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  1. Hi, Please could someone help. i have received court papers from Lowell Solicitors and have borrowed the money and paid it off, but do i still have to fill in the forms from the court? all it says is, 'if you admit the debt, either pay in full to Lowell or ask to pay in instalments' if i have paid is that an end to it or does it still go to court? sorry if I sound a bit stupid, but it just isnt clear! Tia
  2. Hi, I was taken to Court by NPower about 2 years ago for a utilities debt of around £750.00, i was allowed to pay it off in 3 monthly payments which i did, a couple of months ago i got a letter and a refund of £282.00 and an apology for the delay in spotting that i had been overcharged. the annoying thing is, that if the original debt had been £282.00 less i could have borrowed the money to pay it off and avoid getting a CCJ. Can a CCJ be removed if the company later realises they made a mistake? thanks
  3. Hi, thank you for your replies. Shall I just pay Spark direct then? I do accept the bill is correct, I just don't have that kind of money to pay it off. thanks
  4. Spark are a utilities company they provided my Gas and Electric for a while (estimated readings nightmare). they passed the debt to zinc now it looks like its been passed on again. thanks
  5. Hello I have got a debt with Spark for £1110.10, I have been passed over to Zinc I emailed them and offered to pay £5 per month, they agreed to this and said they would get in touch with Spark to see if I could pay this rate for the next 24 months rather than the usual 12. whilst still awaiting an answer to this and a date to start paying the £5 I got a phonecall from BW Legal who said they were dealing with this and wanted to go through income/expenditure, I asked them to ring during my dinner hour, they didn't, I rang them and they s
  6. they are mostly pretty recent, there is one fro the 1980s (Barclaycard) that is with Lowell now i did ask for the signed credit agreement for this as advised on here, and they supplied it.
  7. yes, unfortunately loads!!! but i have been on here a lot and have managed to get them all in order with payments i can afford for the moment until my circumstances improve or i win the lotto !!!!
  8. thank you for that, the debt is only about 12 months old and didn't take out PPI. im sure there were charges put on though for non payments when things got tough, do you think i could claim these back?
  9. Hi could anyone give me some advice, I have a debt with capquest from a catalogue (one of many debts accrued when my husband lost his job) i wrote to them offering them a £1 a month as the rest of my creditors have all accepted, today i have got a letter off drysdens Fairfax solicitors with reference to the capquest debt asking me to fill in their financial questionnaire and provide 2 recent payslips. do i have to provide payslips to them? im not trying to hide my wage or anything just that it has all my personal info on like national insurance number. should i do what they ask? thanks in
  10. oh that is brilliant, thank you for taking the time to do that for me! i am going to put details in now and send today, thank you
  11. lol......unbelievable!! thank you
  12. will do, thank you for your help.
  13. Hi please can anyone help me. Capquest have taken over a couple of debts if have with catalogues, i am not in a good place (in my head) at the mo because of all my debts, i have started on anti depressants and am going to start to sort this out! i have got letters from capquest (which i havent opened yet), but i intend to open and write to them with an offer, but, they rang my work last week and i told them they had not to ring here as i cant take personal phone calls, the lady agreed to remove the number but wouldnt get off the phone saying i needed to sort the debt out, i said i would wri
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