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  1. As in not providing insurance documents as evidence that there are 3 other drivers on the policy?
  2. Thank you so much for the advice. I have prepared a WS, could you Kindly check I have the POFA 7.2(e) angle correct here or not? The notice to driver being the PCN which I have attached. Also should I challenge their WS with respect to the confusion about whom they are claiming from the keeper or the driver? Hi, thank you very much for all the advice so far. I have prepared my WS which I need to submit tomorrow. Could you kindly see if this will be sufficient? Witness Statement I am ----- defendant in this matter and deny liability for the entirety of the claim.
  3. I have found this on another forum: - Penalty charge not incorporated into the contract - This will be applicable where the signage was not clear or was not visible to the motorist until after he parked his car. This argument is based on the case Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking, where it was held that a carpark could not enforce a disclaimer on the back of a parking ticket, since a contract had already been formed before the ticket was provided. Now according to the driver, the car park entrance had a barrier that was manned where cash was given to purchase a ticket from the cashier. Th
  4. Also, as I was not the driver of the vehicle at that time, if I am able to find who the driver was at that time, should I take said driver to the court as a witness with me? As their signs clearly state 'You, the driver are agreeing to the following contractual terms' I am not the driver therefore I have not entered into any contract?
  5. The court clerk/phone support did state however that they had sent a letter (which I did not recieve, I was abroad at the time as well).
  6. Thank you very much for all your efforts. I am a bit confused to the witness statement requirement, I did not receive any letter from the court notifying me of such a requirement, am I just supposed to know it? That doesn't sound quite fair. Also, I had to call the court up to find out what was going on with the case as I had not heard from them in months, at which point they gave me the date of the hearing. I specifically told the court clerk/phone support that I had NOT received any communication.
  7. I have not told them who the driver was. I was not the driver, nor was I there at the time. Can just saying this in court hold up? Also as they have produced a NTK in the witness statement, which I don't believe I received around the date stated on it, are they still within their right to pursue me as the keeper and NOT the driver? Thanks
  8. Sorry, by fine I meant Parking charge. The signs specifically state ' You the driver are agreeing to the following contractual terms' You agree to pay consideration in the form of a 'parking charge' in the sum of £100....
  9. Thanks for that DragonFly1967, I have had a thorough read of that thread and it is indeed very similar to mine. However a few seemingly important messages seem to have been PM'd to the OP of that thread. Also the WS from Gladstones keeps stating the defendant should have seen the signs etc, but the defendant was NOT the driver. Any idea how I could pursue this angle further? thank you
  10. I have managed to find some pictures from another recent thread on this forum which someone above kindly linked. I have attached the pictures. From what I can see there is no mention on the signs of any fine for overstaying and the signs state the 'You'. As I wasn't the driver at the time no contract was made with me so I should not be liable? Also I was unable to find anything with regards to the Witness Statement I should have sent? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you walmer_st_carpark.pdf
  11. How did this go? Did they turn up? Was it thrown out? I am in a similar situation and getting very nervous.
  12. Also about the witness statement, should I submit one tomorrow? Thanks
  13. Page 6 on the second one I uploaded, version 2a has the black boxes removed. Thanks
  14. Thank you very much for the replies. Court hearing is next Tuesday. I have not been to take any photos as this carpark is close to 100miles from where I live. As mentioned, I was not the driver of the vehicle. Should I go take some pictures myself? I believe it is a generic sign. I have removed the black boxes from the sigs and the pictures at the end. Thank you Gladstones - witstat-2a.pdf
  15. Hi, my car was parked at Walmer street in Manchester and received a PCN for exceeding time limit. I was not the driver and so no ticket was received by myself. A few months later I received a 'Final Reminder' and then a 'Letter before claim'. I tried to get information from SIP as to what and when of the situation but they didn't want to know. Court proceedings began and I filed a defence which I have pasted below. Now on Friday I received the Claimants witness statement for the court date which is next week. The statement is dated 5th March, not sure why it has been
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