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Found 12 results

  1. Having lost a few registration marks to DVLA over the years. I wondered if anyone has ever lost a registration mark which made their car worthless as the DVLA did not affix another. This was a valuable classic car some years ago. I am also looking at the legal power of the DVLA. What they can and can't do legally. Thank you
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.thednrc.org.uk/whats-happening-on-now/we-are-fundraising/a-poem-to-remember.aspx
  3. Hi Everyone, I am seeking legal help or guidance here as I am at my wits end with any Ombudsman, Sky and CIFAS. Over a year ago I applied for a Santander personal account as I had an existing business account with them, to my surprise they turned me down so I contacted them and they could not provide me with the exact reason why. I was also contacted by Santander who then stated that they had to remove my name from our Ltd company bank account. I dug into this and eventually the bank manager found out that a fraud mark had been registered against me and that was against they're criteria. I contacted CIFAS and obtained a copy of the information, in January 2016 Sky TV registered a credit card fraud mark against my name. To keep it short after many phone calls with Sky, a credit card belonging to someone else was used to pay a bill at my address. Obviously I explained this was not me nor did I have any knowledge of this and Sky told me they could no longer discuss the matter with me. At the time the payment was made I did not reside at the property and can prove this, it was rented out to my younger brother and had been for about 12 months. I confronted him about this and eventually he admits he found a card and had been using it fraudulently. I wrote to Sky and CIFAS numerous times over the past 1.5 years to try and resolve this matter, CIFAS eventually stopped replying to my letters and Sky did not once contact me. CIFAS contacted Sky who stated they were investigating the matter but again neither company ever came back to me. I contacted The Ombudsman who initially couldn't help me the contacted another and the outcome offered was a £30 payment towards the arrears that were caused with the fraud payment and a letter of apology for the poor customer service! I obviously decided as that outcome had no relevance to the issue I had. Sky recently contacted me and I called them back today to discuss the matter further, hurrah I though finally after nearly 18 months! But no, Sky once again were unhelpful and told me they would not be taking any more action on this matter! I emailed the lady who contacted me and she responded with the following: Dear Mr , Thank you for responding to my previous email and contacting us today. I am sorry if you felt that my colleague was rude and unhelpful during your phone conversation and will certainly feed this back. I can confirm that the information supplied to you by Steven is correct. In order for us to take any further action on your account we need written confirmation in the form of a headed letter from the card holder's issuing bank which was used to make the unauthorised payment stating that the payment(s) previously reported as being unauthorised are no longer being treated as such. Only once we receive this headed letter of confirmation will we be able to take any further action. Kind Regards Jacqualyn Case Investigation Consultant Escalated Complaints To say I am banging my head against a brick wall is an understatement. I have tried everything but no one will take any action. I have told Sky that my brother is actually willing to come clean and admit he was the one who made this payment but they aren't interested, what more can I do? I've asked them to look at the dialogue for the call as it would not have been me who made it! They have no evidence yet I have a guilty plea and I still can't get my name cleared! Can anyone on here help? I even think I should be compensated for this now as every single day it causes me trouble and not one single person can understand how to solve the issue. Basically if you want to ruin someones credit, get they're account number from the mail, off the TV what ever is easiest, ring them up, make payment with a hooky card and job done, ruined! Please help! Kind regards Grant
  4. Ski giant Mark Warner has hiked the cost of holidays to the snow Mark Warner has a clause which allows it to add up to 10 per cent to the holiday price without having to offer any refunds. Up to £50 per head has been added to pre-booked holidays with the tour operator. The reason for the increase is not clear, but follows many other big names increasing prices due to the fall in the pound after Brexit. One of the company’s customers has learned her £869 per head family holiday to a chalet hotel in Meribel in mid-January will be hit with the surcharge,even though the same holiday is currently advertised for £859 per head for new customers. http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/742249/ski-holiday-brexit-surcharge-mark-warner
