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  1. Some other pertinent things to add: The debt collection agency said that as far as they were concerned they were still showing the account as active so even if I paid off the balance (which I did) there still may be further unpaid amounts showing in my credit report! This was another reason I jsut decided to pay it even though I didnt think I owed that amount. When I spoke to Vodafone today and said I'll pay off the balance I asked them to email me to confirm the accounts had been closed and settled. And of course you've guessed it - no email!! The debt collection
  2. After some research on here I now know the true horror of what Vodafone have done to me. To cut a very long story short my Vodafone account was closed early and paid up by me in June (so I thought) PAC code transfered all done. Goodbye Vodafone - hurrah! Get a letter in September saying I still owe £90odd . I have contacted them on many occasions saying please can I have an invoice so I can see why you think I owe this? Athough promised each time nothing received, next I get mail from debt collection and then black mark on my (previously perfect) credit history -
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