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  1. Hi Lee In response to email sent to Vodafone I have the reference number WRT135 - CAG [#6897469] Cheers Neil
  2. Hi Silverfox Many thanks for your reply. You have a great website and your support Im sure is invaluable. I do have the dates and approximate times and will apply for SAR . I have posted the notice of correction as advisd
  3. Hi I recently had a dispute regarding a outstanding balance which had been accrued whilst travelling abroad in Hong Kong. I had questioned the usage (£3000) as I had no idea where the usage had occurred as Im only a casual web browser and received limited email during my trip. I am a Engineering Manager for a Marine company and constantly travel and use data and had never had any troubles with large charges but obviously not to the extent of the disputed debt. I contacted the Ombudsman and the case was referred with the outcome favouring Vodafone. Obviously not happy but believing that i
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