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  1. That’s because I kept getting letters saying it was being transferred from one court to another this went on for some time,I only got the confirmation of the 9th may being the court date 2 weeks ago
  2. I don’t know how to put that info up sorry, I am in court on the 9th may , I am not at all technical sorry
  3. Thank you so much! I have already posted it off at 4pm 15/11 and really wish I had put the builder down now but hey ho. , but this is still of immense help to me, lots of reading to do, Thank you so much again! I have hope x
  4. Is it not the same thing? Ultimately if they get an order when we sell they get their money?
  5. Thank you, I have just sent the completed n181 forms off , I put myself as a witness and my ex partner, I didn’t submit any directions. The court claim is against me and my ex partner but I have no idea of his intentions, this is all for him anyway his parents are only doing this so he gets the lions share of the equity they ultimately want an attachment on the house which whenever it’s sold and has to be paid back they will just give straight to him because the money was never a loan it was a gift to him but like I say they didn’t trust him with money so paid for an extension on the house instead
  6. Thank you very much for your help, Do I have to submit a draft directions? Can I not just fill the directions questionnaire in ? When they say on their draft directions “ unless the parties agree in writing or the court orders otherwise , the fees and expenses of the expert shall be paid to her by the parties equally.” Does this mean i have to pay her because I simply can’t afford it
  7. Thank you for that! The break down of steps is a huge help. I don’t have any witness statements because there isn’t any do I just put myself down? The same with expert reports the handwriting specialist they have should be suffice. They are claiming half of the expenses of the handwriting expert. Does the ex partner have to file something I don’t know where he stands in all this, what happens if he didn’t defend the claim?
  8. Hello thank you for the reply’s, I’m sorry I’m not really understanding anything it is a fast track case which I have no idea what that means so do I have to give some draft directions like I have received from them? I have no idea where to start I have written a statement a to submit and that is it
  9. Originally the letters and demands were addressed only to me Since I mentioned this to them and since the court action it has been in both names It’s just a formality they are not pursuing their son really they are protecting his interests in the house and with the money that was really meant for him it has been spent on the house they are trying to get an attachment on the house for the “loan” amount.
  10. Hello, thank you for your reply. My defence simply said, I did not sign this document , I was at work that day, there was never any indication of a loan it was a gift. I did not request any documents, I didn’t know I could, I have only just found this forum , I wish I had found it earlier, I’m sorry I don’t know what CPR is. The other day I received a copy of their questionnaire through the post and in it there was a time line of events when things have to be in by and in brackets next to them should be dates but they are blank. In this questionnaire they have instructed a handwriting expert to verify my signature. How can I prove I was at work that day? Could I ask for my clock card. Do you think I could ask for more time also? Thank you Sorry I don’t seem to have a date for the hearing but the directions questionnaire needs completing by 16 th November and it has things like witnesses on it, so would this be used in court? I was going to put myself down as a witness, as I said I have received a copy of there’s and my ex father in law is one and the builder is the other which I can’t understand because before I left they were definitely pursuing him, I can only think they have said they will drop whatever they are pursuing him for if he will help them it’s all very nasty and devious. I thought as well with them having regular access to a solicitor and having the available funds if it was a loan originally why not get the solicitor to draw something official up at the time as they thought nothing of sending (what felt at the time like bombarding me) with letters from the solicitor at what £150-£200 a letter.
  11. Hello, can anyone help me to fill in this directions questionnaire, it is a long story I have to tell. Myself and My Partner were living in a two bedroom bungalow that we purchased in 2006 we have 3 children now and the bungalow was too small but we couldn’t afford to move, his parents (who at the time were giving £50k to my partners brother and sister) said they would pay for an extension to our bungalow to the same value (because they didn’t trust him with money) this was great my partners dad instructed a builder (sorry trying to make this as short as possible) who built the extension (started April 2016 finished July 2016) I had no say in who was contracted to build I did have a say in the kitchen as long as I kept it below a certain figure and the bathroom, the builder was a shoddy worker in my opinion, told us we had to move out for a couple of days while he knocked through meanwhile 3 months later and still living at my parents while the builder (a friend of my partners dad) a man in his very late 50s and one other person was coming to my house at 9 am and leaving at 2 I left for work and to drop kids at school at 8:30 and came home around 2:30 there was no chance to speak to the builder I even took a day off work just so I could catch him to talk to (he was working on the roof and left my house exposed and the rain had poured into my kitchen hallway loft which I still had all my property in which got ruined) when I finally got to talking to him to ask why he left the house exposed why we were supposed to be moved out only for a few days and why it had turned into months he simply replied I am not working for you. My partners dad was not much help either he only used to come to give the man his cheques to which I didn’t even know how much was being paid out, eventually his dad realised he was being taken for a ride had an argument with the builder the work was botch finished and that was that. My partner then asked me in around November 2016 could I sign this piece of paper as my dad has spent so much on the house , it’s to do with tax , he said, so I did. Around December 2016 I was aware my father in law was pursuing the builder for shoddy unfinished work through a solicitor (the building work cannot be signed off until further works are finished which the builder has just ignored requests to come back and do) March 2017 I left the home with my 3 children after suffering domestic abuse I moved in with my mum and dad, on the 31st March I received a solicitor letter from mum and dad in law saying I owe them £47k. Before extension my bungalow worth £130k Then on 14th April another letter showing a loan agreement I had supposed to have signed on the 2nd April 2016 and with a valuation of my Home (£145k) and offering to buy me out for £5000. I was flabbergasted I could not afford legal help I just didn’t reply, in August 2017 I received another letter informing me they intend to go to court to recoup this money (all the while their son is living in the house and has changed the locks) i received the court papers and filed a defence but I’m just stuck now, I have this questionnaire to fill in by 16th November , I’m just annoyed that my house was worth £130k before works took place ive spent 11 years of my life paying my mortgage had the work not been done to sell it and split the interest I would have been looking at around £28k to walk away with, it’s had £47k spent on it and now it’s only worth £145k I know the money was really for him and they can have it back for him (which is why they are doing it) but the fact they controlled the whole thing (we have a builder living next door and the build should have only come to £35k had we had any say) it just annoys me they are calling it a loan when it wasn’t at all, surely if it was a loan discussion about repayment would have taken place, time scales etc the fact they only asked me for the repayment not both of us and the works have not been worth it and eaten into the interest already built up in the property. I am now in rented house with my children who’s father has not paid one penny towards since I left has not seen them since July I contacted child maintenance he has denied paternity of two of them (just to get out of paying, although he thought, he is obviously the father and the results have showed that so he is supposed to make payments now but hasn’t because he has put a change of circumstances in with the cms but he still has to pay (I am still waiting though, I won’t hold my breath) just trying to paint a picture of the people I’m dealing with) meanwhile I’m working two jobs just to try to provide my children with some sort of nicer life. the best thing about this is being free, now , we are all so much happier. To be fair they are going to get the attachment on the house which is what they are going to court for to ensure their sons interests because money talks I can’t afford a solicitor to help me I want to fight it all the way the best I can because it wasn’t a loan it was a gift. The “loan agreement” which I am supposed to have signed is an a4 piece of paper with this sentence on it “ we hereby loan the sum of £50k ( fifty thousand pounds) to (my partner name) and (my name) of (my address.) The loan is subject to an interest of 0% and is repayable on demand. Then my signature his signature and both parents signature I didn’t sign this I signed something in November 2016 not on this dated 2nd April I was even at work that day. Has anyone got any advice what so ever? Please xx
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