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  1. ok, anything I do about it, debt in my name house in mine and partners name, plus we have kids under 18, dont want them to make me sell. I deally would like no CO on house but that doesnt look good. Seen a few posts that suggest to let them have it, then feww years down the line offer a settlement, as they need to wait for me to sell the house and that could be many years from now. Doesnt it look bad on their side that they have not sent me any letters regarding this and 2 in the in 1 1/2 years?
  2. nope no payment plan, cant remember why they did return it was ages ago. they havent contacted me regarding a payment plan themselves.
  3. I did came back from court and never resubmitted. No contact from them at all. No letters asking for money nothing.
  4. Just got the paperwork about charging order on the house. This is the 1st letter from them apart from advising me a few weeks ago that they were going for a CO. Nothing sine the court case back last year.
  5. Yes sorry for the repost. So N245 to court then Any reason why its taken them over a year to send me a letter and this is the 1st one from them apart from a letter from the court with the outcome.
  6. Letter received today from Howard Cohen. Potential Charging Order If sum of 10k+ is not paid within 10 days. CCJ against me judgement was 08/16. Only now has they decided to write to me after the court case over a year ago. Is it time for N245 to offer payment and let court decide my payment plan. Also house in 2 names mine and my partners with 2 kids under 18.
  7. ok , letter this morning with a new court date, not our local court, but one 80 miles away. She doesnt want to contest it, wants to plead guilty take the fine and the points. Letter states the defendant MUST come to court or a warrant will be issued. Suggestions?
  8. The woman on the phone mentioned that Marston had been emailed and so had the prosecutors office, one would then assume that the stat dec was valid.
  9. ok what is it Option 1. Make an appointment at a court? Is it my local court or the court where the speeding charge was heard? 2. I wait till paperwork comes through. Had none yet. Take what the person told me at the court that stat dec was correct etc etc 3. Wait till bailiff turns up again and gets a locksmith.
  10. Sorry I am lost here. I sent a stat dec in, bailiff who has power to call a locksmiths and force entry comes, informed that sta dec sent to court, I am advised by court that marstons has been informed not to enforce. Yet the link tells me that an apperance in court is needed. Other half hasent been to court. if bailiff has the right to enter then why didnt he? Unless of course the stat dec has been infront of a judge and they are trying it on. All will be revealed when I call the court tomorrow and find out when Marstons were informed.
  11. Ok so stat dec sent 20th Feb, Marstons told to hold off till the 6th, so technically 2 weeks. Then it would have gone infront of a judge and it would have either been declined or accepted. Then why as its the 14th do we not have any acknowledgement of this? If it has been declined why has Marstons not enforced it? ie called locksmiths Why did he just leave? Why did the court say it has been accepted?
  12. So if correct then this section (5) Where the defendant serves such a declaration, in time or with an extension of time in which to do so, and the case began with a single justice procedure notice— (a)the court must treat the single justice procedure notice and all subsequent proceedings as void (but not the written charge with which the case began); And to send the stat dec in a classed as serving.
  13. This is from here on another post. If you were unaware of the fine being issued or correspondence had gone to a previous address, then the ONLY way to get this debt away from the bailiff and returned to the court is by way of a Statutory Declaration. A valid statutory declaration will REVOKE the Distress Warrant and all bailiff fees will then have to be removed. A Statutory Declaration can also be made AFTER a person has had to pay a bailiff to avoid the removal of their goods. It is important to be aware that a Statutory Declaration should be submitted within 21 days of becoming aware of the fine. This will need to be sworn in front of a solicitor and should cost just £5. The Statutory Declaration must then be either faxed to the Magistrates Court where the fine originated from or taken there in person. The bailiff MUST then withdraw all enforcement. Doesnt mention anything about it needing to be put infront of a judge.
  14. Sorry to ask this question, why then ever fill out a stat dec if a bailiff can still come and use a locksmith, if you have to wait for it to be heard, that could be weeks or months.
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