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  1. Thank you, I was feeling a bit unhappy at the prospect of having to write to both- but this makes it easier.
  2. You shouldn't feel embarrassed, it was their fault. It sounds like it may be from your adviser, but if I were you I wouldn't feel safe replying to any job adverts on it. It's highly unprofessional to send out other customers data in an email. If you do wish to complain, it's probably a good idea to go higher up. As others have said it probably would be easier to brush under the carpet otherwise- they're not going to discipline them self are they! Although not a hugely serious breach of data protection, it's clearly not policy to do that. You can be sure if this had been you breaching their policy, you would get sanctioned to the fullest extent policy allows.
  3. It's getting a request to the right place, that's tricky. ATOS claim they have a records department- but would not give me address. So I can't find the address for where to send the request. I've done access requests before- to council, police & GP. The last two charged me £10 fee each & it also took many months to get the information. I don't know if I have that long before they may stop my claim. When I phoned up I was passed back & forth between ATOS & DWP. They both claimed the other was responsible for data. So I will probably need to apply to both, as they both claim to have something.
  4. Sorry to post again, but there must be a senders address or ID to compare it with somewhere. If you right click on it while in your inbox, to view message source or full header. That should give you where it originated from.
  5. Possibly just an error then. But if you don't have their email address on it, how can you be sure it was from them? If the addresses you received include a spectrum of a-z addresses, then they probably had few clients have this happen to them. If the clients addresses are for example aa-ac names, then this probably will have affected many people. I wouldn't waste my time complaining if I were you though. If this did come from your adviser, it would be easy to confirm via the handy clients list. But from my experience they don't bother to investigate things like this, as they have few staff to deal with it. Unless you can prove you have suffered personally from it- you're probably wasting your time
  6. Do you have the senders email address? Addresses sent via JCP would surely contain same digits at end eg Wokingham council would be wokingham.gov.uk If you've ever been on a work program, maybe it's possible your details could have been given to a third party private employment recruitment service, who claim to be acting on their behalf? It does seem highly unprofessional for JC to do that, unless the person was new.
  7. I had this once from the counsel when a policy was changed. It was just a case of inept staff being told to send to all- uploading all addresses they held & cc everyone, with all addresses still being visible. Another time an independent investigator, investigating a complaint against council for me (unrelated matter)- had their email hacked. I hadn't dealt with this investigator in 2 years, but he still must have had me in his address book & the hacker sent emails which had clearly been cc to all in his address book. The hacker was pretending to be him, asking us via attachment to input facebook log in- clearly bogus.
  8. Thanks for replies. I was on Income support as I had a child under 5. I was forced to attend a 6 monthly work focused interview in August & at that interview was told I would be changing to ESA 'soon'. The adviser filled some form in while I was there, but I couldn't see due to my migraine. It couldn't have been the ESA claim form- surely that would ask more than just list diagnosed conditions? Due to memory problems, I need forms sent to me & an advocate to go through them- I told her that. She only said the form was so I could keep getting benefit in the mean time until the claim form arrived. But going by what I've been told, if they have an ESA claim form it could only have been done by that adviser without my knowledge or input. If she was doing the ESA claim form for me, would it stand? They don't accept me stating over the phone that if they have one already it's fraudulent? I tried to say that I wanted an access request to see it, DWP claimed they would send a copy of the ESA claim form to me- but I don't believe they will. Since then I've had a lot more stress anyway though & my problems have subsequently become much worse. I cancelled the ATOS appointment & refused to rearrange. They said I would receive a letter asking my reasons for not going. I did give some over the phone, but did say there were too many to give all due to my poor memory. I have a feeling they probably won't send that form either though & will claim I already gave reasons- they are so sneaky! My advocate is very busy & I'll probably not be able to see her for several weeks.
