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  1. Thank you for your help. Crazy isn't it ... there are some people who would drive anyway whilst all this was getting sorted and if stopped and charged could still drive until the court hearing and then a magistrate would listen then and maybe they might keep their license with a fine and points. just saying. I will be flagged now and number plate readers would get me stopped today if a police car happened across me. I love the "system"
  2. Thanx Bazza5. The form was late. Can't-do one of them online and after I told them my situation they told me to go to the post office. One that actually issues them which is actually in the middle of a shopping centre for me! I am guilty as charged. You couldn't make it up!!
  3. Any legal guys here need help In January I needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. My surgeon told me that I must inform the DVLA but to also tell them that I had fully recovered due to the procedure and me bionic heart. Soon after I told them by phone and they said I would get a questionnaire to fill in. The facts ----- Due to the questionnaire not being returned in time my driving license has been revoked. Following a telephone call today I was informed that My license will not be reinstated even though they have the said questionnaire in their possession. I have informed them that it will cause severe hardship and distress to me as a registered disabled person who needs a vehicle at all times. Even asking them what I should do they said to go to the post office and apply for a driving license. I told them that I couldn't because I am on my own and can't get there because of my disability. Not their problem basically! They did not get the questionnaire in time but can't tell me what law/guidelines they have in place and what grounds there are to have the license reinstated even temporarily until the whole thing is investigated. It is actually a paper exercise for their records because when I rang them the medical condition did not exist. You can legally drive with a pacemaker all you have to do is inform the DVLA. I also asked them how they can impose a punishment as harsh as revoking a license of a disabled person who is deemed fit to drive and why they can't come to a compromise now that they have the questionnaire. They told me that the time limit is 14 days from the date they send me the letter and I told them that I got the letter today dated 16/03/2018 informing me that it had been revoked?? I asked them how they could impose a time limit on something that they cannot prove I got never mind got late like the letter i got today? Does anyone know how I can fight this? Can they impose what is deemed a punishment on a time limit that is instigated on a letter that they cannot prove was received by me on time? Common sense would dictate that it be reinstated on a temporary basis now that the information has been received and is, in fact, a paper exercise. I cannot find anything in writing on the net stating when the time limit is imposed? Should it not be sent recorded if there is a punishment attached? Like they have the form but won't do anything because it was late and the letter i got today informing that my license was revoked was dated 16th March hence why I rang them??? PLZ Help
  4. Thanx Bazooka Boo ... I am not in a good place at the moment and am very stressed.
  5. Your wording may be misunderstood by some as saying that I am already being compensated and should not pursue this further. I will give the benefit of the written word not being read as intended in this case. Just to clear the matter up .. . I am not seeking compensation for injuries and hardship regarding the cause or effect of my initial injury or disablement. I am seeking seeking compensation for withheld monies that I was entitled to plus how I have been treated in this case leading to monetary and health hardship - nothing else is relevant in this case. Please read the initial post peeps before making irrelevant comments.
  6. Well guys got a call today from DWP telling me that there are no outstanding benefits owed to me. When i asked them where they got the power from to set aside a judgement by a judge in Tribunal the answer i got was "what Tribunal" .......................... I am struggling ! just answered another call and all funds will be paid into my account on Wednesday. Off to research seeking interest and damages once I get me dosh. For those who may feel that I shouldn't do this as they are public funds I will say this. I was entitled to this money - It was withheld unlawfully - I was treated awfully - I am disabled and in this position whilst wearing the Queen's crown on my shoulder. For these reasons and all the information in this thread I feel that I am entitled to some sort of compensation and that the DWP and similar Government departments should not get away with treating people so badly.
  7. Well latest call to them today told me that they tried to contact me (ye really hard) then left it. Looking on my file i was today informed that there are no outstanding benefit to be paid!!!!!!! I asked for all this in writing but first i had to agree to them calling me then when i get the call the guy repeats what i was told earlier and it now seems that i am back at square one. I have asked for them to put it all in writing to me so that i can look at what i need to do next. What a farce from beginning to end! No matter what happens I am going to seek damages as this has take n a huge toll on my health. Will update ................
  8. After a few phone calls etc finally got some sort of an answer yesterday ..... it will take 6-8 weeks as it had just been entered onto my account yesterday lol. So will wait for the funds and then onto claiming interest and compensation Watch this space!
  9. OK managed to get to a compromise. My son has been given a new work coach and all meetings/appointments will have a supervisor present at all times plus any instructions given to my son will also be recorded and a copy given to him in writing. Sooooo all is good. With them being aware of previous issues and me getting them overturned plus how i was treated in the past i am sure there will be no repeat
  10. Well well well this will interest some of you guys .... i gave up on the whole thing and put it down to experience. 2 days ago i got a letter from my insurers for me to contact them. Seemingly the other side refused to even accept 50/50 LMFAO!!! So i had the choice to drop the matter or proceed to court ... i chose the latter of course. PLUS i am going to write to the Chief Constable about the matter. The amount of stress (I suffer from PTSD etc etc) this has caused me is unbelievable! Watch this space as it will take a while for it to all come together.
  11. Yep thanx m8y .. I will try to sort it amicably. I will try getting their permission to attend the meetings with my son. Then i will start recording before i enter. If they attempt to search me then i will refuse and then it will go to the MP. I will update as i still cannot find anything concrete to say i have the right to record or they have the right to stop me etc etc.
  12. Without going thru all the reasons it is very clear that there is a need for audio evidence in my son's case. He received 4 warning letters on the same day, he rang DWP to sort them out and he also explained to his work coach. Knowing that they were all incorrect i attended to explain to the staff that they were incorrect but they still insisted they were correct. I rang DWP on my son's behalf and explained to them but they were also ignorant of the law. Shortly afterwards he was issued with 4 sanctions totalling 176 days of his total allowance. On one occasion i was discriminated against due to my disability which if i had recorded the meeting the member of staff would have been dismissed. At present i have had 3 of the sanctions overturned and the fourth is going to Tribunal. During all this my son had been told one thing and then following the instructions given he was then sanctioned on more than one occasion. All this happened without any evidence and following an SAR they had no telephone or video recordings at all even though they had security cameras in the office. This is where i step in .... to protect my son and myself from further abuse. I have given this plus even more examples of ignorance of the law by DWP staff but still they refuse to allow an audio recording of any future meetings etc. The only way that anything can be set in black and white is audio recording to prevent them from lying. If you guys deem these reasons not enough then so be it. My son's age is not relevant - my parenting and support skills are not relevant - my son's mental health is not relevant. All i am asking you guys is to help me out here not make assumptions as to any other factors. I have tried to get a general answer in this post but keep getting asked all sorts and it seems this one may go the same way no matter how much information i give. Please help me if you can. Am i allowed by law to record meetings with the DWP in a private room? If so can you link me to the web page plz. Thanx in advance.
  13. Hi there, does anyone know if the DWP can refuse to allow you to audio record meetings with a work coach at a Job Centre Plus? I have contacted my local Job Centre Plus office to ask for permission to audio record all future appointments but they have refused . Is there anything i can do about this?
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