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  1. Yes good point, i will get the CPR off in the morning and aiming to file by 14th. Have contacted the parking prankster who agreed to help me with it so hoping for a better round this time! I would love to put in a counter claim just to really teach these buggers a lesson! let me know if you have any advice on that and if you think its worth it........
  2. Hey all Firstly just to clarify this is not from a separate posting and has nothing to do with any previous post i have made on this website. It is separate claim that has just come to my attention after I received the claim form attached to the original post. I have not sat on it for a month. I did not want to post here when, as you will see in the original claim form, there was nothing useful in it and only stated they will send a "separate particulars of claim within 14 days". I thought i would wait for this before proceeding. They then sent the p
  3. Name of the Claimant: Civil Enforcement Ltd Date of issue: 13th January 2017 Date to acknowledge = 31.01.2017 DAte to submit defence = 4pm 14.02.2017 What is the claim for: 1.The Claimant claims the sum of 248.05 for Outstanding debts and damages including 12.05 interest pursuant to S.69 of the county courts Act 1984. Total debt and interest due - 248.05. I will provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. What is the value of the claim? £323.05 including all costs. Has the claim been
  4. It feels like i did a lot right, if not all in my responses to the judges questioning, but to be honest i think it appears more so that I came up against a rogue judge. He should not have been asking: “Under what circumstances would anybody think that it was ok to park here?” The correct question should be: Under what circumstances is a charge of £100 legally allowed He said the signage was clear in that £100 fine would be payable if anybody stopped there. If the signs in the bundle related to a different place, that would be incorrect. But i should of checked this properly
  5. Thanks guys for the support - I do feel also he got it so wrong and serious errors of law have been made so would like to appeal. I wasn't given any information on how to do this or even what the next steps are... Just want to know if anyone knows will I receive something in the post to confirm the judgement and/or transcript - will that need to be requested? and if so, how? After reviewing this it will help me to make a decision on whether to proceed with an appeal and obv it would be interesting to see what words the DDJ is prepared to put on paper! I can't remember the
  6. Hey all - update on the outcome of the case I will give a brief but detailed run through of what happened. I had everything prepared witness statements, my key points, full print out of the previous cases i had referenced as well as the laws i was relying on (copy for everyone) and had thoroughly researched and felt confident of all points i was making and that i knew what I was talking about. At the start, Gladstone’s tried to make a point that i had submitted my witness statement late (it was dated 2nd Jan [exactly 14 days] but yes i was 2 days late in posting) it turned out
  7. Thanks Ericbro "It is like me saying you now owe me £100 for reading this line of text. How is anyone supposed to consider and accept the terms if they dont stop?" Lol Exactly . Makes me wonder if I can put a sign up on my doorstep saying NO STOPPING HERE. £100 Charge! - and expect to sue anyone who did so! Ridiculous. there has been no admission of driver so will argue the keeper liability point certainly too and check out para 9 thanks i assume they are not saying this is trespass? what happens if they do go down the angle of damages for breach of contract
  8. Thanks ericbro Just to give all an update. I did a lot of reading on these cases and had a look at parking pranksters blog which I thank you for directing to me. My amended defence statements has taken into account the primary point of no stopping being a prohibition. (BIG CREDIT TO PARKING PRANKSTER BLOG) 4. The Claimant’s relevant signage at this site states “ALL VEHICLES NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME. TAXI’S, VEHICLE’S LOADING & UNLOADING. £100 Parking Charge. Reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days” I t is submitted that if these notices are attempt
  9. Thanks guys, I appreciate it is very short timescale any help you can offer I am very grateful for. I have looked at some previous threads and had a go below: Example Witness Statement [Please correct or amend my wording as appropriate] 1. It is admitted that Defendant is the owner of [motor vehicle]. 2. The Defendant is unable to admit or deny the precise times he was stopped in the area designated as a red route “no stopping” zone at one stop shopping centre, as he has no recollection of this. The Claimant is put to proof of the same. 3. It is an offence to claim money by mi
  10. Yes past that stage now - acknowledged service. And they tried to do a paper hearing. They actually said they do not want to mediate. We did not accept the paper hearing and asked for an oral hearing. Also sent CPR request. They responded to CPR saying it does not apply. The court accepted the oral hearing and set the date now for 17 January at Birmingham court. Eek. Need to get my head together. Have been reading posts but would like to know best form of defence and how to tackle this. Considering everything said and done so far.
  11. thanks dx100uk I assume by WS you mean witness statement? If so, no haven't received anything. The deadline for which is 3rd Jan. I have already searched CAG for all the posts related to those that were fined at the same location as me to understand possible defences. And all the steps I've took so far have been following advice and templates from the forum. as far as self help goes its in my interests to research these but if you can offer some specific threads you think would be useful then i'd be happy to see it. this is the reason im here after all!
  12. i know sorry guys i am panicking more then anything. i actually misplaced the letter with the court date and was under the impression that they have backed out as i hadnt heard anthing. found the letter and its bit late but i cant go back [removed - dx ] but suppose as the claim is for under £250 dont really want to fork out more for a solicitor for that amount. God. help me!!
  13. Hey guys It's been some time since i posted so can i let you know of the progress now. To be quite honest I am really quite concerned as at first I wasnt expecting it to get to this stage! they have set the court date as 17 January in Birmingham. This is only two weeks away and I little idea what to do or say!?!! As the date approaches my confidence has been diminishing day by day so any detailed advice you guys can offer me would be much appreciated. I have submitted the skeleton defence as mentioned previously and all previous steps that i've talked about on thi
  14. Hi ericbro- thanks for the info. Please forgive my naivety as this is the first time i have dealt with something like this so it's all new territory! I have taken your advice and used a template letter on the form for the "CPR" - and sent this to them. Copy of which is below: Dear Sir or Madam, RE: Defence Systems Ltd t/a Park Watch v XXXXX Case No: XXXXX CPR 31.14 Request On 10th June 2016 I received the claim form in this case issued by you out of the Northampton county court business centre. I confirm having returned my acknowledgement of serv
  15. I haven't written to Gladdy's or Defence Watch or anything yet, but this is something i would like to do. So is this is a good point in the process to do this - I have their contact details. Thank you very much for this advice - I will write to them now! Will update the forum on what their response is - Should I also send a copy to the court or is that not necessary
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