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  1. Well I have to admit that my money is mostly in Euros, as I was holding off bringing them over with the current exchange rate, but surely, HSBC should treat customers as to how much they have in their current account. If I were to invest the money in the UK, I would still be quite good with my money. My point remains that HSBC UK staff seem so ignorant about actually helping clients improve their credit rating, that actually their advice hindered us. This is coming especially from their so called "Mortgage Advisors", who actually made the errors in advising me taking a lower credit car
  2. I have been an HSBC customer in three countries and I've never seen anything like this. Everything we do with HSBC UK seems to have a negative affect on our credit rating. I've never defaulted on a payment, and was planning to buy our place in a few months time. It's way beyond illogical, it's just plain ridiculous. I opened an HSBC Advance package a few months ago, as I was told that getting a credit card would help my credit rating, and help me secure a mortgage. I was offered a credit card limit for a few thousand pounds, but as I was not planning on using this that m
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