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  1. Can anyone help I’ve had a letter telling me I will be getting a call to have my pip claim assessed over the phone I’ve been on DLA for years was put on indefinitely with bad Arthritis I have since got Other health issues Trigeminal neuralgia and depression should I let them no about these new problems or will they just be interested in what I claimed for in the first place Thank you
  2. dillon21

    Tax code change

    Thank you so much for explaining that to me much appreciated
  3. dillon21

    Tax code change

    Sorry it was 1250l before shielding he
  4. dillon21

    Tax code change

    Good Afternoon not sure I’m in the correct place but just received notification from employer my husband as just gone back to work after shielding we are on UC he’s only doing part time but his tax cone as gone from 1250 BR to 605 T could anyone explain why this would be nothing’s changed since before covid apRt from claiming uc thank you
  5. Hi south west water is the company The amount is £2100 This is to get a stayed lifted i did not get back to the court in time allowed thank you for taking time to reply
  6. We have received a notice of hearing application form by our local water board is there any way we can stop the hearing I’m under the doctor for depression and having counselling at the moment this is just about the last straw I can’t deal with it any advice welcome I’m afraid I haven’t dealt with the previous letters in time they were late getting to the court could I write to the company and ask them to hold off appeal to them thank you
  7. Do you know how they are working out who gets seen and when I thought it was by pstcode but like I say have heard nothing at all Thanks
  8. Hi I have heard absolutely nothing About an assessment for Pip I know people who have how is the process working
  9. Ok will do its only the amount on the balance as gone up
  10. Hi Could someone help,please I have been sent a multiple of statements from Cabot about a credit card the debt was for an M&S card but the case was discontinued in the court years ago could anyone advise why these may have been sent Many Thanks
  11. Thank you so much guys so helpful if the court would not enforce this why did I get a claim form from them on the 15th Jan 2015 Also they are saying I have 14 days to reply and if I agree to a settlement figure they are instructed to send me a Tomlin order So if I just leave it they can't do nothing is this correct ??
  12. the court claim form was sent to me on the 15th Jan 2015 acknowledge by court on 27th Jan 2015 last letter from Mortimer Clark on 04/02/2015 saying they have received my defence then saying it relates to capital one credit card entered into on the 05/11/2002 to 22/05/2009 the debt as been assigned to our client cabot financial we have requested documentation from our client we shall forward this to you on upon receipt in the meantime the matter is put on hold
  13. Hi I will dig out all the paper work this evening and give all info I have thanks
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