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Found 24 results

  1. I have just joined the Community here for your thoughts and we thank you in anticipation of any help you may give. We had a questionnaire from Abbey Life regarding enhanced annuity. They state on the bottom of the letter with the enclosed questionnaire - 'Abbey Life did not offer enhanced annuities, but one may have been available to you from another provider if you were eligible, and therefore you may be due compensation.' So we wrote to them saying we consider we may have been entitled to an enhanced annuity via an Independent Financial Adviser. (They do say this questionnaire is in relation to the purchase of your Abbey Life - Joint Annuity.) They have now phoned because of the letter and we have arranged to talk to them Friday afternoon. 1. My husband had a Waiver of Contributions implemented as a result of an accident before he reached retirement age. He does not get a huge amount because he only took out what we could afford at the time . We had hoped to increase it over time, because his employer did not offer one, even so we were pleased we did a Waiver of contributions option. Note: He went onto have a TIA and now has a pacemaker. I also went onto have breast cancer in 2007. 2. Looking at the questionnaire in our mind it was not relevant - we thought he was committed to Abbey Life. In fact it starts off with 'Why did you contact Abbey Life ......' So our question is - (a) this person from Abbey Life is saying he could help us over the phone to complete the questionnaire. But we are wondering if we should be seeking independent advice now? (b) being my husband was already on 'Waiver of Contributions' then is he in a different category? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, need some advice if possible its for a friend of mine, she filled in a form for a credit card back in 2001 filled the form in and post it back to the abbey national and in the form she ticked the yes box for the personal protection cover, she filled the form in the branch, now she tried to claim misold ppi but they have refused her twice as they claim by ticking the ppi box she understood it was optional and it was her decision to purches the ppi,, they also claim they sent out policy documents which confirmed the ppi sale and even if this had not happened they still think you would have found benefits from the policy. can anybody give any advice on how to dispute this please,look forward to any advice thank you.
  3. Hi, I took out a mortgage with Abbey National in June 2003 and I was advised by the in branch adviser that it would be wise to take the paymentcare policy with the remortgage and additional loan which was added to the mortgage. I have been paying this every month at a cost of £52.55 - which by my calculations means I have paid £9511.55 to date. My issue is that I didn't actually require this insurance at the time of remortgage but the adviser stressed that it would be "very helpful" to my application. Wishing to get the loan agreed I took the paymentcare insurance out. The reason I didn't need it was because I would receive 6 months full pay from work if I was sick, followed by another discretionary 18 months at full pay if required. I also had life insurance with my employer 4 x annual salary so my loan obligations in case of sickness or death would be met. This original mortgage was paid in full when I sold the property. Would someone be able to advise whether I have reason for a claim and if so where do I start? Many thanks for your help.
  4. Good Morning I have been paying a debt management plan to payplan for over 10 years, following advice from this forum for which I am soooo grateful for I have sent CCA's off to all my creditors and awaiting responses. My abbey overdraft has been sold onto Cabot, I understand that I cannot sent a CCA. The last payment to them on my debt management plan was Dec 17. The balance is £588.19 What is the best way to proceed with this, should I send a SAR or set up a payment plan direct with them, are they likely to accept a F&F? Thanks for your advice/help in advance