  5. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/britain-and-belgium-mark-360th-anniversary-of-the-grenadier-guards
  6. After some research on here I now know the true horror of what Vodafone have done to me. To cut a very long story short my Vodafone account was closed early and paid up by me in June (so I thought) PAC code transfered all done. Goodbye Vodafone - hurrah! Get a letter in September saying I still owe £90odd . I have contacted them on many occasions saying please can I have an invoice so I can see why you think I owe this? Athough promised each time nothing received, next I get mail from debt collection and then black mark on my (previously perfect) credit history - Just as I'm apply for a mortgage! Thanks Vodafone!! they can say I owe them something , not produce an invoice to back this up and then ruin my chances of getting a mortgage with absolute and complete impunity! On the advice of my mortgage broker I paid the o/s amount to minimize the damage. When I did this I was told i could speak to the team that placed the marker against me as I wanted to explain it was paid late because vodafone did not supply me with the information required to resolve the dispute and therefore please remove it. After the amount was paid I was put through to sales! When I called back to try once again the line was dropped after 50 minutes . I just dont have to time to spend many more hours on the phone to receive empty promises. So even after paying an amount that im not sure I owe I still have got nowhere in clearing my name . Its shocking and I cant think of any other industry where people could behave like this and get away with it.
  7. The new landlord of the property where I live is seeking eviction of all tenants in order to gain possession of the property. The other tenants have various types of tenancies such as Assured tenancies and AST type tenancies. The attempted eviction is served on us under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act. The Assured and AST tenancies were introduced in the 1988 housing Act which came into force on January 15, 1989. Now, my tenancy began in 1988 and I don't have any official document to confirm my tenancy status. However I do have several post mark dated letters addressed to me in various times of 1988 and in further years up to the present time. On it's own would these post mark dated letters addressed to me be firm evidence of being resident at the property since 1988 and thereby not being subject to the section 21 notice for possession of the property?
  8. Hi I recently had a dispute regarding a outstanding balance which had been accrued whilst travelling abroad in Hong Kong. I had questioned the usage (£3000) as I had no idea where the usage had occurred as Im only a casual web browser and received limited email during my trip. I am a Engineering Manager for a Marine company and constantly travel and use data and had never had any troubles with large charges but obviously not to the extent of the disputed debt. I contacted the Ombudsman and the case was referred with the outcome favouring Vodafone. Obviously not happy but believing that i had no more avenues to progress my argument I contacted Vodafone to pay the outstanding debt by use of my company card. As my account had been restricted I spoke to the assistant at Vodafone who deals with collection and asked about how to settle the debt and he advised that I could pay 50% upfront and the remaining 50% would be deducted in 6 weeks from the first collection date and money was debited from the company account. I went abroad again to Australia for 2 months where I never used my phone apart from wireless on Airplane mode. I returned home and found that my services again had been suspended as they had not collected the outstanding 50% on the 6 week period as agreed. They had sent a letter to my home address asking for me to pay the outstanding balance but I had not been home to even see the letter. They said that they had to give me a bad credit mark as I had not responded to there letter even though id never seen it in time. I again contacted the Ombudsman and explained but again they ruled in favour of Vodafone saying that it was my responsibility to check the payment. I had at no time any idea that they had not taken the payment that i had authorised with the assistant. Very frustrated as it was Vodafone who suggested I pay in instalments and just because the assistant did not process the debit procedure correctly, it is myself that is in breach. Some advice on how I should proceed would be appreciated. I have told the ombudsman that I do not accept there decision and was wondering what to do as I seem virtually helpless. I can now not remortgage my property due to the bad credit score just due to this incident as I have never had any money issues ever.
