experienced repeated poor service so I feel less of a personal target by them even if it's unintentonal and just system/human errors. ~ Sincerly a foolish customer.
  3. Over the past couple of months our company has been sending out a marketing campaign in the form of a box of goodies. Can't specify the exact contents on a public forum, but we send these out to prospective clients (other businesses) to give them an idea of what services we provide. We've sent out 54 of these boxes so far (not including the ones we give to clients face-to-face) and so far only 50 have arrived. Essentially, 7.40% of the parcels we have sent have gone missing. Each one has been sent using Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed-for, at £3.70 a pop. We naturally use a signed-for service to ensure the box has been delivered. Two of the missing boxes have only just gone over their 15 working day window, but the other two had claims submitted back in November. We received a cheque for about £9 for one of the claims, covering the contents of the box and the postage paid. All well and good. However the other (essentially identical) claim has essentially been rejected. Royal Mail acknowledge the tracking number shows no delivery or signature. But they state that, as they have written to the intended recipient requesting confirmation of whether or not the item arrived, and received no reply, they are therefore assuming the item has been delivered and have closed the case. Surely this can't be right, especially for a service specifically purchased to show delivery confirmation?
  4. Just annoyed really Upgraded to sky fibre install date yesterday (7th) Came home normal Internet cut off no Internet at all Rang them twice told defiantly yesterday. Ring again today now told "oh its going to be a week And why oh why does their help line keep saying if your Internet is down check our website for help
  5. Read on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10747122/Benefit-cheats-face-higher-fines-and-losing-their-homes.html And what about all those firms like google, multi-millionaires and so on, who love to avoid paying there fare share of Tax in the UK http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/poll/2012/apr/10/george-osborne-shock-multi-millionaires http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17661011 Personal I think it's a lot more than 34 billion lost through non-payment of tax and tax avoidance schemes http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/oct/11/uk-tax-gap-rises-hmrc-avoidance-nonpayment http://www.politics.co.uk/news/2013/12/19/let-off-the-hook-corporations-allowed-to-avoid-billions-in-t Come on IDS and George Osborne go after them as well !
  6. to whom it may concern thanks for selling my email address to those naughy ppi claims firms yesterday was a record 15 begging spam letters from ppi firms. :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: whoever did this horrible deed shame on you Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. after receiveing a letter from sky this morning about them upping thier charges and murdoch screewing his subscribers even more, i decided to give 31 days notice on sky the real reason are the amount of adverts totally destroying my viewing pleasure, the rise in subcription costs was the last straw. thirty minutes later i was still on the phone being given the hard sell to stay with sky, i finally got them to agree to my request to cancel i requested they send me an email confirmation of my request which they agreed. on checking my email sky had sent a link to mysky.com. i signed inn but no notification about my cancellation on my account phoned up sky again and they said i would receive confirmation about withdrawing my subscription in the post, not as to my original request by email. why is everthing so hard to get people to do the simplest of things like respect my wish to cancel experian and credit watch were the same
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