  5. Hi I am looking for a little advice on how I should deal with a very old Santander (Abbey National) overdraft. Many moons ago (2007 – 2009) I had an Abbey account with a £3k overdraft, which despite me having my salary paid into this account, they decided to withdraw the facility giving only one months’ notice. (I believe this was the annual account review and my credit file had some adverse records on it). I was forced to move my salary and setup DD’s in another bank quite quickly and wasn’t in a position at the time to clear the overdraft. During the time the account was open they had charged me just over £3k in bank charges which didn’t include interest and in 2011 registered a default against me. Now I am in a far better financial position and would like to refinance to get better interest rates and perhaps go for a 0% balance transfer on a couple of credit cards. But this default will be on my file for another 8 months so is preventing me from getting favourable finance offers. What would be the best way to deal with this and would it be possible to have this default removed? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Covers22
  6. Hi All, looking for some info... I just had a call from one of these PPI Co's...telling me I could have been mis-sold PPI type insurance on my old mortgage, which is paid up... I was fairly sure I had not been, but I did wonder and thought maybe I should check it out and though I accept I do remember having a PPI policy, just did not really believe it was mis-sold, but I do not remember if they told me I was obliged to have it, like some people were told. Anyway I told them (The PPI Claim Co) I would check it myself, partly because I wasn't sure whether I had any case and partly because their fee policy was no win - no fee but if any award was made their cut was 35% + VAT (which I found rather greedy)... So I got to thinking, I should probably find out what I actually had, as I cant really remember to be honest...the problem being, I have very little or no paperwork, the mortgage in question was sometime around 2000-2002 poss earlier, and I have no idea who to contact or where to start. I did think I could just contact Santader but am not sure if this is the best place to start as it was all such a long time ago and I have no policy numbers or anything to give them... I did pick this up from another thread and wanted to confirm if CAG members agree this is also the best place to start for me: FAO: Leanne Carter Business Manager Customer Contact Team Subject Access Requests Santander PO Box 1111 Bradford BD1 9NQ Another question I have regarding this address, I always thought we sent such things as SARs and other 'official' paper comms as signed for delivery, and I thought you could not send a signed for to a PO Box? Can someone clarify this for us? Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any input from the group.
  7. Hi Can someone point me in the direction. Had a loan and credit card with Abbey National about five and a half year ago and would like to check if I had PPI on the loan, paid off the loan early after 1 Year, would also like to check credit card to see if I had PPI on that as well, was going to do a SAR but not sure how to go about it or who Imake the cheque payable to . Any help regarding this would be gratefully appreciated.
  8. Hi, I didn't realise that I need to get my mortgage company's permission to let my property, and I'm on the amazing 0.49% tracker mortgage from Abbey which I converted to around 2006 or 2007. If the T&C's mean that I might lose the 0.49% deal if I let the property, then I'd have to consider moving back in before Santander notices, so I don't want to ask Santander for a copy. I've Googled for a copy on the net, but can only find extracts from section 13.6 about the 3% collar. From this I know there is a 2007 reprint of the T&Cs. Please can someone more organised than me see if they still have a copy of the 2007 T&Cs and if there was a 2006 version then that also. Please scan the booklet and upload it somewhere and paste a link so I can see if the T&Cs allow letting? Thanks, Banjo
  9. Hi, this thread is to deal with the Abbey Credit Card which is part of my bigger debt problem found here, it explains how I got in this position and the overall debt mountain involved: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387784-Big-Debt-Problem...HELP I sent a CCA request to Arden on the 16th June and have heard nothing from them. Then I have received the other letter from Earlswood. I did send it recorded delivery but cannot find the slip with the tracking number, I have a stack of others! Any suggestions? Do I send the CCA again?
  10. Probably clutching at straws. I had an Abbey Loan prior to May 2000. I know it had PPI but unfortunately I have no details. I do have the number of the loan taken in 2000 which part was used to pay off the previous loan which had the PPI on. Abbey are saying they can only find one loan. I have asked my bank if they can help with anything showing the payments but too old. Surely if they have the other loan then they should be able to see how it was dispersed which will give them the details of the other loan. Is there anything I can do ???
