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Found 2 results

  1. Well guys here i am again ... just search my posts. OK here we go ...... My son was on Universal credits and was hit with 4 sanctions 1 after the other for 28 days each with the final one being for 92 days due to the previous 3! He was under a "sick note" for 3 of them and the fourth was for not doing enough entries on hit work diary thing. I went to a routine meeting with my son and was met with what i would class as hostility. I am mobility impaired and on good days i can walk with a stick but i am in constant pain. So the first thing my son asked was if there was a chair for me me and his work coach said "your father can stand" Anyway after a lot of messing to get a chair and then to move from in front of her I got to work on why she sanctioned him for being unfit. A long conversation entailed with her constantly repeating that all was correct i left telling her that she was ignorant of the law and needed further training. If you had been there to see the way i was treated and also my son i am sure you would have not kept control. I helped my son get the sanctions lifted and then luckily he got a job as this one at the DWP was after him for sure!!! The problem now is that he was fired due to not being able to keep up with his duties. I am now very concerned that the DWP will do what they can to make his life unbearable. Is it possible to get permission to accompany my son and to speak on his behalf as he finds things difficult to understand at times and a lot of things just go over his head. Also is it possible to video record all appointments as they either lie or AS THEY SAY "IGNORANCE IS NOT AND EXCUSE" so they are lying to him or are ignorant to the law as i have proven on numerous occasions so i know they are after us!!! What can i do to protect my son and also myself from being targeted??
  2. Namaste All.... I had a visit from the good people of Rossendales. ..well their bailiff actually. ..nice chap, very pleasant etc. ..He gave me some paperwork to fill in regarding my council tax bill which was about £1500....give or take. I filled in the required paperwork showing income and expenditure, indicating that I could only afford £30 per month repayment, and mailed it off to them. The reply I got was that they would only accept £400 per month. ..totally unacceptable. I got in touch again and said that they could take the goods to the value.. ..which was the proposition on the bailiffs paperwork ...they REFUSED it. ..turned me down...LOL. I have a brand new range cooker in my hallway, retail value of about £1600 and they could have had that with pleasure. ..they would have been doing me a favour by taking it...still they refused. They suggested that I redo and revise my paper work and resubmit it...which I did yesterday. They have now decided to go to my employer and take from my earnings 5%. ...and guess what that comes to????.. .£30. ..yes £30 ...the amount I offered in the first place. What a convoluted way of going about things!.. .I howled with laughter on the phone to them not so long ago, asking which genius worked that one out...ROFL I just had to see the funny side of this...because I knew there was one... I am not belittling anyone else's dealings with Rossendales ...and do not want to come across as such.. .What tickled me was the way that they could not deal with anything "outside of the box". They seem to have off pat answers that are scripted. I think I broke the mould that day. Another plan that I came up with was this.. ..The bailiff did not actually see my goods that he wanted to take if the money was not paid.. .but we came up with a kitchen table, a small TV a chest of drawers, a tumble dryer and a 3 piece suit. I got on to my local "Freecycle" website and began collating the items that he had agreed to ...the idea behind this was that he could have the goods that we had agreed.. .they would of course be courtesy of "Freecycle" In theory the debt would be paid off once they went to auction and I would still have my furniture etc. ..but, as I said earlier. ..Rossendales did not want my furniture.. .or the range cooker that I offered.. .and they have ended up with the amount that I offered in the first place. ..If they had said yes 3 weeks ago we would not have had this hassle. ..LOL Regards TDMJ xxx Namaste
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