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  1. Im determined to get them to at the very least write off the rest of the debt, they have not only trashed my credit rating for an entire year, but they have 3 times refused to alter the information when requested, the first time I noticed this was back in october 2017 when the first complaint was made and rejected, it took 3 further complaints being rejected, and finally me threatening to take legal action to get them to admit they cocked my file up on this. a years worth of missed payment flags and arrears wrongly? multiple times complaints rejected wrongly? yeah thats worth more then a token £30 to me! Of course the wrong data being present on the file and the consequences for me in terms of my credit rating have annoyed me.....but whats really annoyed me is the fact it took right up to a threat of legal action for them to admit they were in the wrong, even to the point of them activly refusing to change the data claiming it was accurate when requested change through credit ref agencies dispute systems. An honest mistake is an honest mistake. But then lying and accusing me of being in the wrong when I knew I wasnt? Thats unacceptable. im going to the ombudsman I think, gonna see what more I can get out of this in terms of compensation.
  2. Just an update to this, after refusing to drop it and going on and on at satsuma, even threatening further action after they `again` refused my request to change the info via experian and equifax`s dispute system I finally today received a reply containing the following: ` I have reviewed the information we have shared with the Credit Reference Agencies. I am aware your credit file has not been updated to reflect your payment arrangement and we have reported your account as in sustained arrears with no arrangement. I would like to apologise for this error and any distress and inconvenience we may have caused you.` They're updating the credit reference agencies and they even offered me a token £30 compensation. I do have the option to take it further with the Financial Ombudsman Service as long as I do so within 6 months of the email. To be honest im tempted to, yes I appreciate my file will now be being updated with the correct info but you know what? these guys have really made it hard to sort this out, this has been going on for ages now and they've even multiple times refused to update the info when ive put requests in via experian and equifax, not to mention the small fact that if I hadnt noticed my credit file with them would have been displaying this harmful and totally inaccurate info with no challenge, not to mention the fact that due to their incompetence this has been sat on my file eating away at my credit rating every month that passed with another missed payment flag for a year or so now. is £30 enough, you know ive tried to get credit that would have sorted my affairs out a few times this year and ive been turned down and I cant help but feel if it wasnt for this one file dragging my score down I may not have been unsuccesful. Im tempted to push for them to write off the rest of the debt entirely or I take it to the ombudsman, I feel thats the least they could do considering theyve had me spend so much time to correct an obvious mistake and their mistake has had such an impact on my credit rating for over a year. what would the advice be here? should I threaten to take it further and see what they offer me?
  3. 1. I wasnt arguing with DF I worded my response wrong, 2.ive thanked multiple people when given good advice such as the person who worded that potential letter out for me to ee over this issue. 3.if I have someone start getting personal accusing me of `wanting validation` and telling me to go to a fluffier site ill respond in kind....talk like a [removed] to me and ill talk like one back to you. My advice to get my account deleted was based on that the way you were talking I assumed you were a forum mod, when in fact its clear your just a self important asswipe trying to lecture people based on their justified response to your insulting post. HAVE A GREAT DAY PAL! haha Mods just delete this thread, ive got the advice I needed out of it anyway and clear im just going to `upset` sensitive snowflakes who cant take me responding to their insults in kind.
  4. Yes I see that now, sorry my reply should have been worded `in my case` I dont believe this to be theft... because......
  5. How is it theft? ive informed them ive got it, its up to them to arrange to pick it up, simple as, why should I go out of my way to post it back to them based on their mistake? It would be theft if I didnt inform them of the mistake but I already have. If they cannot be bothered to pick it up within the timeframe ive set in the letter ive sent them then thats their issue not mine, ive clearly stated how long im willing to hold it for before disposing of it.
  6. Thanks, I was thinking of writing a letter but that one is a lot better and more professional sounding then anything I could come up with. I wonder about the unsolicited thing though I mean yes I originally requested an upgrade but their systems cancelled that minutes after the order had been placed(because EE systems are amazing obviously lol) , it never even went into `dispatch` mode or the warehouse system if you know what I mean and ive long since been refunded, that contract also no longer exists and the phone itself was sent as something entirely separate with the `no charge required labelling` etc (the original upgrade request cost me an early upgrade fee+30 quid upfront for the handset) its almost as if theyve sent me a phone as if ive ordered a sim free non contract phone, which is definitely nothing requested by me. I think ill take your advice and write them a letter so I have `offline` evidence as well of having told them Ive received the handset and just see what happens then, id love it if I did get to keep it as this things worth about £700-800 new, ive got the phone already now as its the same one I got with my vodafone contract I switched to so id just sell it to make a profit.
