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  1. Recently, DWP paid me 7,000.00 backdated payments for sickness / ESA claims as a result of numerous complaints made about 3 work capability assessments, each of which having a medical report made by a nurse which omitted information. 2 of the work capability assessments were recorded. The oral recordings of the assessment differed from the medical notes made by the nurse, this has been shown on 2 occasions when comparing the oral recording with that of the medical report. Pointing this out to DWP - I was ignored for several years, complaints being answered but nothing being done i
  2. Hi, Just a couple of questions regarding capability hearings, as currently employer has implemented a stage 1 meeting. 1, They have to give two working days notice, when does it start? For example, I receive a letter on Saturday which was dated on the Friday for a meeting on Tuesday, is that right, if 2 working days surely the meeting would be Wednesday at the earliest or is it not full working days? 2, If signed off during week where meeting is can employer demand you attend the meeting? Thanks.
  3. Today the form has arrived. Was due in January 2016 so i had some peace. 4 years since the last one came and i was left in support group. There doesn't seem much in the way of real sensible questions, some really silly ones that i just despair at. But the sentence that says i can use extra sheets if needed will mean quite a few pages that cover all the important things, the things that really matter. Its a good job i/we have a few weeks to do it, my daughter/carer will be helping. I will need to give this form as one example of things that stress me out and make my
  4. Hi. As some of you may know, I'm having problems with my employer. Their latest "trick" was to call for a capability meeting (I have a "protected characteristic) So far, ok. I have no problem with that... We (Union Rep and I) went through. We discussed it, we all agreed on a slight amendment to my work. Basically, they agreed to curtail the amount I drive. The agreement was three days a week, I would be limited to under 200 mile, and I would agree that the other two days, I could do over that amount, but not over 300. The people there were: Head of HR. My Line M
  5. Hello and thank your reading, I unfortunately suffer from the following which I take medication for: Spinal Injury - Long term disability affecting movement, loss of feeling in legs and feet Chronic Pain due to spinal injury and herniated discs Depression ADHD I missed my Work Capability Assessment as I had an infection, I called the centre prior to the appointment to tell them and I also visited the GP and obtained medication.I was told that I would receive a letter from the DWP asking why I missed the appointment. I subsequently received the form, I completed the form com
  6. Hi, I'm in a very complex situation and I am loosing my mind and health over this. I was wondering if anyone can assist me, greatly appreciated. Around this time last year I was asked to submit a medical form for WCA, which followed by a face-to-face assessment. My WCA for ESA scored zero points and I submitted my case to Tribunal for review. I believe I meet 4 descriptors for the Support Group. I am currently waiting for a hearing date. The medical WCA assessment outcome in 2016 recommended Work Related Activity for 12 months indicating that I could be ready for work (possib
  7. My wife lost her job over 3and a half years ago, after having a nervous breakdown. She now suffers from depression, has anxiety attacks and has agoraphobia. she has been suicidal and has other health problems. When she lost her job, she was assessed (by a woman who could hardly speak a word of English, at Five Ways House in Birmingham) and had Contribution based ESA for almost 12 months. As a consequence of her poor assessment, she wasn't put in any group. Since her contribution based ESA has ended, she receives nothing in the way of benefits, as she isn't entitled, as she doesn't si
  8. Envelope dropped on the door mat this morning, to which my boy retrieved it... oh not another bill but upon opening it to find what is was....Capability For Work Questionnaire... Oh balls....thought it had been to quite and I'd not been asked to see anyone at the JC since August.....Somewhere in my mind I knew it was coming... and here we go again.... The last time 2013..I completed it myself, went for the Atos medical and was kindly informed I was fit for work....appealed it.... won it and then got the JC within weeks of winning my appeal to see what they can offer " How they can h
  9. I have a question on capability dismissal. I have recently received First warning on my performance. The ground for it is an assessment that I had a month ago. I had few objections on the assessment (the way the assessment was done, range of questions etc..). I have raised these issues on the formal meeting with my line manager and HR representative, but I still got First Warning. The formal letter I have received is mentioning my right to appeal to one of CEO. I do not think that it will make much sense to appeal as I believe this is happening with management approval. But I do not think that
  10. :MAXIMUS: Who have two alternative names for their service; The Health Assessment Advisory Service, which is delivered by The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments. Have from today, 2 March 2015, become responsible for work capability assessments, which help to determine eligibility for employment and support allowance. Their Head Office Address for comments, complaints and queries about face to face assessments is; Customer Relations Team, Health Assessment Advisory Service, Room 4E04, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UA. For tele
  11. Hello, I'm after some advice. I have been absent from my place of work after an accident at work for nearly 18 months. The injury itself has been the reason why I have been off. I have at every stage sent my employers a copy of sick certificates so they are up to date with my current condition. However my immediate boss has sent a letter to me today stating that I have failed to keep in contact with them since July 2012 and they have had no certificates from me since October 2012 and they would like an update. This is untrue as I have sent a copy either the day my GP issued it or th
  12. Hello all. i started my claim for ESA at the middle of May 2014 and have still not yet had my WCA. I have just today received a letter from my local jobcentre(below) stating that i have a work focused interview in a few weeks time. As i said, i have not yet even been for my ESA medical, kinda feels weird that they would be discussing going back to work before they have even examined me? Do i actually need to go to this? i note its not signed by anyone nor is there mention of benefit sanction if i fail to attend. The reason for me being on ESA is through having to come o