  11. Hi, I don’t ever remember joining CAG but stumbled upon it again recently – wish I’d known about it years ago, the information and support I’ve seen here are amazing. I’m looking for some debt and DMP help, and would really appreciate people’s ideas and advice on my position. It’s grown pretty long but wanted to get down everything, so to anyone who reads it all a BIG THANKS! I have had a DMP since 2007 and would like to get these debts cleared off because they’re such a drain, but haven’t been able to contribute that much so the total is still big. I did try for an IVA originally, but that was rejected in June 2007, if it had gone ahead I’d be sorted by now. These are the details: 1. Abbey Loan, started in September 2006, now with Apex £25,000 outstanding. 2. MBNA Credit Card, opened in 1999, now with Link Financial £13,500 outstanding. 3. Co-op Credit Card, opened in 1989, now with Frederickson £10,200 outstanding. 4. HFC Loan, started in September 2004 still with them £3,800 outstanding. 5. Unsecured loan with NRAM, about £13,000 outstanding. Our mortgage was taken out in 2006 with Northern Rock, now with NRAM, and includes this unsecured part. They’ve stopped the interest on this part, but I’ve tried to keep up the full payments separate from the DMP because I was worried about its association with our mortgage. The Co-op CC has now come off my credit report, the others are due to by about May 2014, (except NRAM which is not listed as defaulted but a month in arrears) so that’s starting to improve. I haven’t paid for PPI on any of them. Here are a few questions. A. Abbey gave us a £25,000 loan but applied all of the interest right at the start instead of on an annual basis, making the initial balance £31685. So even though I’d paid £2,400 the default amount was £29,038. I haven’t seen this way of applying the interest before and if it had been applied monthly or annually I’d have defaulted on less. Is there anything I can do about this, like claim back interest that applied after the default? They didn’t apply any other charges. B. Is there any possibility of reclaiming any interest (on purchases) that is applied before the creditors accept a repayment offer and freeze interest? I’m not exactly sure when that officially happened, but the Co-op CC appears to have stopped after November 2007 and MBNA CC after December 2007. However the IVA application for example was in June 2007 and between then and November there was thousands in interest on the two CCs. Is there any possibility of reclaiming any of that extra interest? C. Because I stopped making minimum payments MBNA and Co-op started charging late fees at £12 per month and then when the balance went over limit due to the accruing interest, overlimit fees of £12 per month started. Total fees are about £100 each. Am I right in thinking it may be possible to get these refunded? (Although they are drops in the ocean!) D. I’ve read of people applying to see the original, signed CA. Some of mine were taken out a long time ago so they may not be able to produce the CA. Have I anything to lose by requesting them and if they can’t what does that mean for me? E. Many of these questions are a bit hopeful really, it’s just that I haven’t been able to save anything for a full and final payment and I worked out it would take another 27 years to repay all of these at the current rate! So really the main thing is any advice/ideas on anything I can do to avoid being saddled with these debts forever? Thank you for reading all this. It’s a lot, but I wanted to get all the important stuff in together. Many, many thanks in advance for your time and advice. J
  12. Dear All, I was wondering whether anyone might have a copy of Abbey's Standard Mortgage Conditions booklet edition 2006 (printed December). Thank you
  13. Hi, I was sold mortgage payment protection insurance. I feel that I was missold this as my employee benefits from my firm were sufficient and the Abbey/Santander insurance was an unnecessary expense. Please could someone tell me how to get this sorted. Should I contact Santander directly and just complain to them? Many thanks
  14. Hi everyone received a letter from Equidebt demanding nearly £1800 for a very old Abbey National debt. To be honest i'm not sure if it's an old overdraft or loan from when i worked for them. It's def SB i left them in 2001 & never heard anymore from them & haven't changed address. Do i just ignore equidebt's letter, or reply with a SB one. Thanks
  15. Abbey for Intermediaries is launching another seven day special where it will offer a two and a half-year fixed rate at 1.99 per cent. It is available from Friday, up to 60 per cent LTV for a £1,495 fee and is on offer to both homebuyers and remortgagers until the close of business on 14 March. The maximum loan size is £1m and is available exclusively through the lender’s key accounts. Abbey managing director Miguel Sard says: “Our latest seven day special has a market leading rate of 1.99 per cent and also comes with the added benefits of our homebuyer or remortgage solution. Available through all our key accounts, homebuyers and remortgagers can lock into this great fixed rate for two and a half years but it is only available for seven days so intermediaries and their clients need to take advantage while they can.” The homebuyer solution offers borrowers the added benefits of a free standard mortgage valuation and £250 cashback on completion, while the remortgage solution offers a free standard mortgage valuation, and either free legals or £250 cashback on completion. Abbey’s previous seven day special, a two-year fix at 2.49 per cent up to 75 per cent LTV with a £995 fee, finishes today. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/abbey-launches-199-seven-day-special/1067283.article .