  7. Oh don`t worry its been put in a high cupboard, unopened and just waiting for me to decide what to do with it, I wouldn't worry to much about `restarting` a contract, they cant do that without me legally agreeing to said contracts terms. Im thinking my luck might be in with this, obviously I wont jump the gun and sell it or anything already but if its not linked to my contract, its not linked to any upgrade order (as that had been cancelled and refunded by the time it was even sent to me), its sent to me with a dispatch note saying no payment needed and they dont even appear to have a record of its imei number on the paperwork then I genuinely think this has just slipped through the cracks somehow. I did read something where if you notify the company who have sent you an unrequested item that youve got it and ask them to arrange collection and they dont bother to then its yours after 60 days have passed....is that true? Put it this way I wont be making great strides to return it to EE. its their mistake and considering im still [removed] with them for messing me around over the upgrade in the first place if they want it back they can sort out a courier and all that, ive notified them ive got it, that im keeping it safe and that if they want it back they can contact me to arrange collection. pretty sure thats where my responsibility ends here. so the question for me is how long do I wait with them doing nothing before I can safely consider it genuinely as `they arent bothered if they get this back or not I can pretty much use it for my own ends`
  8. I’m not sure it even counts as unsolicited goods. All EE have to do is show it was sent out whilst the order was still active .... Do the right thing: notify them it has arrived, and hope they don’t ask for it back; otherwise it could be seen as theft. The order wasn't active when the phone was sent out....the upgrade was cancelled the day after it was ordered on 3/4th April and the refund even went into my account at the start of last week.....this phone left ee last thursday according to the dispatch note that is why I say I don't think it could be linked with the upgrade order as that order no longer existed when the phone was sent. Also I have notified them. I contacted them on livechat and asked them to email me to arrange a collection of they wanted me to send the phone back.....I've had no contact and I have a record of me having told them.via the livechat chatlog.
  9. Thing I find strange is on the dispatch note under imei number it is all just blank...nothing in the field at all.....meaning they dont have a record of the imei number of this phone perhaps? if so can I do as I wish with it? they dont even seem to have any record of me having got it is all, no record of it being sent, nothing on the order tracker....no record of it on my account and no payment needed in their own words......and if they dont have it connected to any particular imei number then they cant block it.....what would you do? Im not going to just `send it back` to them unless they request and given the circumstances I dont think they will as it seems to have been sent to me `away from` the system if you know what I mean?
  10. Aplogies I started a new thread as the issue im after advice on my rights on is different or though still `related` to the original post as its because of the mess ees upgrade systems are that this has been sent to me I reckon.
  11. this is a follow on from this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486209-EE-misusing-payment-without-permission-any-laws-broken-....&p=5110746#post5110746 my upgrade was cancelled...all refunded finally after much fighting, ive cancelled the contract concerned with EE because they [removed] and ive gone to vodafone(with a much better deal I might add!) so all was well and good there.....but this morning I got a phone in the post. from ee....the phone that I was meant to be upgrading to with them but said upgrade was cancelled. There is no record of this on my online ee account, no order status, no bill, no charge, nothing. As well as this the phone in question comes with a delivery note that expressively states on it `no payment required` when in fact if it was in relation to that upgrade thats not even true because it was an early upgrade with a fee of £100+ and the handset itself cost £29 under that deal. i think they've sent me a phone with no link to my ee account, no plan setup for it, no charge requested.....so what are my options? I mean they've sent me a phone not linked to any account, with a note saying `no payment required` so they arent asking any payment of me.. ..have I essentially been sent a free phone? Can I keep this? I mean surly If they flag it up at any point and demand its return I can just refer them to the invoice sent with the package saying no payment was required of me and claim I assumed it was an apology for the poor service id received. I know that sounds stupid but this is the paperwork I've received with the gift is from them officially so does that hold up legally or? I mean if they've sent me a phone with a document saying no payment is required they cant then later demand payment can they? Dispatch note is below: form1.pdf
  12. Yep every other piece of credit I have is fully up to date and showing no flags. I am sure it is provident causing the damage to the score, as I said I havnt picked up on this for a year roughly now, so for 12 months each month my payments have been reported as late and showing a big fat £0 payment made also, and of course every month thats gone by some of those payments esp the ones just after the arrangment was setup have been getting later and later, some of them are showing as 8-9-10-11 months overdue now because of this error. its not just a case of missing a single payment, my record is showing as if I hadnt paid a thing to this loan, with multiple late payments, some dragging back months and months. It must be that thats tanking the score. I have looked into this thats how I noticed the error with provident in the first place. Just awaiting replies now im hopeful as ive also sent evidence to equifax and experian showing the payments have been made without fail of the £80 monthly, if they say that isnt enough Ill get hold of printed copies of the account statements and send them off by snail mail.
  13. Take my word for it its the only black mark on there. The only actual default ive ever had was about a decade ago if not more so had long since been wiped off the record and there is nothing else in about the last 11-12 months (and missed payments stay on file for only 6 months remember) that shows anything but perfect payment.
  14. Well going by the one I can quick access on my phone (clearscore which I think is based on equifax?) My score is 341 out of 700. Not very high but its a lot better then a year or so ago when it was around 120 of 700! Its been steadily climbing since about october last year once accounts started being settled and all sorted. Im anxious for it to continue obviously thats why I hope to get this provident mess sorted out
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