  9. Hello, I have a few problems that are a bit confusing to me. I phoned DWP to find out what info they have on me, as I was recently called to an ATOS assessment, there is no way I could attended. DWP say they have a completed ESA- which ATOS now have. Which I wasn't aware of, as I've never filled one in? They said ATOS had it, so I phoned them to try to find out who did it. So I phoned ATOS who claimed that they didn't have an ESA, but had receive an ESA50 from me last year (interesting considering I've never even been sent one ever).So I asked for a copy of it, they claimed they no longer have it as it was done last year. Gave me ATOS records number, who say they have had it, but can't discuss it I must contact DWP. DWP refuse to acknowledge that I've not filled an ESA claim in & swear they have one. But now claim they know I haven't received an ESA50 in. I'm getting really confused because all I've ever been asked to do with this claim is my name/dob/gp. I was asked this by letter & by JC lone parent adviser. I really wish them to have the information regarding my difficulties, but it looks like they are doing everything they can to prevent me. They just claim it doesn't matter anyway as my GP would be asked to confirm my problems. But how are they going to do that, if they don't even give me a chance to say my problems? I have many problems, my worst are un-diagnosed- but just as debilitating none he less. My GP also thought I may have 'Hidradenitis suppurativa'. But refused to diagnose without seeing the private area, which I refused. I have aspergers & don't even wear skirts as it shows my legs! But after reading of someone else posting how they were diagnosed with it & it got ignored anyway, what is the point? If they contact my GP all he may confirm is depression/anxiety, migraines & aspergers. They will have nothing of the severity- such as the migraines causing loss of vision/agony. Or my other problems abscesses, black outs, incontinence etc. They really don't care if you kill yourself getting there or will sh*t yourself in the waiting room- do they! I guess if I had gone & killed myself on way, they would just claim I chose to attend! Is there anything I can do to make DWP aware of my difficulties please? As I will have missed whatever the JC adviser did by seemingly putting through the claim fraudulently without my knowledge- which seems to have got me paid WRAG ESA at present.
  10. Can I ask how you can get internet link without a phone line please? I would love to go without phone, but can't get internet without it- how is that possible?
  11. Thanks I know what an ESA50 form is, I have just phoned DWP & they claim that people don't always have to receive one before being sent for ATOS 'medical' assessment- in other words covering their backs for their error. So I have requested to be sent one now. The form that said ESA35 was not an award notice, it just asked me to confirm my address/GP/name of diagnosed conditions. I wouldn't have received contribution based anything though, as I haven't work in approx 10 years? Thank you
  12. I was sent a form called ESA35 in August to my old address, moved in September. This was just before I was told would need to change from Income Support. But no ESA claim form was sent to me & no ESA50. Is this right to only get ESA35 which only asked for the conditions I have, GP address, but nothing else- then be called for ATOS assessment now.
  13. The problem is my situation changed. I managed to go to a JCP worked focused interview about 6 months ago. At the JCP meeting the employee said I must switch to ESA & that there was a form that needed to be filled in right away, to keep getting benefit. As she could see that I had dark glasses on & I informed her I couldn't see, she said she would fill it in for me. She asked only 1 question- 'what are your conditions', most of my problems are un-diagnosed, also at that point I had not been diagnosed with autism yet. I now think this was the ESA claim form- but she didn't ask me to sign anything? So I haven't had any chance to report my problems- I'm not sure how they could accept that? And as I didn't get a questionnaire before hand, I've had no opportunity to state my problems. So I really don't think they can ask me to go, surely I have to sign something- are they allowed to pass my details to ATOS without consent. I've not signed anything for this. The last time my support worker helped me fill any forms in, to claim any benefit must have been few years ago! I don't go out now & find the light/people everything unbearable too.
  14. No didn't contact money saving expert, I don't usually go on forums. I only found this one by typing ATOS into search engine. I think I should contact DWP or ATOS, so will do that on Monday. If I had got to fill the questionnaire in, maybe they wouldn't have told me to go to the assessment. I did think it seemed strange that they didn't have any info in advance. But maybe they just assumed I refused to fill one in or would've asked me to while there? Question answered- it may be important to try to get one. Thanks everyone for the replies.
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