  16. Hi, I have been sending various SARS and PPI Claim forms and started receiving some back. This thread is about Abbey, First National and Wagon Finance who are all part of Santander. I sent them a SAR request but they have written back (having cashed the £10 cheque) stating that they are unable to locate any details on me for any of these fiance companies. ("Santander are not obliged to comply with your request unless you have provided enough information enabling us to locate your data"). As I provided them with my DOB, all relevant addresses and current address I am unsure what else I can do. They also state that anything over 6 years may have been deleted from their data inline with their data retention policy. Can anyone suggest a way forward or is this just something I have to accept? thanks JJ
  17. Hi, OK, my Barclays claim is well underway, now I'm going after Santander. I've had a mortgage with them since '97 (Abbey in those days) with a £4.80 monthly insurance payment to Royal London. Couple of litle questions here, 1) Do I submit my claim to Abbey/Santander who sold me the insurance, or to Royal London, who are the recipients of the money? 2) Which is the correct spreadsheet for this? Many Thanks
  18. Many years ago a friend paid into a private pension for a couple of years until times were hard and he couldn't afford it any more. Every year the pension seemed to be worth less and less, and the transfer amount always made it a waste of time moving it. After about 25 years he took the pension as a triviality payment, but now wonders if there may have been some unfair charges which could be worth claiming back. What are the rules on what they could charge? The company was originally Target but over the years this changed several times, finally ending up as Abbey Life.
  19. Hello there I am guessing that you can send an SAR to, say Abbey Life, but can you use the standard letter, tweeking it a bit. I would like to have archived papers. Many thanks. SN
  20. I used to have an abbey account with overdraft - and was sent the letter below. As you can see they were taking my overdraft off me. 10 days later I get this letter as below So I go about my business as usual. Then in december i get about £90 in charges for some card payments with not enough money in acc and interest while overdrawn. Later I find out my overdraught was reduced to £350! Then some D/D's shot me over the new £350 limit. I am pretty sure I told them about the letter saying i have STILL got £600 limit and as far as i can remember i was told it was a mistake and they are stepping down my overdraft. From sending SAR to them some time ago I have noticed they said the charges will be taken jan 18th and they didnt wait till then and took dec 18th. Which was the same day i put a cheque in there from work and then it was mostly eaten by the charges THEN i find duplicated charges on the 18th jan anyway! for the same amount. More D/Ds bounced in jan and some other stuff which got taken by 18th feb. I spoke to abbey and was told there is nothing they can do so had no option to open an acc with another bank to stop they eating up all my wages! I was very annoyed they refused to help me, so the wrong thing to do i know.. but i defaulted with them and they closed the account. SO in this situation i got charged approx £210 and interest charges too. surely this is unfair? I want to claim bank charges back. Its roughly £600 from open to close of this account. Do i claim them all back? There charges then where £35 for unpaid D/D, £20 for overdraft thats not auth £20 and £30 for clearing visa card payment while overdrawn. So what do I do? thanks cagsters
  21. Hi, I had a bank account with Abbey, which defaulted with me owing approx 1850, mainly due to them paying direct debits with no money in the account and then charging me, anyway the account was passed to westcot credit services, who have I must say been very helpful, and am paying them off monthly. Recently I was awarded Working tax credit, for last tax year, and HMRC, paid the money into this account, as these were the bank details they held for me. Abbey had not returned the money to HMRC, contacted abbey who confirmed the money had been placed into my old, so called closed account, they said the account will still accept bacs payments!!! they would not return the money until i sent a letter to them, showing them what the money was for and from whom. HMRC suggested i send a copy of my tax credit award, which i did by recorded delivery, this was recevied over 2 weeks ago, no contact from abbey since. I was told the account had been sold to arrow global who would monitor the account via westcot. Today i received a letter from westcot. saying that reference numbers had changed and i noticed the balance of the account had dropped by the amount of money that was placed into the account, i have to date received no notification from abbey that they were going to do this!! are they allowed to do this?? any help gratefully accepted. regards brown frog
  22. I have tried to find a suitable place in the CAG forum to place this article,so I have decided to put it here. With the banks covering their tracks regarding rigging interest rates,money laundering,big pay offs etc. I wonder what Mr Richard Chang knew about Abbey before Santander took over.After an over zealous meeting with an offsite security firm,Mr Chang committed suicide. http://petereyrepatch.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/pandoras-box-what-happens-when-you.html ---------- PART 3,CONCLUDING PART. http://wikispooks.com/wiki/Richard_Chang Regards,John.
