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  1. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the advice and completely agree with both of you. I'll definitely write them a letter telling them that there is no debt. And yeah it definitely seems like they don't have enough evidence, so glad I didn't pay them anything or even get into contact with them. Off the subject a little, but is experian.com a reliable way to check your credit rating? Kindest regards J
  2. Hey so sorry I haven't been on for a couple of weeks I haven't had access to the internet. Got a letter from RLP a few days ago telling me that they were gonna pass my details to a DCA and that I'll start receiving letters from them soon. This is what I feared as I don't want them to affect my credit rating. What should I do in regards to a potential DCA? Thank you everyone. Kindest regards J
  3. I'll try to sum it up concisely. It says that this letter refers to the fact that I haven't responded to them yet. Ignoring them won't make them go away, it's not in my interest, and could result in additional liability if the matter goes to court and I have to pay court fees etc (also with extra interest of 8%). They then go on to say that their client is in a position to issue proceedings against me for the full value of the claims if it so chooses. They say that there is another evidence to take me to court etc. They then say that they may pass on my information to the police and other "crime initiatives" in the interest of preventing and detecting crime. They then say that there is are no other circumstances relevant to the incident... I need to settle the claim. That's about it really, I sincerely dislike them! I also think that them passing on information to the police is complete BS! Sorry again for the late reply. Kindest regards J
  4. I'm having difficulty uploading a photo of the RLP letter (It's just a single page at the moment, still have the multi-page letter to look forward to haha ). I'd be willing to copy up every word of the letter though if that would be useful in any way? J
  5. Great points everyone, I'm really appreciative of the attention this thread has received. I got another letter from RLP a couple of days ago, I will take a photo of it and erase personal details via paint if that's alright (as you can probably guess, my computer skills leave a lot to be desired). Thanks again. J
  6. Hey sorry for chucking the letter away and preventing a good laugh guys (although Scarlett's post was fantastic, certainly gave me a chuckle) will try my best to put up the next one (don't have a scanner/scanning device, but can upload a photo perhaps?) Thank you so much for the support, it helps me to continue believing that refusing to pay them is the right thing to do. Journeyism
  7. Speak of the Devil, I got a letter from them yesterday. Saying that they were entitled to seek compensation not just for what I owe, but for the further action they're taking to pursue me. Saying they're fully within they're rights to take me to court etc. Didn't read all of it and then chucked it away. I'm now expecting a few more letters over the year, but will stand firm. Thank you ims21 and everyone, really appreciate it. If it wasn't for this page I may have ended up negotiating a price with them because I wouldn't have known any different. Seriously, thank you so much. Kindest regards J
  8. Hey everyone Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've had no further letters from RLP. Do you think they've quit or should I still be expecting any more letter (not that they will influence me to pay them a penny at all. I hope this persuades anyone else in the same predicament as me to not give in to RLP's threats and to refuse any liability or requested payments. Kindest regards Journeyism
  9. Thank you renegadeimp, RLP are truly ridiculous. They have also sent my partner a bill of £188 when she was found innocent of any wrong doing! This proves to me once and for all that RLP are fear mongers that will resort to anything to try and get money. They shall receive no money from me. J
  10. Thank you HB Got my bill through today of £188, ridiculous! Absolutely extortianate; I bet they will try and charge my partner the same! How long do you reckon they'll pursue me for? A year or so? J
  11. So RLP have no legal rights even when they go to a DCA? Are they not legally allowed to do so? So it's extremely unlikely they can affect my credit rating? I would rather go to court than pay the fine 100%. J
  12. Thank you Dx, this has cleared things up for me I think. I will pay the 3 mobile affiliated DCA because that was an actual debt, but I will not pay any RLP affiliated DCA because RLP only posit speculative invoices. One more question though, IF a bad mark goes on my credit rating due to a RLP affiliated DCA, what should I do? J
  13. But DCA's can normally affect credit ratings, but one's affiliated with RLP can't? J
  14. But could this DCA (not RLP as such) affect my credit rating? Earlier in the thread, Renegadeimp said that if a DCA is used, that he/they will provide me with a letter I can send to them that will stop them in their tracks? Sorry for the repetitive nature of my questions, I just want complete closure. I will update this thread in regards to the letters I receive for the benefit of anyone else that is interested/concerned by the actions of RLP. J
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