  9. I'm looking for some advice and don't know where to turn. I'll try and keep this to the facts and not waffle on! I entered into a DMP in 2009 which is due to end 2016. I have just plucked up the courage to view my credit file and am alarmed by how the creditors have marked me so differently. I assumed all would default me but have since found that this is not the case and some have done possibly more damage to my credit file than I anticipated. Brief overview: Santander cards - settled March 2013 and July 2013 - file marked 6 late payments each month from DMP start date to settled date. Natwest credit card - file marked default Sept 2009 - no further entries and on going payments. idem Servicing 1 (previously MBNA) - marking file as up to date each month - on going payments. idem Servicing 2 (previously MBNA) - marking file as up to date each month - on going payments. Next - settled April 2013 - marked file as AP since 2009 with the odd green marker here and there. Shop direct - settled Nov 2013 - file marked 3 late payments every month to settled date. Natwest personal loans - marked as AP every month to current date - on going payments. Capital one credit card - marked default July 2009 - settled. Barclaycard credit card - marked AP each month since DMP start - on going payments. Natwest current account - marked AP from 2012 - up to date - 0 balance owed but still marking AP each month to current date. my questions are: 1. I entered into the DMP a Natwest credit card and loan and have no idea what the personal account is? I had a joint account with my partner before the DMP but changed this to just his name 2009 and now bank elsewhere. I have no idea what this account is and as the balance is £0 this file has been marked AP from Feb 2012 to current date. 2. Am I right in thinking a default at the start of DMP would be better than AP every month as the defaults are due to drop off my file in 2015 whereas the AP's are on going and I believe will stay on my file for 6 years after DMP settled. If so can they do this as they will have in effect given me bad scoring for a total of 13 years? can I contact them and ask for this to be changed? 3. idem Servicing (MBNA) have marked my file up to date with no bad markers since starting the DMP, should I just think myself lucky or can/will they default me upon settling the accounts in 2015? 4. I assumed my credit file would show the previous 6 years ie back to 2008, but for instance the Natwest credit card show 2006 - 2009. When will this drop off my file? I thank anyone in advance of you taking the time to read this and reply, and hope it can help others with similar questions.
  10. Mark Hoban Begs For Help With Floundering Welfare Reform Story http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/author/johnnyvoid/
  11. Hi all Have a default from my bad years due to drop off on the 29th yesterday, still isnt showing as gone off credit file but i assume Experian take around 2-3 days after and Equifax 1 month? Got a letter from Advantis saying their client Lowell passed the debt onto them and they will commence proceedings, send bailiffs etc etc in 7 days time I have the statute barred letter ready as definatly not acknowledged or paid aything in 6/7 years Of course I wont sign this letter and I'll send it recorded post and keep copy and tracking, but can they still push for CCJ ? I guess im just concerned what if they still carry on pursuing me for this is there a follow up letter after statute barred letter or once i send them that I should just leave it and if there is a CCJ or further default put on then I can win easily? Thankyou for any help , been reading forum for ages and i know there are a lot of good people on here and really helps reading the forums and learning never to get into this situation again.
  12. Hi guys, Hope this is the right section to post. I had cause to do a credit check on myself with equifax yesterday for the first time ever. I found a horrible red square and when looking into this it turns out this is from an energy provider. Long story short I have a house being done up and its taking ages, over this year its used £12 in electric, I yesterday called up and paid my 48p bill... It turns out in May I called them to pay £10 odd and give a meter reading, this produced a bill which I got a few days later. I saw it was £11 odd lets say and there was no record of the £10 I had paid, so I assumed it must have just not been put onto the account in time. I didnt really think anything of this, then when I next when to the house no reminders or anything, until I got a bill in August once again estimated for £100, so when calling and giving reading I paid the £1.50 owing. What was not brought to light was the 60p difference from the May bill which they said was not paid in June, July or August, so I now have a 3 month late payment showing on my history which has just put the kybosh on a mortgage I was trying to get, grrrrrrr! 45 minutes on phone today and energy people and manager wont budge and say im at fault for not reading bill properly or querying it, they always send reminders but said this was too small for system to produce and do not have to by law. Is there anything I can do? It seems crazy as i have an all green history apart from this. Many thanks in advance Ed
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