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  1. Whats the next step as there isnt much to go on?
  2. Its for a credit card. I thought that a CCA request would then have all the details ie statements terms and conditions etc. Do I need to SAR them instead? 1st Letter Received So sent request. Lowell.pdf This is their reply
  3. Hi Received a letter before action so sent a CCA request back They have returned with a digital signature application form but there is nothing stating the credit limit, % Apr. 1.Is this enough for them to proceed to court? On another note, I am in the process of moving house, 1. Do I legally need to inform them of me moving house? 2. If my mail is returned to them but they issue court proceedings to my old house and I dont get the paperwork, does that reset the time? ie if I left appealing the CCJ until after the 6 years? 3. How do you defend digital signatures?
  4. I thought that HCEO acting on a CCJ get to charge more? So are you saying that he can only charge £75+VAT Notice and £235+VAT for 1st visit, what about any other visits?
  5. Thanks Andyorch will get her to fill in the details Also are the fees wrong? 1st Letter was £715 then 2 weeks later Debt was £833 plus £90 compliance fee Total £923.35 £190 1st Enforcement - no proof as I work from home and was in the day he said he came £495 2nd Enforcement I make it £1490 not £1750 What fees am I missing?
  6. Yes still at same address, car (in my name) is parked on a road and the CCJ is in her name. I work full time - not married - she doesnt work and only claims child benefits and working tax credits. 2 Dependents. Go down the N245 to suspend the warrant and or reduction in the instalment order? Both 1st one or 2nd one.
  7. She had questioned the bills on numerous occasions as being so high. I thought she was dealing with it and at least paying something. She just buried head in the sand. Only found about it as got another for water rates, so I called up and paid that off before court action. This CCJ is a a few years old i believe. Again buried her head in sand and chose to ignore it.
  8. Hi Just had a visit from a HCEO over a water debt that went to court and a CCJ was awareded. Initial debt was £715,45 as of Nov 2019 17th December the debt has risen to £933.20 with Compliance Fee of £90 7 Jan 2020 Debt risen to £1154.50 apparently a visit, but no paperwork was left. Paperwork left today £1750.94 Not my debt - partners debt They did not come in. Initially when I found it was passed to Marstons, I called anglian water asking them to transfer it back and I would settle the balance, they said they couldent. Do they ever pass it back to the creditor? How long will this take? Are the fee correct as not had a breakdown. Suggestions on what to do?
  9. ok, anything I do about it, debt in my name house in mine and partners name, plus we have kids under 18, dont want them to make me sell. I deally would like no CO on house but that doesnt look good. Seen a few posts that suggest to let them have it, then feww years down the line offer a settlement, as they need to wait for me to sell the house and that could be many years from now. Doesnt it look bad on their side that they have not sent me any letters regarding this and 2 in the in 1 1/2 years?
  10. nope no payment plan, cant remember why they did return it was ages ago. they havent contacted me regarding a payment plan themselves.
  11. I did came back from court and never resubmitted. No contact from them at all. No letters asking for money nothing.
  12. Just got the paperwork about charging order on the house. This is the 1st letter from them apart from advising me a few weeks ago that they were going for a CO. Nothing sine the court case back last year.
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