  23. Hello, Any advice gratefully received please: I was made bankrupt in Oct 2012. I only included debt that belonged to me in order to avoid the wife becoming embroiled in the bankruptcy and to keep her credit clean. Unfortunately I received some duff advice and a loan in joint names with Abbey that wasn't included in the bankruptcy now has a default registered against it. This loan wasn't included in the bankruptcy but (and I've now checked the c/a small print to confirm this) because I was declared insolvent the T&Cs of the original c/c weren't adhered to and Santander automatically defaulted the account. We attempted on three occasions to have the d/d set up to pay the account and I have spoken to people in Santander collections a few times and argued that we are more than happy to continue servicing the loan. Unfortunately it is out of 'normal processing' and is a 'dead debt'. I was discharged from bankruptcy in Oct 2011 and have still yet to be contacted by anyone at Santander or any debt recovery agencies in an attempt to recover the loan balance. It is all quiet on the Western Front!! I have 2 choices to make, do I: 1) Go through the process of getting default removed as they have never once sent me or the missus a notice of default and therefore was registered incorrectly. 2) Keep my head down for a number of years and hope the debt goes away. If I choose option 1, will this also clear the debt balance or will we have to start a new agreement or continue the old one? If I choose option 2, will the debt ever just disappear? I assume 6yrs from default notice date it will drop off the credit file but surely the debt won't just disappear will it? Basically do I stick my head above the parapet to fight this or stick my head further in the sand in the hope it just goes away. Thanks in advance for your help, Ben
  24. Hi. I have an 'Abbey Card', that is administered by MBNA. The card was originally issued by N&P if I recall correctly, which was then transferred to Abbey National, who then transfrerred it to MBNA in 2006. I sent in an SAR in April, with a focus on PPI. Yestyerday, I received a package from MBNA, which showed 'the personal details' we hold for you on this acct. It also apologised that due to 'archive retrieval issues', they were unable to provide a copy of my credit agreement. When leafing through the document they did send, it consisted of just a communications log print out. No account information, no balances, no PPI payments etc. I know that MBNA do produce much more comprehenisve data than this as I claimed succesfully on an alternative acct with them for PPI mis selling and the info they sent me was far more comprehensive. On eventually managing to speak with their custoimer services yesterday, I was told that if they had cashed the £10 chq - which they have- then they are legally obliged to send everything they have. I'm not conviced they have done this and I was advised that I could not speak to anyone in 'customer advocacy' - only that I could write in and query it. A further query I have is, how can I contact 'Abbey National' or even N&P? Aren't card acct administrators obliged to hold all relevant data? What happens if the card is administered by three different orgainsations, as in my case? Don't all the files just get sent on to the next company? I'm confused by all this mess and not at all sure where to turn next? FSA perhaps? It would be helpful to know what obligations the three organisations had when transferring my business - if any. Thanks in advance for any guidance. Paul
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