  13. Hi all. My partner is being made redundant soon. He has worked for the company for over 11 years & has been given the required 11 weeks notice. He suffers from rheumatoid arthritis & the company were aware of this when he was employed. As is the way with this disease, his condition has deteriorated over the years & he has had increasing, but thankfully, short periods of absence, as flare-ups have increased in frequency & intensity. The company have not been unreasonable about this & the company doctor has examined him on several occasions & confirms that he falls wi
  14. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a meeting I have been asked to attend by my "so called" employer. The meeting is for a Medical Capability Hearing. Some background. In December 2011, I was rushed from work to the local A&E with a suspected heart attack. As a result, I was advised to take things easy for a while and I was signed off work for a period of 3 months. During the time off my health continued to take a downward trend, and doctors were baffled by my symptoms. It took a few months but I was eventually diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. As you can imagine,
  15. Last Sept I was told by my supervisor that a client I worked with had made very damaging accusations against me. I was so distressed I took some leave and was told by docs (mine and theirs) that I suffered from depression. Now many months later I still have problems and take medications. During a grievance proceedure I discovered that there were extraordinary safeguards in place to protect staff. This was never mentioned to me, nor was I advised the client had a history of making off the wall accusations. I won the grievance (just a tecnicality), attended an Absence Management (we cannot
  16. I was wondering if I could get some help of anyone. 4 weeks ago out of the blue I was taken in the office and handed a letter to say the company wanted to Have a meeting with me about my performance and gave me a copy of the capability procedure. I am not in a union and was allowed a representative with me, I chose an ex boyfriend who worked at the Company, but was told at first he wasn't allowed to attend, at this point I had a breakdown and the dr signed Me of sick. I've been off work approx 4 weeks sick, the 1st meeting got cancelled due to my mental health, the second mee
  17. hi just recevied my limited capability for work questionaire form,can anyone tell me when i fill form in and send it back ,how long it takes for atos to get in touch with me for my dreaded medical
  18. Hi Guys, First time poster on here, but have been reading the boards for a while. Wondering if anyone can advise which way to go with this: *Employed more than 12yrs by current employer *Had accident at work 13 months ago (employer admitted liability, PI claim in hand) *Unable to work full time since *Paid for all Injury Assessments myself (Employer refused) *Harassed to see the reports (i was happy to if they covered the cost to me) *Told in a meeting in Nov'12 I would be dismissed if I 'didn't get myself right' and would receive a letter the next day
  19. I am looking for some advice please, as well as any information on similar experiences. I have read through as many of the relevant threads during the last 4 days as I could find and would now request some help for my own case. On 21st January 2013 I was dismissed from the place I have worked at for over 8 years. I am yet to receive the paperwork so I cannot be 100% accurate on the terminology yet but the manager stated that I was being dismissed as he "wasn't convinced that I could provide regular and effective service in the future." A little history.... I had been off sick from
  20. I was dismissed from work last week, with my employer citing capability as the reason. I worked as a manager for the large, very well known company for 6 years. Until this spring/summer I had not had any absence or performance issues. However, a new general manager had arrived in October 2011 and had begun to make clear who they appreciated, and who they wanted out. This involved face to face meetings - no notes taken. I was told that my management style did not fit and that I would need to make big changes if I was to stay on the team. Soon after, I was advised formally that m
  21. Another DWP parrot gave no real answers, but Sheila Gilmore is still fighting our corner http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=11920&wfs=true
  22. So this has happened to a friend of mine. I haven't been at the company for a while now but I often catch up with him from time to time. Recently he hasn't been doing to well in his job, he's been there a good few years now but his targets have started to slip, so a few months ago he was placed on capability, understandably a bit miffed but accepted it. A week ago the line manager apparently sent out letters informing my friend of the date of his capability review, he did not receive this letter so the line manager asked verbally if he could attend. My friend told the line manager th
  23. Hi everyone how many points do people normally get when they have had their interviews and are placed in the support group.
  24. Wonder if anyone can give me a few pointers when I attend this meeting please? Brief history...was taken ill Feb 14th 2011 spent 5 weeks in hospital, in which time I had to have an operation to repair a ruptured intestine and after suffered many serious post-op complications, I have kept my work Manger informed of my progress or lack of it, supplied sick notes as needed. My sick pay ended after 26 weeks and am now on ESA(support) and DLA. I cannot return, as yet, to my employment due to my wound refusing to heal and being an infection risk, both for myself and the people I would
  25. It is my belief that soon I am to be Capability Dismissed by my company. They are coming down on me very hard and wanting me to return to work after being off since January of this year but I cannot give them an answer as to when I can come back to work as I simply don't know. I am classified as disabled and have been for some time. I have Spinal Stenosis and my consultant asked me last week if I worked and I said that I have been off sick since January and he said that was good because he is now sending me to the Pain Management Clinic. He said it was better I did not work and will ope
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